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03 Sep

Sling TV Launching A New Marketing Campaign Starring Danny Trejo

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New Marketing Campaign

Dish Network’s internet based TV service Sling TV is launching a multi million-dollar ad campaign starring Danny Trejo, who tells cable TV subscribers that their average cable bill is way scarier.

Roger Lynch, CEO of Sling TV, said that Sling was primarily focused on people without pay TV subscription and cord cutters when it was launched in 2015. But now, it is expanding in full speed and targets even the current pay TV users.

Sling TV is now offering local broadcasting programs from NBC, ABC, and Fox, as well as multiple steaming at the same time. Lynch says that the current market and future of pay TV has changed dramatically.

“The world has changed so much in 18 months,” Lynch told the media. Two years back, most people never even thought about cord cutting, but now, the trend has changed.

Pay TV operators lost nearly 757,000 subscribers in the last quarter alone. Cable industry is firmly on horizon. “When we launched, we were focused on cord nevers. Now, we are a true full cable replacement,” Lynch added.

With more consumers going to cord cutting, programmers are looking for alternate ways to reach them. Sling TV has thus struck deals with NBC and Apple TV, and many other programmers are also contacting Dish to get included in their Sling TV deal.

Danny Trejo Starred Capaign

“The only thing that they’ve seen is that we’ve grown their business. And so we don’t hear from any programmer that they want us to slow down. The only thing we hear is ‘how can we help you to grow faster?” Lynch commented.

Sling TV attracts customers with their skinny bundle package with a few good channels at a low cost. They deliver these channels in whichever device the subscriber choose. With this option, people do not have to pay for 100 plus channels, many of which they won’t even be watching.

When Sling TV started, it was the only one of its kind and hence didn’t face much competition. However, the situation will change with the launch of live pay TV package by Hulu, DirecTV, and Amazon.

Lynch said that the new participants in the field would not be great competition for Sling, as they seem to be recreating the large bundles with many channels and higher price.

“To me, it’s recreating the sins of the past. It’s not that likely that they end up dumping a bunch of channels out of the base package,” Lynch said. He however thinks that there would be pressure to keep the big bundles.

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