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01 Jul

Major Company Releases 5G Services In Las Vegas

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AT&T released mobile 5G service in Las Vegas and will be open to business customers. This takes the total count of the cities where 5G was introduced by the company to 20. The company did not mention the spectrum it was using.

Presently, 5G services are available to business customers only. They would be able to get AT&T’s 5G network by using the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Note that this is available on the Business Unlimited Preferred plan provided by the company. Besides, this is a free service throughout the year. This allows them to test and make more 5G-enabled applications through AT&T’s network.

AT&T has already released the mobile 5G service in limited areas of 19 cities before launching it in Las Vegas. This includes 7 places in April. These were Nashville, Orlando, Austin, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

The company said that it was looking to provide “new experiences that digital natives crave,” although it did not explain further regarding the details that it may contain.

 “We are proud to introduce 5G+ to Las Vegas,” said AT&T Nevada state president Stephanie Tyler. “Being the first to Las Vegas, and the first to 20 cities across the U.S., is a testament to AT&T’s commitment to our future.”

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Before this, AT&T mentioned that San José, California as the very first within the country to use the specialized first responder network FirstNet. It was employed at full potential in the city.

Some of the Best Internet providers in the country had a very eventful period in recent days. Initially, Verizon announced that their 5G network was running in Denver. They also revealed the plans to switch on mmWave mobile 5G service in Rhode Island from the upcoming month.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile said that customers belonging to 6 different internet providers would be able to access the web in 5G. This would be a result of the release of Galaxy S10 5G.

The six cities are Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Atlanta, New York, and Cleveland. T-Mobile has upgraded its methods for 5G. It assures 5G coverage with lower frequency 600 MHz spectrum combined with mid-band 2.5 GHz which would be provided by Sprint if the two internet providers decide to collaborate. T-Mobile is deploying mmWave spectrum that comes with 39 GHz for Las Vegas and 28 GHz for the other locations.

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