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28 Dec

Fullscreen Is Content With The Launch Of DirecTV Now

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The SVOD provider, Fullscreen, recently announced that they have enjoyed great success in their business due to the association with AT&T’s latest online streaming platform, DirecTV Now. However, the company refused to share details on any specific growth metrics, which is related to the launch of DirecTV Now.

The General Manager of Fullscreen, Martin Keely, said, “It’s a really high-quality service. It’s something we’re very interested in.” Keely also added that his company was “really happy with the early returns,” which they acclaimed due to their association with DirecTV Now.

“We’ve been pleased with both the Fullscreen direct offering that’s been in the market, and we’re really happy so far with what’s happening with AT&T,” Keely said. DirecTV Now was launched by AT&T in November with four programming tiers. The basic package offered by DirecTV Now is available to the customers at just $35 a month and it offers them access to more than 60 popular channels.

In addition to that, DirecTV Now is also offering a “sampling” of Fullscreen shows. The aim of this offering is to urge the interested DirecTV Now subscribers to sign in for Fullscreen’s SVOD offering. Keely also added that the company is trying to ink similar “try before you buy” distribution agreements with other streaming service providers.

When asked about the distribution agreements, Keely said that, “We think that’s probably the type of thing that we’ll continue to do. It’s an introduction to what the service is about.”

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Fullscreen was acquired by the Otter Media back in 2014, which is a joint venture between AT&T and Chernin Group. Fullscreen launched their SVOD service later in the month of April with approximately 1000 hours of entertaining content including both licensed series and original series.

Keely said, “Right now, mobile is the most important to us in terms of consumption” and noted that an average Fullscreen subscriber spends over 50 minutes per day with their service. “We are pleasantly surprised with the amount of activity on the [DirecTV Now] service,” he added.

Keely explained that the company initially built their service for smartphones and other devices such as Apple TV. “[But] we want to be in the living room,” he added. Keely also indicated that the company is trying to target other popular streaming devices, which are suitable for living room TV viewing. However, he refused to reveal any details on specific launch plans.

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