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11 Jan

News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting Seek Help From Viewers To Prevent DirecTV Blackout

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DirecTV Blackout

News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting is one of the largest local station groups in the United States and they are currently on the verge of a potential blackout on AT&T’s DirecTV. The station group currently urged their viewers to “help us spread the word about DirecTV’s latest war against viewers”. This request from the local station is in order to prevent the blackout of their channels on DirecTV Now.

According to their webpage: “Unfortunately, consumers can be held hostage if a powerful cable or satellite company refuses to reach a fair deal with a local station.” The webpage also had a banner saying, “Save My Local Station”. The group also noted, “It is simply unfair to you. After all, you pay your cable bill in-full each month why should your cable company get to provide you less than a full slate of channels you pay your hard earned money for.”

News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting group owns a number of stations in small markets such as California, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Idaho, Texas, Oregon, Missouri, and Colorado. The local station is also offering the contact information of DirecTV to their viewers and they even urged them to post their beefs with the cable service provider on social media platforms.

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Save My Local Station

In addition to that, the station group also explained about the retransmission consent agreements between them and DirecTV on their official website. They also asked the customers to support the stations group in their dispute against the pay TV provider.

“It’s true that at the end of the day, this is a business negotiation between two companies,” officials from News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting said. “It is our preference that our viewers never have to get involved. But when cable companies refuse to reach fair deals with local TV stations it threatens the entire community.”

“We’re family-owned News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting. For over 100 years, our company’s first priority has been to you, our viewers. We value honesty and community, and we promise to stand up for fairness for you… and for us,” they further added.

“Too often viewers get caught in the middle of these negotiations and too often you don’t get the truth. You know that’s not how we do business,” News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting said. However, reports from several sources indicate that negotiations between the two parties are still going on.

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