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07 Dec

DirecTV Now Offers Most Of Your Regional Sports Networks


Regional Sports Networks

One of the major challenges faced by customer who wanted to cancel their cable/satellite service and shift to online streaming services was that most of the streaming providers offered comparatively less sports content. However, most of the providers are planning to launch regional sports networks, which broadcast the games that feature local basketball, baseball, and ice hockey teams.

The latest streaming service from AT&T, DirecTV Now, already holds the rights of most of the US-based MLB, NHL, and NBA teams in the local markets. Yet it is significant to note that DirecTV Now doesn’t hold the rights to the all three leagues in certain cities.

For instance, DirecTV Now subscribers in the Chicago area can watch the games that feature teams such as Blackhawks, Bulls, White Sox, and Cubs, whereas DirecTV Now subscribers in the Philadelphia area will not be able to access the regional sports channel which airs the games of Phillies, Flyers, and 76ers.

Similarly, DirecTV subscribers in New York can watch the games that feature teams like Yankees and the Nets, but they will miss out the matches of Yankees and the Knicks. In addition to that, these subscribers will not be able to access the matches of New York based hockey teams either.

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However, DirecTV Now subscribers in Boston will be able to access the matches of Celtics through the Comcast SportsNet New England, but they will miss the games that feature Bruins or Red Sox. This is because DirecTV Now doesn’t hold the rights to air the contents offered by the New England Sports Network.

Reports say that these limitations exist because AT&T has failed to strike deals with some of the regional sports networks. Officials from the company have stated that DirecTV Now will add more networks and teams to their offerings in the future. However, AT&T will have to agree on the price with the other programmers in order for this to happen.

DirecTV Now subscribers can still rejoice because the streaming provider has most of the US-based teams in all three leagues, which are covered in the local markets. The regional sports networks included in DirecTV Now platform covers 19 out of the total 29 US-based MLB teams. In addition to that, DirecTV Now has 22 of 29 US-based teams in NBA, and 15 of 23 US-based ice hockey teams.

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