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05 Aug

U-Verse Users To Get Increased Data Packs

DirecTV Choice Package

AT&T U-Verse

AT&T has now announced that they will increase the home internet data packs to a maximum of 1 TB for the U-Verse users from August 21. The maximum data allowance was set at 300 megabytes earlier.

AT&T is not only topping up the data cap to 1 TB per month, but will also offer unlimited home internet at no extra charges to the users who are subscribing for their GigaPower 1Gbps service. Users who are still making use of the DSL services will not be able to avail this offer though, and the data cap for such users will remain at 150 GB per month.

The 1 TB limit will be applicable to all account holders, unlike the increases that were made in May that increased the ceilings up to 300 MB, 600 MB, and 1 TB based on speed. As per the new plan, only the fastest at 1GBps will get the unlimited home data offer.


GigaPower Service

Users of AT&T U-Verse internet with speed up to 300 mbps will now have a monthly allowance of 1 TB data. This means that for the customers with internet speed below 12 Mbps, the current data allowance will be tripled and for users with internet speed ranging between 12 and 75 Mbps, the current data will be doubled.

1 TB data for a month is enough to watch up to 400 hours of High Definition video online, which means that you can watch more than 13 hours of video per day. If you are a subscriber of AT&T U-verse internet and U-verse TV or DirecTV service, and pay for both the services on the same bill, you will automatically be eligible for the unlimited home internet plan without paying any extra charges. This is worth a value of thirty dollars a month.

Even those users who do not have a TV subscription with AT&T can sign up for the unlimited home internet service for thirty dollars a month, provided that they add TV service or switch to the unlimited packs within their billing cycles.

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