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27 Apr

The Expected Death Of Net Neutrality Rules Makes ISPs Happy

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Death Of Net Neutrality

Most of the leading mobile broadband and internet providers in the country claim that they are big fans of net neutrality. However, it seems that plenty of the ISPs are very happy with the recent FCC (Federal Communications Commission) announcement that they will be dismantling the net neutrality rules shortly.

In a statement, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said, “We continue to strongly support a free and open Internet and the preservation of modern, strong, and legally enforceable net neutrality protections. We don’t block, throttle, or discriminate against lawful content delivered over the Internet, and we are committed to continuing to manage our business and network with the goal of providing the best consumer experience.”

The blocking of BitTorrent traffic by Comcast Corporation in the year 2007 resulted in a decade-long debate on how net neutrality should be enforced by the FCC. However, the net neutrality rules issued by the FCC in 2010 were shut down by a federal appeals court after Verizon filed a lawsuit.

The federal court stated that the FCC will not be enforcing their net neutrality rules against paid prioritization, throttling or blocking without reclassifying the internet providers as common carriers under Title II of the Communications Act. However, FCC made a decision to reinstate their net neutrality rules by reclassifying the internet service providers under Communications Act’s Title II. Most ISPs in the country currently supports the rules of net neutrality but they are completely against the use of the legal authority that allows the FCC to enforce these net neutrality rules.

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Net Neutrality Policy

Roberts added, “We fully support reversal of Title II classification, a 1930s statute that is outdated and harms consumers by creating a cloud over broadband investment decisions and innovation.” He added that he needs “a fresh constructive dialogue,” but he did not give any idea on how the rules of net neutrality should be enforced.

The Deputy General Counsel of Verizon, Kathy Grillo also praised FCC’s decision to eliminate the Title II net neutrality rules. Grillo said, “Verizon supports net neutrality policies that protect an open Internet without discouraging competition and slowing job-generating investments. We continue to believe that the right answer is for Congress to move forward on legislation that once and for all adopts clear, enforceable, and strong net neutrality protections.”

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