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20 Jun

Charter Communications® Rolls Out Spectrum Digital Education Grant Program

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Spectrum® Digital Education Grant Program

Charter Communications®, one of the best internet service providers in the country, has commenced its Spectrum® Digital Education Grant Program, a charity initiative undertaken by the company. It is solely intended to offer support for nonprofit organizations that provides education about the benefits of broadband Internet and its uses in everyday lives.

The key aim of the Spectrum® Digital Education Grant Program is to offer digital education amongst the communities served by the company. This is served to local nonprofit organizations mainly through webinars, workshops, public service advertisements, and financial grants.

Rahman Khan, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility for Charter Communications® said, “In an increasingly technology-driven world, the importance of digital education and access to adequate digital resources cannot be overstated. The Spectrum® Digital Education Grant Program allows Charter® to partner with community organizations across the country to help bridge the divide and provide communities in need with the tools to grow and prosper in the digital age.”

The Spectrum® Digital Education Grant Program will confer the necessary grants to various nonprofit organizations, which operates several programs specifically focused for the families and seniors. Moreover, it is offered for communities that have low accessibility to broadband internet connectivity and digitally illiterate sections of the communities.

One of the major prerequisites for organizations to become eligible for the grant is that they must serve the communities that are situated within a Spectrum® market. In addition, the organization must be a nonprofit one that has the 501(c) (3) tax-exempt status. The number of grants that are awarded by Charter® will not involve any cap and these awards will not exceed beyond $50,000 under any absent special circumstances.

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Charter Communications®, which is also one of the major internet providers in the US, has initially made a commitment that amounts to about $1 million for supporting the grants. However, these grants are mostly nonrenewable awards with duration of one year. Nonprofit organizations can enroll with this new undertaking offered by Charter® through applications that will open for submission from June 30, and end on August 11, 2017.

The program is not eligible for organizations that have service area outside the Spectrum® market. Moreover, organizations that have any sort of discriminations based on gender, race, color, sexual orientation, etc., as well as those that are privately owned would be exempted from the Spectrum® Digital Education Grant Program. Charter® will announce the recipients of the grants by the month of October.

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