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05 Oct

Project AirGig From AT&T Is Ready For Launch

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AT&T Project AirGig

AT&T is planning to deliver high-speed internet services over power lines in their Wisconsin market. AT&T has also recently announced that they are planning to conduct field trials, which will enable any user on the electric grid to receive internet service.

The latest technology from AT&T is called as Project AirGig. The venture will deliver internet services to houses and business by using inexpensive plastic antennas and other devices along the power lines. This technology has also eliminated the need to install the costly fiber-optic cable.

AT&T recently said that they aim to deliver high-speed internet services to their subscribers in rural areas within the nation and abroad. Presently, the internet services in abroad rural areas are minimum or very less. President of AT&T Wisconsin, Scott VanderSanden shed some light on their latest plan and said that Project AirGig will be a “game-changer” for Wisconsin and other regions.

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AT&Ts New Venture

“Much of this is going to depend on how the field trials play out … but we are very optimistic this could work in the most remote areas of Wisconsin and also in some of the most urban and suburban areas of the state,” VanderSanden said. AT&T has also informed that the initial test conducted in their laboratory was encouraging and they are planning to conduct field trials on their latest technology.

“We think Project AirGig is unlike anything that’s out there. We’re experimenting with multiple ways to send a modulated radio signal around or near medium-voltage power lines,” AT&T said. However, they have not yet disclosed the location where field trials will be conducted. Reports indicate that some of the field trials of Project AirGig will be held overseas.

In a statement, AT&T’s chief strategy officer, John Donovan said that, “Project AirGig has tremendous potential to transform internet access globally.” However, AT&T is not the first company who came up with this idea. The electric utility on Washington Island in Door County had already done this a few years back but they had to discontinue the project due to reliability issues.

Manager of the Washington Island Electric Co-op, Robert Cornell said, “It was good for our system, in that we found a lot of things that were probably outages waiting to happen several years down the road. But it was a lot of maintenance.”

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