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13 Apr

Ways To Watch TV On Connected Devices

DirecTV Choice Package

DirecTV App

Time was, if you subscribed to video content programming in your home, the only place to watch that was your television screen. This was the only way to squeeze the benefits of pay-TV. But this isn’t the case now – you could just as easily catch your favorite show, game, documentary or other programming on an alternate device. There is a slew of these supported by the leading providers these days – computers, smartphones, and tablets. These connected devices can stream the same content without the need for you to be seated at home.

If you thought only streaming services gave this option, you could not be more wrong. Pay-TV providers are competitive about the streaming options they offer customers when they sign up for a package.



DirecTV Programming

Watching DirecTV is something you can also do on one of the connected devices, via the DirecTV app. You can access the movies, TV shows, and exclusive live events this way. Another option is to get on your computer or laptop, go the channel’s website, and sign into the DirecTV account to start watching content. Any channel can be streamed live, unless you are only connected to a 3G/4G network or Wi-Fi separate from the receiver, in which case the lineup choice is limited.


Cox has two apps for its customers: Cox Connect, which lets you reschedule your DVR and check listings remotely, and the Contour 2, which lets you access your favorite shows and movies from a preferred device. You can stream form any spot in your home, and take your programming wherever you go. Cox is also part of the TV Everywhere system, and gives subs the option to access content using third-party apps. One of these is Discovery GO, which can be accessed with a Cox account, while offering programming from channels like Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, and several other channels.

Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable has the TWC TV® app for subscribers, which like the AT&T U-verse app, works as both a screening platform and a remote control. It runs on Kindle Fire HD and HDX, as well as Apple iOS or Android device. The app also lets you control the TV and receiver, and watch content on a connected device in the home. You can stream On Demand TV shows and free movies as long as you have internet connectivity. Some of the channels won’t be accessible if you are using the app outside of the home.

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