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13 Jun

Telecom Company Announces Plans To Test CBRS System

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Charter®, which is one of the best internet providers, is planning a 200-node Citizens Broadband Radio Service network. This is being planned in the Los Angeles region. The company is also testing different mobile network equipment and a site at Inglewood Oil Field. As per the Federal Communications Commission, the operations of the test network are scheduled to begin the coming month. This comes in succession to the company’s request to construct a 100-node CBRS network in Denver in the Colorado region to check the efficiency of the technology in serving a corporate campus. The indoor usage was the main subject of analysis.

Charter® commented that it would use several approaches to deployment. This includes building or pole mounting to a maximum of 100 feet in the air and trying it indoors till the third floor which included a height of 40 feet. It would also test the approach of strand mount deployment over the already existing cable strand which stood 18 feet in the air. Furthermore, it would conduct tests inside an 8-mile distance of Ladera Heights at the Inglewood Oil Field, the Baird Park area, Anaheim, and a site near Valley Glen.

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Private LTE networks dedicated to Private LTE networks like gas and oil production areas are one of the key opportunities open for CBRS. The company said that it aims to install a minimum of 200 fixed transmitters and 50 mobile transmitters while the testing program, develops. Besides, it also said that it would conduct capacity testing, throughput testing, propagation test, and connectivity. It says it would analyze inter-cell interference and “compatibility and individual performance of each vendor” that contributes to its test network. Charter® will reportedly use Federates Wireless’ Spectrum Access System.

One of the fastest internet providers in the country said that it would operate its network in the 3650-3700 MHz region of the band to prevent interference with the radars. The company commented that it knows about the fixed-satellite service earth stations which are another set of users in the spectrum. They operate in the 3650-3700 MHz range but the company would take care to ensure there is no interference. “Given the low [Effective Isotropic Radiated Power] transmit levels of the proposed radios, coupled with their low installed elevation, Charter expects limited RF propagation distances as well as limited and localized aggregative contribution to the RF noise floor,” the company commented. Charter® also said that it would be testing 6 models of end user devices too.

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