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11 Mar

Three Changes Expected To Happen In The TV Industry This Year

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The TV industry is going through a phase called golden age. Lot of changes has been introduced into the television and entertainment industry in recent times. It seems that the introduction of streaming services are somewhat forcing the pay-TV providers to tweak their offerings in a more customer-friendly manner.

In addition to the competition between streaming services and pay-TV services, there is yet another competition going on between satellite services and cable services. According to some reports, there will be many exciting changes in the TV industry this year. Here is a look at the much-anticipated changes.

  1. More Customer-Friendly Options

Both cable and satellite TV services are introducing more customer-friendly features this year. For instance, if you take a look at some of the recent Dish vs DirecTV comparisons, you can figure out how they have evolved in the past couple of years.

Where Dish Network brought Sling TV along with a complement of multiple Live stream networks, DirecTV also offers Live streaming services and you don’t even have to buy a DirecTV package to avail these streaming services. Small providers like Comcast’s stream, Verizon’s Go90, and Nickelodeon’s Noggin are also introducing timely changes in their services to keep up with the competition.

  1. Netflix’s Investment

Netflix has already managed to get a huge customer base. It seems that the company is still looking to make its presence stronger by making a huge investment of $6 billion on content this year. A major share of this amount would go into original programming.

Dish Vs DirecTV

Satellite Service Providers

As part of its marketing strategy, the company would release 31 brand new seasons of original dramas and comedies this year alone. Since the beginning, Netflix has been focusing more on the creation and airing of original content and it seems that this unique strategy has helped the company gain popularity.

  1. Cheap Bundle Deals

Although pay-TV companies have been around for quite some time, they were monopolistic and were not ready to give out their services below a threshold price. But it seems that the recent developments in the TV industry are forcing them to introduce more affordable bundle deals. Verizon introduced to a custom bundle option last year that no other services ever tried.

Unless all the pay-TV services show readiness to introduce more customer-friendly and cheaper bundle options, it is sure that they will lose their grip in the market.

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