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29 Aug

Negotiations Between AT&T, Comcast, And Google Fiber On Nashville Failed


AT&T- Comcast- Google Negotiation

Even after a full day of negotiation process led by Mayor Megan Barry, internet providers AT&T, Comcast, and Google, they could not come to an agreement about the broadband internet deployment and pole attachment process in Nashville. Top officials representing the three corporations, Nashville Electric Service officials, and Metro attorney, Jon Cooper, met at Metro Courthouse to find a solution for the delay in the installation processes. Talks were prompted due to the opposition of Comcast and AT&T to Google Fiber’s “One Touch Make Ready” ordinance.


Mayor’s chief operating officer, Rich Riebeling stated that, “We’re disappointed that a compromise could not be reached at the meeting today. While there was some positive progress to work on issues related to the speed at which fiber is rolled out in Nashville, there appears to be a philosophical disagreement between the parties about the need for and nature of legislation that would address the make ready process.”

He further added that, “Regardless of any legislation or litigation that may occur as a result of efforts to address the differences between the companies, the mayor’s office will continue to work with NES, Public Works, and all fiber providers to find improvements to the fiber deployment process that will ensure high-quality, high-speed internet service is available in all neighborhoods throughout Davidson County.”

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Failed Negotiation On Nashville

Head of external fairs of Google Fiber’s southeast operations, Amol Naik thanked Mayor Barry and her team for the effort and time. Naik said, “Improving Nashville’s make-ready construction process is the key enabler for Nashville’s access to a faster Internet. We continue to support Councilman Davis’ proposal for a 21st century framework, which will allow new entrants like Google Fiber to bring broadband to more Nashvillians efficiently, safely and quickly.”

Sara Jo Walker, Director of Public Relations of Comcast said they “came to the meeting today in a collaborative spirit with several proposals to improve the process for deploying broadband in Nashville and they were well received. We remain committed to coming to a multiparty agreement to advance broadband deployment in Nashville.”

Joelle Phillips, Tennessee President of AT&T stated that, “Comcast, AT&T, NES and members of the Mayor’s administration identified and committed to several specific proposals that would help all companies who are serious about investing and deploying broadband in Nashville. We are willing to continue talking and working together. That’s the way business in Nashville ordinarily makes progress.”

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