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21 Jun

Telecom Giant Invests Huge Amounts for Dakota Wireless Networks

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FirstNet Communications Platform

AT&T invested more than $60 million in the wired and wireless networks of South Dakota during the period of 2016-18. This investment was aimed at offering speeds, reliability, and coverage for the residents and businesses. The company has also enhanced services that provide public safety through the FirstNet communications platform. AT&T has its wireless network covering over 99% of the country and has established itself as one of the cheap internet providers. These are the results based on the first quarter of the year 2019.

It has been revealed that the company made 569 wireless network enhancements throughout South Dakota. There were additional cell sites added, improved backhaul, and added network capacity. Besides, there was also an upgrade of the 4G LTE network allowing higher speeds and capacity. These steps, according to the company, has strengthened and boosted its performance.

Steve Westra, the Commissioner of the South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development, commented, “We commend AT&T for continuing to build state-of-the-art infrastructure in our state that makes business growth possible and assures our residents have the tools to stay connected and entertained.”

“AT&T is proud to boost our investment in our wireless network and upgrades across South Dakota,” Cheryl Riley, president, AT&T Northern Plains went on to say, “Our goal is to continue to expand not only our geographic reach but our depth of service, and provide our customers and businesses with the reliable, high-speed coverage that they’ve come to trust and rely on.”

Transforming Public Safety Communications

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FirstNet is a dedicated countrywide communications platform dedicated to Public Safety. It is meant for all the first responders including the rural, tribal, volunteer folk. It brings public safety with new enhanced capabilities, providing the first responders with the critical information they require in any case of emergency.

One of the best internet providers of the country says that its release of the First Responders Network Authority contract aimed at a public safety LTE network was an important step in its way ahead. According to the company, when it touches the FirstNet build-out, it enables 60 megahertz across AWS, WCS and the Band 14 700 MHz, and deploy all of its fallow spectra. Besides, it would be able to upgrade the software and electronics capacities to bring in LTE Advanced Pro features like four component-carrier aggregation, 256 QAM modulation, and 4×4 MIMO. Besides, it would make the components upgradable to 5G, making it prepared to deploy the technology whenever it is ready.

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