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06 Jul

What’s In The Bag For AT&T® Prepaid Users

Internet Providers

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One of the leading internet providers in the country, AT&T® is currently offering three different prepaid plans to subscribers. Users who want to use unlimited data can subscribe to the $65 a month plan, whereas customers looking for a plan with lower internet data can subscribe to the $45, which offers them access to 6 GB high-speed internet data.

Both of these packages also offer unlimited text and talk within the country and between the Canada, US, and Mexico. In addition to that, users who subscribe to any one of these plans will also receive roaming in Canada and Mexico for data, text, and talk.

The cheapest prepaid plan offered by AT&T® is available to customers for just $35 a month for 1 GB of high-speed internet data. The most attractive feature of this package is that subscribers can enjoy unlimited talk and text service in the use. Additionally, customers can also make unlimited text to more than 100 countries.

The news of the potential rebrand came just a week after the telecom company launched their cellular access in eight more states in the country. The carrier has already expanded their broadband internet service to approximately 70,000 locations in the country. Reports indicate that they are planning to launch the broadband internet service to about 400,000 locations before the end of the year.

Cheap Internet

AT&T® Prepaid Users

Many experts in the field of telecommunications strongly believe that AT&T® will be most probably offering cheap internet plans in their new service in order to draw in more potential customers towards their offerings.

It is to be noted that Sprint® recently offered a one-year free unlimited data service recently for customers who switch to Sprint® from their current carrier. This offering from Sprint® is currently the cheapest internet plan available to customers when it comes to unlimited data. However, if you are after a more reliable and stable coverage, it is wiser to choose AT&T® over Sprint®.

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