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29 Nov

Viewers Disappointed After The First Episode Of CW’s Four Night Superhero Crossover Event

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Superhero Crossover Event

CW’s four night crossover event, titled as “Heroes v Aliens”, kicked off last night with the latest episode of Supergirl. However, the episode turned out to be great let down, as the crossover lasted for only a couple of minutes. This means that CW is actually planning to go with a three-night crossover event plus a couple of minutes.

The last episode from Supergirl was just a normal episode featuring its general cast members. However, we do have a brief cameo from the scarlet speedster, The Flash/Barry Allen, and Cisco Ramon/Vibe at the end of the episode, where they asked Kara to help them with a problem. The CW decided not to share more details regarding the crossover though, and ended the episode by mentioning that the crossover episodes will continue with “The Flash”.

If you were planning to watch the crossover event, but skipped Supergirl yesterday for some reasons, then you have not missed a thing, as no significant information regarding the “alien invasion” (as shown in the trailers) was imparted in the episode. It just felt like CW planned an unnecessary hype in order to advertise the crossover episodes as a four-night event.

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DC Superheroes On CW

We are still not sure why CW decided to spend only a few minutes focusing on the crossover in the latest episode of Supergirl, but we can assume that the show runners of this series might not have wanted to interrupt the storyline of Supergirl. Some fans even say that the CW might not have enough funds to arrange a four-night crossover event featuring all DC superheroes on all the said TV shows. That shows how disappointed fans are.

On the other hand, the ratings of Supergirl have risen significantly after CW aired the last episode. This is because more viewers decided to tune in to CW in order to watch the crossover event, which was supposed to be a lot more exciting than what we got yesterday.

However, we do hope that CW will certainly deliver a memorable crossover event through the next episodes. The heroes from all four DC shows, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, will be in action tonight along with Supergirl, in order to defend the earth from an alien invasion. So, make sure not to miss the upcoming episodes from these superhero shows.

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