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09 May

Comcast And Charter Enter Into New Wireless Partnership

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Comcast -Charter Partnership

Comcast Corporation and Charter Communications have reached a new wireless partnership that includes an operational agreement for close collaboration on the numerous wireless communications plans. The agreement outlined plans by both the companies would allow them to collaborate on information and technology while also getting ready to enter the highly competitive cellular service market in the country.

As per the agreement, Comcast and Charter will sell wireless service respectively to their own customers while allowing each other to share vital components like billing platform and device logistics. The latest collaboration between the two companies is intended for significantly reducing the costs involved in getting into the wireless market while also speeding up the entry process.

Along with that, the agreement with the two companies has decided to bar any acquisitions or mergers with wireless companies without the consent of the other company. Due to this, both the companies will be prevented from making any ties with a wireless carrier independently.

The decision to forge this new alliance has already been made when both Comcast and Charter declared their plans of launching their own wireless services. This new wireless offering from the two companies is expected to commence by the end of the year.

Previously, Comcast had entered into cellular service by launching Xfinity Mobile. It was available for costs that ranges from $45 to $65 per month and is suitable for devices like Apple’s iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones. It utilizes a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that the company has with Verizon.

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In the beginning of the year, Verizon Communications have also considered a proposal for collaborating with Charter to serve its long goal of acquiring major carriers. However, the plans for a tie-up were never initiated with the two companies. There is a growing amount of speculations amidst the analysts and investors regarding the Comcast future acquiring of major carriers like T-Mobile US Inc or Sprint Corporation.

The latest agreement between Comcast and Charter will enable both the companies to reduce the costs as well as aid in sharing their technologies with each other. Moreover, it will offer huge benefits to the customers like cheap internet, flawless connection between the WiFi hotspots, etc. Comcast is deciding on opting for more wireless service in the wake of the recent efforts by cable companies in adding more services. Moreover, Charter has made clear that it will debut its new cellular service by the year 2018.

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