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22 Sep

Sierra Wireless Partners With AT&T For IoT Connectivity

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Sierra Wireless Partners With AT&T

Sierra Wireless is trying hard to play the vital role in the trending Internet of Things (IoT) program, which is determined to bring internet connectivity to all everyday devices. AT&T, one of the leading satellite and cable providers in the nation, has stepped in to support Sierra Wireless to accomplish their mission.

In a recent announcement, Sierra Wireless confirmed that they are partnering with AT&T to pilot the next-generation LTE-M network technologies “with several technology leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area.” This program is rumored to begin from November 2016.

A New Generation Of IoT Applications

Chris Penrose, AT&T’s senior vice president, Internet of Things solutions said, “Our work with Sierra Wireless will help drive the benefits of LTE-M to a broad range of businesses and industries. Our customers that use industrial, Smart Cities, and wearable solutions are eager to tap into these new tools.”

The LTE-M standard, which was previously referred as Cat-M1 under GSM association, will offer low cost for gateway models when compared to its predecessor traditional LTE. It will also offer superior LTE coverage in areas, which were hard to reach along with an extended battery life.

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IoT Connectivity

In the earlier summer, AT&T executives officially declared that they have chosen LTE-M over other competing standards. They also added that LTE-M would represent the future of their cellular Internet of Things network. When asked about why those choose LTE-M over other standards A&T replied that there were “many reasons.”

The decision from AT&T is excellent, because LTE stack considerably simplifies the work of OEMs. The technology still uses its existing technology and it can be managed with ease through the existing infrastructure. LTE-M has a sufficient advantage over other competing standards and this might be the reason why AT&T settled for this technology.

Dan Schieler, Sierra Wireless’ SVP, OEM solutions said, “Millions of new IoT devices and services require low-power, low-cost cellular connectivity, which Low Power Wide Area technologies like LTE-M are designed to deliver. This pilot will show how LTE-M will connect a new generation of IoT applications.”

Sierra Wireless HL Series LTE-M modules will be the core technology used to drive this pilot program, and this technology won’t be available to the users until next year. However, the technology from Sierra Wireless is already footprint-compatible across network technologies and product lines.

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