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09 Sep

Cheyenne County Is Closing In On Getting A Broadband Internet Provider

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Broadband For Business Development

The businesses in Colorado’s Cheyenne County will soon get the broadband service, as the county council is closing in on a deal. Mayor Marian Orr has been on ‘a drive’ to bring broadband for “business development” in Cheyenne since last May.

The Cheyenne Mayor recently said that her drive “to reduce fees providers pay to install the cables high-speed internet connections rely on has interested at least one company, Sheridan-based Advanced Communications Technology®.”

In fact, the company would have to pay the “rights-of-way fees” to relay fiber network underneath the public property in downtown Cheyenne. Even the city council is trying to reduce “rights-of-way fees” to bring broadband in the area. Reliable sources suggest that generally, internet providers pay “$2.40 per foot of cable” per year in downtown Cheyenne as the rights-of-way fees. The Mayor is hoping to reduce that to around $1 per foot of cable, as $2.4 per foot of cable will cost $12,672 per mile to make telecom companies reluctant to accept a deal.

Cheyenne’s broadband internet providers have been Charter Communications® and CenturyLink® thus far. The Mayor is hoping an increase in competition would bring down the cost of gigabit broadband, a service that businesses demand in Cheyenne.

“At this point, it’s about increasing our competition,” Orr said. “Advanced Communications Technology® is able to offer fees and rates at a much lower price than Charter Communications® and CenturyLink®.”

Internet Providers

High-Speed Internet Connections

Officials of neither Charter Communications® and nor CenturyLink® have commented on the developments in Cheyenne. However, Aaron Sopko GM at Advanced Communications Technology® said the company has offered “gigabit internet service” for $500 per month in the Sheridan and Buffalo areas.

Commenting on the developments in Cheyenne County, the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce CEO and President, Dale Steenbergen said, “We can do ($500 per month for gigabit internet) now in most places. We support free enterprise, and competition is always a good thing, but I do think that Charter Communications® and CenturyLink® both have been good partners.”

It must be noted the deal between the city council and Advanced Communications Technology® is yet to complete. Once the deal close, County Mayor hopes that Advanced Communications Technology® would offer an alternative broadband service to businesses in Colorado’s Cheyenne County.

08 Sep

AT&T® Gets Ready To Combat Hurricane Irma

Best Internet Service

Prepare For Hurricane Irma

One of the leading internet providers in the country, AT&T® has already taken necessary precautionary steps with response equipment and personnel on standby to get ready for Hurricane Irma. The telecom giant has also started their storm preparedness process as the hurricane is estimated to be spread to different parts of the country within a few days.

Reports from several reliable sources claim that the storm will most likely affect Florida and surrounding areas in the next few days. Preventive measures taken against the storm include topping off the fuel generators, protecting the physical facilities, and examining high-capacity back-up batteries at the cell sites.

In addition to that, AT&T® has also put in extra efforts to stage emergency response equipment in the strategic locations and their national reliability center will be monitoring the outages for quick action. The officials from the telecom company have also stated that they have boosted the network redundancy in storm-prone regions. Moreover, the technicians from AT&T® have also been installing more generators at switching facilities and critical cell towers as soon as they heard about the hurricane.

Internet Providers

Stage Emergency Response Equipment

AT&T® Florida president, Joe York said, “Customers rely on us, especially during major storms. That’s why we practice readiness drills and simulations throughout the year. We do all we can to have our networks prepared when severe weather strikes. We’ve worked for the past few days to position equipment and crews to respond to the storm. We’re closely linked with Florida public officials in their storm response efforts. With a storm of this size, we may have some outages. But if service goes down, we’ll do all we can to get it back up as fast as possible.”

The AT&T® National Disaster Recovery (NDR) program is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and largest disaster programs in the country. This innovative program from the telecom company has more than hundred technology recovery and support trailers, which can be instantly deployed to respond to disasters.

The NDR team operates with local response centers, regional emergency operations centers, and AT&T® network personnel in order to keep the service intact until they have made the requires repairs. The officials from the telecom company, AT&T® has also urged customers to get prepared for the hurricane by taking the necessary precautionary steps.

06 Sep

Flaw In AT&T® Routers Put Customers At Risk

DirecTV Package
Best Internet

AT&T® Routers Flaw

It is reported that many routers, especially those of AT&T® U-Verse customers, can be hacked remotely making use of many security vulnerabilities. Five security flaws were detected in the common consumer Arris routers that are used by customers of AT&T® and some of the other internet providers across the globe.

Joseph Hutchins, who is an information security consultant, explained the flaws in routers in a blog post. He described that some of these flaws occurred due to “pure carelessness.”

As per the report, the modems Arris NVG589 and NVG599 that make use of the latest 9.2.2 firmware are vulnerable, but it is not yet clear who is responsible for the bugs in the modems. In the opinion of Hutchins, some of the flaws might have been introduced after the delivery of the modems to the internet providers, as they usually add customized code to facilitate remote interactions like diagnostics and customer support.

“Some of the problems discussed here affect most AT&T U-verse modems regardless of the OEM, while others seem to be OEM specific,” said Hutchins. “So it is not easy to tell who is responsible for this situation. It could be either, or more likely, it could be both.”

There are hardcoded credentials among the vulnerabilities that can allow “root” remote access to the affected devices, offering an attacker full control over the devices. Attackers can connect to affected routers and log in using a publicly disclosed username and password. This will grant the user access to the menu-driven shell of the modem. The attacker will then be able to change the name and password of the Wi-Fi router. The vulnerability will also allow the attacker to make changes to the network setup like rerouting the internet traffic to some malicious server.

Internet Providers

Rerouting The Internet Traffic

As per the report, the shell also allows the hacker to inject advertisements to unencrypted internet traffic making use of a dedicated module. This is a very common tactic that is used by many web companies and internet service providers. Hutchins said that there is no “clear evidence” for the particular module to be running, however noted that it was still venerable, letting hackers inject their own malware or money making ads.

Router flaws do not always result in unauthorized network access, but can lead to hijacks as part of botnet operations. An example of such botnet operation is Mirai, which can throw services and websites offline.

05 Sep

AT&T® Expanding Its 5G Fixed Wireless Trials To Three New Cities

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5G Fixed Wireless Trials

AT&T® has announced that it is expanding the fixed wireless 5G trials into three new cities in the U.S. This extension of trials will complete by the end of the year that enables the Telco to roll out its next generation cellular network in the country. As the best internet provider in the nation, AT&T’s new set of trials will help it to develop 5G networking technologies quickly than its competing firms.

The 5G trials will involve the carrying out of numerous testing of a high-speed broadband service. This will utilize radio signals to home or businesses such as the millimeter wave, which are high-band wireless airwaves. The trials will also enable numerous participants to take part in testing the network. This will allow them to directly stream the DirecTV Now® service offered by AT&T® through a 5G network. Moreover, this will also allow them to experience minimal lag periods in heavy applications such as video conferring and virtual reality gaming.

AT&T® is currently carrying out its trials in Austin, which will further expand to include Texas, Waco, Michigan, Indiana, South Bend, and Kalamazoo by this year’s end. The Telco also intends to enhance the number of participants designated for the network trials and this includes many of the small businesses, universities, restaurants, and churches in the areas. One of the primary goals of the trials is in determining whether the millimeter wave spectrum can propagate through the buildings and foliage.

Internet Providers

High-Band Wireless Airwaves

Moreover, the trials will also include conducting various studies to determine the effect of weather on the network. AT&T® intends to roll out the 5G service in selected cities by the year 2018. The trials also feature the participation of other major telecommunication firms from around the world such as Ericsson, Nokia, Intel, and Samsung Electronics.

Marachel Knight, AT&T’s Senior Vice President for Wireless Network Architecture and Design said, “Taking our fixed wireless 5G trials out of the lab and into the real world helps us learn important factors about mm-wave and 5G. And in doing so, we’re learning how to better design our network for the future.”

Besides AT&T®, Verizon® is also conducting 5G fixed trials across eleven cities in the nation and is hoping to roll out the service by 2018. It is to be noted that both the Telco giants have bought the millimeter wave spectrum for beginning the 5G trials in select regions in the country.

01 Sep

AT&T® Unveils Fixed Wireless Internet In DeSoto County

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Best Internet

Fixed Wireless Internet

AT&T® offers the best internet service in many parts of America, and Mississippi is the latest region they are trying to address by offering best internet of up to 10 Mbps speed. AT&T® Mississippi President, Mayo Flint, and Roger Wicker, who leads the Senate subcommittee on matters Communications, Technology, and Internet, jointly unveiled the AT&T® Fixed Wireless Internet in parts of DeSoto County.

The AT&T® Fixed Wireless Internet rollout was kicked off recently in Marion County, and this time around, both Flint and Wicker were accompanied by Mississippi Public Service Commissioner, Brandon Presley, District 4 Supervisor, Lee Caldwell, and other officials, who all gathered at the Telco giant’s service tower nearby Mississippi Highway 304 in Eudora.

Reports say that AT&T® Fixed Wireless Internet will deliver the best internet at broadband download speeds of no less than 10 Mbps. The fixed wireless connection stems from a wireless tower to a fixed antenna on the subscribers’ homes or the businesses in rural parts of Mississippi.

“This is an efficient way to deliver high-quality internet to customers in rural and underserved areas,” Flint said, while reinstating that, “This will be capable of delivering a fixed wireless signal at a speed of 10 megabits per second, more than enough to do web browsing with plenty of speed and to stream your favorite movie or TV show.”

The Telco giant’s Fixed Wireless Internet rollout in DeSoto County was successful thanks to the commitment they had with FCC Connect America Fund. AT&T® is planning to “reach nearly 133,000 locations with this technology across Mississippi by 2020,” Flint said in an earlier statement.

Best Internet Service

Better Cell Phone Service

“”Broadband is the electricity of the 21st century,” said Brandon Presley who last thrived to “Zap the Gap” in rural Mississippi “to bring better cell phone service to rural areas where wireless coverage was spotty or even non-existent.”

For his part, Roger Wicker has also expressed his impartial views on the AT&T® Fixed Wireless Internet. “The future growth of Mississippi’s economy relies on innovation and investment like we are seeing announced today with AT&T’s Fixed Wireless Internet Technology.”

“High-speed internet service from AT&T® in this part of DeSoto County and other designated areas across Mississippi provides a great example of the innovative thinking necessary to help close the remaining connectivity gap in rural areas across the state,” Wicker added.

31 Aug

Comcast® Offers Hundred Laptops To Seniors And Youth

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Fastest Internet Provider

Low-Cost High-Speed Internet

Grace Shannon, a senior in Detroit was surprised when she received an unexpected gift from her cable company. Six-time Olympic medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee handed her the gift, which was a brand new laptop. “Ew, wow!” the 67-year-old senior shouted when she received the new 14-inch Dell laptop.

The gift was offered in an Oprah-style surprise at the conclusion of Comcast’s announcement in which the Telco stated that they have expanded their program to provide low-cost and high-speed internet to the residents of the city who are at least sixty-two. The executives of the Philadelphia based cable internet provider said that they are planning to invest thousands of dollars to upgrade the digital infrastructure of the Joseph Walker-Williams Community Center, so that the seniors of the city will be able to use internet there too.

In their efforts to close the gap between people with internet access and those without access, Comcast® said that they would be providing eligible customers with high-speed internet service, together with training and support, for just $9.95 a month.

“It is fabulous that we will be able to get on the Internet and do things to help our grandchildren,” Shannon said. “But, not only that, we will be able to find things out about housing, taxes — and lots of other things we are missing out on.”

More and more seniors in the country are now digitally connected and about two-thirds make use of the internet. However, about half of the seniors nationally do not have access to a home broadband service, as per the results of the surveys from a Washington D.C. agency named Pew Research Center. Comcast Corporation® is also sponsoring the setup of a computer lab at the Boll Family YMCA in Detroit. They offered more computers equipped with virus protection, software, and a DVD payer and these computers are mainly intended for use by the youth.

Internet Providers

Comcast® Offers Free Laptops

Joyner-Kersee, who was elected as the national spokeswoman for the program, encouraged the audience and asked them not to be intimidated by the latest technology. “We’re not too old to challenge ourselves,” she said. “Each and every one of us deserves the best quality of life. Having that quality of life, that digital divide should not — will not — divide us.”

Comcast Senior Vice President, David Cohen announced the surprise gifts at the end of the program and the room erupted in applause. “I had half-a-dozen seniors saying afterward, ‘Now I have to learn how to use it’. That’s exactly what the purpose is. That’s what this program is all about. We will connect.”

With their surprise gift program for the seniors, Comcast® has once again proved that they are one of the best internet providers of the country. Those residents who wish to sign up for the program by the fastest internet provider of the city can submit the form online or download the application and submit it via mail together with the documentation.

31 Aug

AT&T® Accused Of Ignoring Low-Income Communities

Dish Network

Fiber-To-The-Node VDSL Infrastructure

The residents of Cleveland, Ohio recently claimed that the telecom giant, AT&T® has failed to deliver high-speed broadband access to the low-income African-American communities in the region. They also claimed that AT&T®, who is one of the leading internet providers in the country, has been delivering a higher speed broadband internet service to the wealthier and suburban neighborhoods.

Three self-described low-income African-America residents, Rachelle Lee, Hattie Lanfair, and Joanne Elkins, filed a complaint against the Telco a few days ago. They alleged that the telecom company is in clear violation of the Communications Act’s bar against unreasonable and unjust discrimination. These residents also requested for monetary damages and injunctions that will prohibit the telecom company from discriminatory practices.

In addition to that, they also requested the FCC to force AT&T® to offer broadband internet service to the low-income minority communities in the region. They cited a recent study of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance and Connect Your Community and pointed out that the failure to offer high-speed internet service to low-income communities is actually a part of a pattern by the telecom giant.

Slower Internet Access Speeds

The study also revealed that AT&T® has withheld their fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) VDSL infrastructure from several major high poverty census blocks in the country that had individual poverty rates of more than 35 percent. The complaints stated, “Such low-income neighborhoods have been relegated to an older, slower transmission technology called ADSL2, resulting in significantly slower internet access speeds than what AT&T provides to middle-income city neighborhoods as well as most suburbs. As a result, their residents are left with severely limited and uneven internet access; no access to AT&T’s competitive fiber-enabled video service.”

Reports from several sources indicate that the lawyers who represented Elkins, Lanfair, and Lee tried to solve the issue before filing the complaint. They even held settlement discussion talks with the telecom giant, but both parties failed to reach a settle on the issue. Consequently, the lawyers were forced to file a complaint against AT&T® to bring justice to the low-income minority communities in the area.

AT&T’s EVP of regulatory and state external affairs, Joan Marsh, responded to the issue and said, “We do not redline. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is unparalleled. Our investment decisions are based on the cost of deployment and demand for our services and are of course fully compliant with the requirements of the Communications Act. We will vigorously defend the complaint filed.”

30 Aug

AT&T® To Shutdown Two Of Its Legacy Ethernet Services

Dish Network
Internet Providers

Legacy Ethernet Services

The growth and increased usage of its latest dedicated service lines have promoted AT&T® to consider shutting down three of its legacy Ethernet services. The Telco has already requested for shutting down its Ethernet services citing lack of interest among the subscribers and the prevalence of newer forms of service lines. Like several other internet providers, AT&T® has also made several requests to abandon or shut down many of its other services considered obsolete in the current scenario.

The legacy Ethernet services of AT&T® are now largely abandoned by the customers in favor of the latest AT&T® Dedicated Ethernet (ADE) and the on-demand Ethernet services using Software Defined Networking (SDN) platforms. AT&T® will mainly focus on shutting down two of its major Ethernet services such as the GigaMAN and DecaMAN.

GigaMAN is a point-to-point, Gigabit Ethernet service offered by the Telco that allowed data rates of about 1 Gbps. Through this Ethernet service, customers can transfer data between the local area networks. DecaMAN is fiber based and is a 10 Gigabit Ethernet service that also facilitated the transfer of data signals between local area networks.

AT&T® has decided to terminate the two services across eleven states of the country such as California, Indiana, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, and Arkansas. The services will be discontinued from September 30, 2017 onward and customers will no longer be able to access these services again. This is in accordance with the FCC’s decision to authorize the discontinuance request made by AT&T®.

Best Internet

AT&T® Dedicated Ethernet

Customers can no longer make any orders for additions or changes to the service, renew, and extend the service plans. AT&T® will provide these services only on a month-to-month basis until the services are fully discontinued.

AT&T® has decided to completely shut down these key Ethernet services from September 30, 2022 onwards. According to AT&T® officials, “The public convenience and necessity will not be impaired by the discontinuance of these services because there is low demand for these services as there are alternative high-speed transport services available in the market, such as AT&T® Dedicated Ethernet services.”

AT&T® has made several improvements such as replacing the existing GigaMAN and DecaMAN Ethernet services with ADE service. It uses a new set of protocols in the network that are ready to be used across any of the fiber network infrastructures. ADE also provides data speeds between 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps to the customers and offers the best internet experience in many parts of the United States.

29 Aug

Comcast® And Sunrun Inc® Enter Strategic Partnership To Promote Cleaner Environment

Dish Network Channels
Fastest Internet Provider

Comcast® – Sunrun Inc® Strategic Partnership

Soon after families in Philadelphia signed up for Comcast Corporation’s low-cost, cheap internet program, other news has surfaced regarding the Telco giant in the US. Comcast® has recently announced a 40-month long agreement with Sunrun Inc®, a “provider of residential solar, storage and energy services.”

Jon Kaplowitz, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at Comcast® said that the pact could help Comcast’s “customers take more control of the price they pay for energy, save them money, and help contribute to cleaner communities.”

Commenting on the news, Comcast® spokeswoman Jennifer Moyer said “Comcast® and Sunrun® tested a pilot program in 2015 and 2016 in Northern California and parts of the Northeastern United States — Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Maryland. Comcast surveyed participants in the test program and they were pleased with it, giving the company confidence about expanding it.”

Sunrun Inc® will become the sole solar energy provider for the Comcast’s cable service, and the latter will be a strategic partner of Sunrun Inc® via marketing campaigns in the select markets. With the agreement, the Telco giant, which has 29 million subscribers as of now, can attain a 5 percent equity stake if the pact generates 30,000 new subscribers for Sunrun Inc® or if Comcast Corporation® spends $10 million on marketing the program, as per the pact filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

“Comcast’s marketing for Sunrun — which will launch this year — will be through online banner ads, bill inserts, and direct mail to subscribers. Subscribers would have to contact Sunrun and would not be upsold on the phone for solar roofs when they call Comcast for repairs or questions about Xfinity cable or internet services,” Moyer added.

Cheap Internet

Xfinity Cable Or Internet Services

Lynn Jurich, CEO of Sunrun Inc® said, “Our challenge is making homeowners aware that they can save money with solar today. We are excited to work with Comcast to help their customers go solar and save on their electric bills while reducing their dependence on fossil fuels.”

Sunrun Inc® is available in up to 22 states in the US, including Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. The Telco giant provides phone service, cable service to residents and business in the US under the Xfinity® brand, and is also a fastest internet provider in several regions of the country. Yet neither Comcast® nor Sunrun® has revealed the markets to be included in the marketing campaign set for the fourth quarter.

28 Aug

AT&T® Plans To Bring G.Fast To More Markets

Internet Providers
Cheap Internet

AT&T® To Expand Services

Most of the internet providers in the country prefer not to expand their services into the territory of other providers. However, the telecom giant, AT&T® recently announced that they would be soon launching high-speed internet service in several parts of New York City and other popular metro areas outside of their traditional wireline footprint.

The officials from the telecom company, AT&T® stated that the new service would be available only for apartment and condominium buildings. This implies that customers who are currently living in a single-family house will not be eligible to subscribe to the service.

The latest deployment from AT&T® incorporates the use of G.fast, which is a technology that uses fiber network to deliver the internet service to the neighborhoods. However, connections inside each one of the buildings is done with the help of copper wires. AT&T® also confirmed that they are also using coaxial cables for making final connection to subscribers.

In a recent announcement, the executives from AT&T® said, “G.fast provides Internet access to apartment and condo units over existing coaxial cables. This can minimize disruption for current residents because there’s no need to place new wiring in each residence.” However, they refused to share any details on how many customers will be eligible for receiving the latest service.

Internet Providers

High-Speed Internet Service

AT&T’s G.fast is currently live in parts of about eight metro areas in the country such as Tampa, Seattle, Phoenix, Philadelphia, New York City, Minneapolis, Denver, and Boston. Among these states, only Tampa and Florida are the only ones in a state that is already being served by the telecom service provider. AT&T® has also announced their plans to bring G.fast into 14 more markets shortly.

As per a recent press release, “AT&T® is moving into the territories of several other major carriers with its G.fast launch. n announced northeastern markets such as Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and others, Verizon® is the incumbent. And in midwestern and western markets such as Minneapolis, Colorado Springs and Omaha, AT&T® will be up against CenturyLink®. AT&T® also will be moving into some Frontier® territory. Incumbent cable companies including Comcast®, Charter® and others will soon see new competition from AT&T® in these markets.”

Many experts in the field of telecommunication claim that this latest offering from AT&T® will allow customers to acquire cheap internet deals.