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09 Jan

T-Mobile CEO Predicts About Dish Network In CES Media Event


T-Mobile CEO

T-Mobile CEO John Legere predicted at the CES event that Dish Network would not be Dish anymore by the end of 2017. He shared his opinion with the crowd gathered at the press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“Rumors for years that (Dish is) getting into wireless, it’s a declining TV business and it has a big pile of spectrum. This is going to run its course in 2017,” Legere said to the audience. “By the end of 2017, Dish will not be a standalone entity. So dealer, next hand of cards. Charlie, thanks for playing.”

Interestingly, neither Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen nor Dish representatives commented on this opinion. Legere also shared that T-Mobile has added 8.2 million new users in 2016, and said that this is the third time that T-Mobile has hit the 8 million-plus mark.

“You know why we were fourth? Because there’s only four (mobile services),” Legere added. He prefaced his 2017 predictions saying that some of them are serious and some are not so serious. He also predicted that T-Mobile would be the first service provider to offer 1Gbps LTE wireless service. Legere also got cautious laughs from the audience when he made the prediction of a possible union between Verizon and Comcast into “Comizon” or “Vericast.”

Cable Providers

T-Mobile Predictions

The predictions were made after T-Mobile’s latest “Uncarrier” updates. These updates have revolutionized the way people pay for getting mobile services. From Jan 22, T-Mobile will offer only one plan for its subscribers, which is the T-MobileOne. The monthly charges for the plan is 70 dollars for the first line. Users can add a second line for 50 dollars, and the third and fourth lines can be added for 20 dollars each. This means that a family of four can have the plan for 40 dollars a month when using all the four lines.

The 40 dollars price includes fees, taxes, and other charges, as long as the user is on an auto-pay plan. In addition to that, T-Mobile will refund 10 dollars a month for each of the line that has not used at least 2 Gigabytes of internet.

Dish Network has struggled much and has lost many satellite TV customers last year. However, it has to be noted that Sling TV service from Dish has grown to one million plus users. T-Mobile also offers an online video streaming package known as Binge On, which provides unlimited content without eating into the data plans of the user.

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