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16 Dec

NAD Says That Charter’s Ad Claims On DirecTV Were Unsupported


DirecTV Subscribers

The ad review team of the Better Business Bureau has recently advised Charter Communications to stop using advertisements that make what it says are “unsubstantiated” claims about the impact of AT&T and DirecTV merger on customer support and service.

“NAD [National Advertising Division] determined that the depicted conversation in the ‘Transfer’ commercial conveys the substantive message that DirecTV’s merger with AT&T has had a deleterious effect on the company’s ability to provide customer service. Because such a claim was not supported, NAD recommended that the advertisement be discontinued,” the report said.

It is true that the commercials are funny, but being funny does not remove the obligation to support the claims that are made by the commercials, said NAD. The National Advertising Division is an investigate unit of the advertisement industry self-regulatory body and the recommendations of NAD are not finding of wrongdoings. According to NAD, Charter Communications said that they accepted the recommendations put forward by the division.

NAD also said that Charter could support the claims made in their ads about the promotional pricing. These advertisements were placed on the internet and were also broadcasted. The ad featured comedian Kevin Nealon as the “captain” of a satellite TV service that is made to look out of date. The ads “depicted satellite television consumers as frustrated with the number and type of channels featured in their particular service package and included the unsupported claim that DirecTV customers ‘pay more for what [they] love to watch’,” NAD said.

DirecTV Choice Package

Unsupported Claims

However, Officials said that one of the claims of Charter was supported. Charter claimed that the DirecTV bill has doubled as the old bill had been at a promotional price. “NAD found the claim supported by the evidence in the record,” the report added.

It is to be noted that this is not the first time that NAD criticized advertisements of a media company. They had recently asked Comcast Corporation to stop making claims that their subs have access to 4 times more unique movies and shows than DirecTV. These claims were made in the “Get Faster” and “Rerun” ads.

The ads, in addition to the content claim, also said that DirecTV is “is built on old tech”, that “customers must watch reruns,” and “does not offer voice-controlled search features,” and that Comcast “has newer technology overall.” NAD said that Comcast should drop the “old tech” claim and the suggestion that DirecTV does not give voice controlled search features.

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