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10 Jul

New Broadband Tariffs And Data Caps By Cox® And CenturyLink®

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New Broadband Tariffs

Subscribers of both Cox Communications® and CenturyLink® would have to pay overage fees if the data consumption exceeds set data caps. This news may augur well to those who subscribe broadband, or not so well for netizens, depending on usage policy of either carrier. Cox Communications® have started to levy subscribers’ overage fees in four new American states namely Louisiana, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Arizona recently.

Netizens or anyone can crosscheck set speed and data consumption limits of both carrier and their best internet service, broadband. Prior to implementing overage charges, Cox® subscribers were paying a flat tariff to access broadband internet no matter the usage. Cox® has let their regular subscribers use 1 terabytes a month, even as overage charges clock at $10 a month for additional 50 GB each, in the unlimited broadband plan. Later in 2017, Cox® would introduce a mega unlimited internet plan to subscribers, indicate reliable sources.

One terabyte is a lot of internet for netizens, but who knows, they may have to get their heads around with new pricing mechanism from Cox® later in the year. Netizens use data habitually and consume cheap internet from carriers to play games, watch videos, access social media, send e-mails, etc. It is said that the data caps are one and the same for Cox®, and Xfinity® terabyte internet plan which also gives 50 GB each for $10 extra.

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CenturyLink® has an “Excessive Use Policy” acronymed EUP. What’s more, the data caps were even lower for CenturyLink® last year, as low as 300 gigabytes. It was a worthy yearlong trial, but the Telco giant has put a full stop to the “usage-based billing program” in WA and Yakima of late. CenturyLink® is giving bill credits to those who cross set caps in Washington as well as to those of you who paid more bill than usual in Yakima.

“If you incurred overage charges related to this program, those charges will be credited and appear on your June or July monthly billing statement,” CenturyLink® said. “No action is required on your part, and there are no impacts to your existing CenturyLink® service.”

Besides, the Telco giant “reserves the right to disconnect your service after the third month of excessive usage in a rolling 12-month period” which was applicable for last year.

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