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22 Aug

HughesNet® Enhances Its Satellite Internet Data Caps With New Service Plans

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HughesNet®, one of America’s major satellite internet providers, has enhanced its existing data caps with the introduction of newer service plans. This new extension of data caps will bring satellite internet connectivity to millions of customers located in rural parts of the country.

Reports say that for this purpose, the Telco has been extensively relying on the newly launched EchoStar XIX satellite that will increase its capacity twofold. This increased capacity allotment will allow HughesNet® to provide the customers with better and improved service plans. With the increase of data caps, the maximum download speed offered will extend to 25 Mbps.

The data caps will also convert into soft caps that allow 3 Mbps speed, which is appropriate for streaming. HughesNet® has commenced this data cap extension initiative as a competitive measure against Exede®, which is another best internet service provider in the US. They too offer speeds of about 25 Mbps but their services are available only in areas where there is little congestion.

The latest data plans offered by HughesNet® has price ranges of $49.99 for 10 GB, $69.99 for 20 GB, $99.99 for 30 GB and $129.99 for 50 GB of data. A temporary tier boost will be offered for the subscribers for a period of three months that allow them to get 20 GB of data for about $49.99.

According to Mike Cook, executive vice president of HughesNet®, “Once you’ve used your allowance you’ll be able to carry on doing everything including streaming, at lower data rates. We have more data for the same price points, with no hard data caps.”

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The prices are much higher than that of other internet connectivity options, but HughesNet® makes available these services to the rural areas. Satellite internet, although an expensive option, is the only alternative at places where other modes of internet connectivity are unavailable. Satellite internet will have significance in remote areas even with the launch of latest networking technologies such as 5G.

Cook said, “Our primary constituency, it’s going to be a long time, if ever before we see much 5G buildout into those markets. And in another four or five years’ time, we’ll have the next generation of satellite technology.”

The performance of HughesNet® networks has been rapidly improving with the use of pre-fetching and compression that has significantly aided in reducing the latency times on its network. Moreover, HughesNet’s new offering of 25 Mbps internet service puts it ahead of the competition than other satellite providers such as Exede®.

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