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22 Feb

How Does Satellite TV Work

Dish Network Channel List

Satellite TV Service

For those of you still wondering what satellite TV is exactly, it is a system comprising an antenna that grabs audio and video signals broadcast to the subscriber’s general area. Dish network, for example, requires this kind of setup to be able to bring you high quality broadcast channels, which you wouldn’t be able to receive from cable TV companies.

How They Broadcast

The standard dish used for this is concave in shape, with a small pole attached to the center and extending up to the focal length. There is a controller, which sends the signal through the pole that emits the wave from the end of this to the inner surface of the dish, where these waves are then reflected as a narrow beam. This beam travels to the subscriber’s end.

How You Receive

Reception of the beam is done by a bowl shaped dish that comes with a feed horn, which is similar to the broadcasting antenna, expect it brings the signals inward. The beam from the broadcasting antenna is received by the dish, then reflected to the pole which then figures out the information in the wave, and show it as digital information on your TV set. Your Dish Network channel list consists of information coming in this way, in the digital format.

How Multiple Is Beneficial

Dish Network Channels

Satellite TV Workings

The satellite system used by Dish Network also gives multiple transmitting so that the receiving end can get more than one signal from any single satellite. Then, the beam is sent through the feed horn on the receiving end side to the low noise block-down center [LNB], which mainly amplifies it and clears out noise disturbances it finds. Then the ‘filtered’ signal is sent to the receiver for viewing, and the connection is completed by the black box which is connected to the dish.

Dish And DirecTV

When switching to satellite TV in search of better channel lineups and video quality, not to mention many other features, Dish and DirecTV are probably the best choices. There won’t be any installation charges involved. Satellite dishes only require a high placement with open view of the southern sky. As long as you have that, it is a simple matter setting up the dish and using it to the get quality TV channels in your home.

Bad weather and rainstorms won’t get in the way of that. The most you would have to put up with is a few lost seconds of viewing, but the DVR lets you make up for that.

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