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21 Oct

Charter Communions® Sues Local 3 Union

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Charter Sues Workers’ Union

One of the best internet service providers in the United States, Charter Communications® recently sued a workers’ union by claiming that the members of the union reportedly sabotaged their networks in New York City. The officials from Charter® also believe that IBEW Local 3 Union members started to do this after the strike, which began approximately 6 months ago.

In the complaint filed against the workers’ union in New York State Supreme Court, the telecom company stated, “On over 125 occasions, Charter® cables, including both coaxial and fiber optic cables in both secured and unsecured locations at sites throughout New York City, have been deliberately cut or damaged, thereby denying thousands of subscribers access to cable, internet, and voice service, and interfering with their ability to contact emergency services, and forcing Charter® to devote hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours to investigating and repairing its property.”

In addition to that, Charter® also added that these acts of vandalism happened during the strike. Therefore, they believe that it was not mere coincidence. The telecom company went on blame the members of the IBEW Local 3 Union and wrote, “Upon information and belief the perpetrators of these acts of sabotage were Local 3 members and/or agents acting to support Local 3’s strike. The incidents occurred in large numbers and rapid succession immediately upon Local 3’s walkout from collective bargaining, whereas before the strike such incidents were almost entirely unheard of. The saboteurs clearly knew the optimal locations where they could quickly cut cable lines to multiple customers without being harmed or observed, suggesting they are cable technicians who work for Charter®.”

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The officials from Charter Communications® also stated that the attackers have stolen nothing of value, which means that the “sabotage was done purely out of maliciousness.” Charter® also alleged that the members of the workers union intentionally damaged the vehicles of Charter®, blocked access to Charter® facilities, and even threatened “physical violence against Charter® employees and their families.”

On the other hand, Local 3 union responded to Charter’s statement with a court filing, in which they wrote, “Plaintiff has virtually no likelihood of success on the merits as the New York Court of Appeals held long ago, and consistently upheld time and again, that a plaintiff must plead and prove that each and every member of a labor union authorized, or ratified after the fact with full knowledge, the alleged unlawful acts. Plaintiff has not and cannot meet this pleading requirement, much less prove that the 30,000 members of Local 3 authorized or ratified the alleged unlawful acts claimed by Plaintiff in its Order to Show Cause.”

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