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18 Nov

Viceland Launches Three New Series And The Channel Will Be Available In DirecTV Now


DirecTV Entertainment

Viceland is the latest channel from A+E Networks and Vice Media. The channel will now premiere three new series, named “Payday”, “Bong Appétit”, and “Big Night Out.” Reports say that DirecTV is expanding their distribution network to include Viceland channel in the DirecTV Select package as well as in the DirecTV Entertainment and DirecTV Choice packages. The channel will also be included in the entry-level package on DirecTV Now service when it is launched.

“Payday”, which just had its debut on the network, follows “four 20-somethings over the course of a single pay-period to see how they live, spend, struggle, and thrive, tracing the fortunes of this emerging generation,” as per the network. The series is aired on Fridays.

The series “Big Night Out” follows Clive Martin, as he travels and explores rave culture across the globe. This show will premiere on Dec 14, with “Bong Appétit” premiering the following night. The network said that “Bong Appétit” will be hosted by Abdullah Saeed, and will explore “making and consumption of high-end cannabis-infused foods.” The guests and chefs are expected to change per episode.

DirecTV Select Package

Viceland Programming

Viceland has also renewed two of their existing series, which includes the skateboard reality competition show “Kings of the Road”, and the third season of the popular series, “Weediquette”, which is hosted by Krishna Andavolu.

The announcement from Viceland says, “In addition to new content, the network announced season renewals for its hybrid skateboard-reality competition show, “Kings of the Road”, featuring Thrasher’s annual scavenger hunt, pitting some of the best skaters in the country against each other on the adventure of a lifetime, putting their lives, limbs, and dignity in often ridiculous peril.”

“Also returning for its third season, one of the network’s breakout shows, “Weediquette” with Krishna Andavolu, an on-going look at the role of marijuana in all points within the culture as the U.S. slowly begins to legalize it. Premiere dates will be announced at a later date,” the statement added.

Vice Media CEO and Founder, Shane Smith, is much excited about the new and existing projects. “I am just tickled pink to announce Viceland’s new series and also very happy with how our distributors across the board like DirecTV are embracing Viceland not only on traditional platforms but OTT as well,” Smith said.

“Viceland continues to grow in audience and reach with our core cohorts being millennials. We are having a lot of fun with Viceland and see this as only the beginning of our evolution as a brand. Vive la difference!”

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