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When it comes to taking a call on which satellite TV to go for, there are a few decisive factors to be considered. Those include Pricing, number of channels, availability of local channels, and flexibility in channels. For a comprehensive feature-wise comparison, check out the “Compare DIRECT vs. DISH” section to your right. If you’ve already reviewed both services, we’ve ranked the latest specials in the table below.



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Compared to cable networks, the cost of satellite TV is nearly 50% less. Further, you get at least 30% more channels. If you’re a movie or sports buff, Satellite TV is the best choice. For most, the decision between DIREC TV and DISH TV boils down to the bottom-line price for your must-have features and programming. That’s where we can help you make the right choice.

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18 Apr

AT&T To Acquire Straight Path Communications For Rolling Out 5G Services

Telecommunication mast with microwave link and TV transmitter antennas in night sky . long exposure about 2-3 minutes
Best Internet Providers

Rolling Out 5G Services

AT&T, the best internet and wireless carrier in the country, has announced their plans for acquiring Straight Path Communications for enhancing their 5G network. The all-stock deal is inked at a sum of $1.6 billion and remains the company’s second largest 5G network related acquisition. Also included in the deal are numerous scheduled remittances and liabilities with the Federal Communications Commission.

Straight Path Communications owns a large array of wireless spectrum licenses and is a major holder of millimeter wave spectrum ranging between 28 and 39 GHz. Besides this new acquisition, AT&T has previously bought FiberTower and its spectrum licenses. The latest move by the telecom major comes ahead of their swift measure in the nationwide deployment of 5G services.

5G is the next advanced telecommunications standard that will eventually replace the already present 4G networks. It enables internet providers to give high-speed internet that is 40 times higher than was possible through a 4G network. However, this network technology is still in its infancy and AT&T’s latest acquisition could prove a major boost to the development of this networking technology.

All the major carriers in the US have begun development of 5G for deploying it nationwide with some of them carrying out numerous pre-commercial trials. AT&T has declared its proposed plans of conducting multiple trials utilizing higher band frequencies. This new trials by the carrier will begin in the coming months using its DirecTV Now streaming service for 5G video service. In addition, the company is also proposing many fixed mobile 5G trials using the new 5G Radio specification that is progressing under 3GPP.

Internet Providers

Straight Path Communications

The acquisition of Straight Path Communications will enable the carrier to utilize its numerous millimeter-wave spectrum, which is highly necessary for the deployment of 5G network services, because of its much higher frequencies. This allows the spectrum to carry more data over shorter distances, which was previously impossible through the lower frequency spectrum.

For leveraging its current broadband network, AT&T needs to expand its fiber connectivity for making full use of its spectrum assets. Through the acquisition of Straight Path Communications, AT&T will own more frequency spectrum than its rival company Verizon Communications. With the rolling out of 5G networks, the millimeter-wave spectrum will play a crucial role in further enhancing the internet speeds, which will open up the next generation of mobile network technology.

13 Apr

AT&T Consolidates Their Internet Offerings To Just Three

Cheapest Cable
Best Internet

Internet 1000 Plan

AT&T is planning to offer their fiber broadband and copper VDSL2 customers an easy to understand view of their different plans and offerings. They are planning to do this by trimming down their offerings. AT&T now offer three broadband speed plans under the latest structure. These plans are explained below. Each of the plans will need a contract of at least one year.

Internet 50

Customers who opt for this plan can get up to 50 Mbps of speed for just thirty dollars per month as part of the bundled services. If they need the service as a standalone connection, they will need to pay forty dollars.

Internet 75 And Internet 100

Best internet plans from AT&T that has speeds ranging from 75 Mbps to 100 Mbps are offered at fifty dollars per month when the user buys another qualifying service from AT&T with one year agreement and combined billing. If the user just needs the internet plan, he or she will need to pay a sum of sixty dollars per month for the service, with a 12 months contract.

Internet 1000

This plan is for those eligible customers who live in an AT&T FTTH-enabled market. The plan offers 1 Gbps internet speed for seventy dollars when subscribed as part of a bundle. If the service is needed on a standalone basis, the user will need to pay eighty dollars.

Fastest Internet Provider

AT&T Internet Offerings

One of the best selling points of these latest offerings from AT&T is that they are planning to waive off the cost of the associated Wi-Fi gateways and modem. Cheryl Choy, who is the Vice President of wired voice and broadband products from AT&T, said that the latest plans offer their customers an easy to understand options. “AT&T has been working hard over the years to continue to drive clarity with our customers and deliver more simplified internet plans,” she said.

The new plan offerings from AT&T are also in conjunction with their plans to shut down their U-Verse broadband and voice offerings. AT&T announced in 2016 about their plans to phase out their U-verse services. From now on, customers who have subscribed to a 45 Mbps broadband plan from AT&T will see their service referred to as “AT&T Internet” and the tier will be referred to as “AT&T Internet 45.” AT&T has also renamed their voice service as “AT&T Phone.”

AT&T believes that by consolidating their internet speed tiers to just three, users can easily understand their service options. Reports say that AT&T is targeting the tiers to new customers in order to become the fastest internet providers in the US.

07 Apr

AT&T Conducts Network Field Trials On Open Source White Box Switches

Telecommunication mast with microwave link and TV transmitter antennas in night sky . long exposure about 2-3 minutes
Fastest Internet Provider

Open Source White Box Switches

AT&T, the fastest internet provider in the country carried out advanced network trials last month using open source white box switches. The company has proclaimed the trials to be the first of its kind in the complete telecommunication sector. AT&T carried out these trials anticipating some of the future challenges in the domain of internet connectivity and services. The trials involved the use of white box switches made by two manufacturers and processors from three major silicon makers.

Carrying customer traffic across the country on its core network was the key feature of the trials. The company has also carried out a previous trial on its core network that used switches containing chipsets from Intel, Broadcom, and Barefoot networks. This enabled AT&T to use a common uniform open network operating system to meet the increasing need for real world data in many systems.

In addition, AT&T is also altering its network for an SDN (Software Defined Networking) service. The tested white boxes have helped the carrier to provide effective telemetry data into the ECOMP platform for monitoring traffic data. In implementing this technology, AT&T expects that this could bring about major innovations on all connected devices.

The white box switches were made by the effort of a group of manufacturers. Chipset majors like Intel Corporation, Broadcom, Delta Electronics, Edgecore Networks, SnapRoute and Barefoot Networks provided the necessary hardware and software that operates the network switches. The Agema AGC7648A made by Delta Electronics used the Qumran silicon chips made by Broadcom and utilized the SnapRoute network in one location. Edgecore’s Wedge 100BF systems were used in the second location. FlexSwitch SnapRoute’s open network operating system was utilized to control and unify the OS.

Best Internet Service

Network Field Trials

Andre Fuetsch, president of AT&T Labs and chief technology officer said, “We’re in the early stages of this process, but already we see huge potential for increasing the speed of innovation, lowering costs and, most importantly, staying ahead of the needs of our customers. With this trial, we went from using traditional switches the size of multiple refrigerators to a chip that can literally fit in the palm of your hand. We think white box will be a big part of the future of the wide area network.”

AT&T’s implementation of these network trials reflects the massive increase in data traffic on the wireless network since the last decade. This will facilitate the development of a wide range of futuristic technologies much sooner to help AT&T retain the position as the fastest internet provider.

07 Apr

Comcast Hosts An Event To Discuss About Wireless Launch

Best Internet Providers
Best Internet Providers

Emerging Wireless Service

In a recent announcement, the officials from Comcast Corporation revealed that they are planning to conduct an event this week to shed more details into the emerging wireless service of the company. Officials from the company stated that they would host “an analyst event to discuss the details of its previously announced mobile initiative, which utilizes an existing MVNO agreement.”

The telecom company revealed their plans to launch a wireless service that combines the strengths of their MVNO deal with Verizon and vast Wi-Fi network back in the month of September. The executives of the company have been receiving a number of queries about this wireless plan at every single investor-related event, but they refused to share any details about the latest venture.

The officials from the company also confirmed that “senior members” of their leadership team would be appearing at the event. However, they didn’t reveal the name of the leaders. Still, reports indicate that Greg Butz, who is the senior VP of Comcast Mobile, would be attending the event.

The latest initiate from the telecom company is slated for a mid-2017 launch and it will operate primarily on Wi-Fi. However, it will also lean on the wireless network of Verizon whenever necessary. Comcast has not yet revealed the pricing details of their new service, but they hinted that the wireless offering would push customers toward bundling additional services.

Best Internet Service

Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said, “The product itself is going to save you money by taking our bundle. We’re going to sell more products, not including wireless, but broadband, as a result of this offering.” However, he didn’t make it clear on how buying more services from the telecom company will allow customers to save money.

“We’re getting ready for a day when you have a smart music system, a smart refrigerator, smart devices and they all just work in their home,” Roberts added. “Hopefully, the bits per home continue to rise and the company with the best network, defined as wired and wireless, will have a real advantage.”

If you are looking to acquire a cheap internet deal, then do a little research and compare the internet plans offered by the best internet service providers in the country.

05 Apr

Comcast Begins Trials Of Xfinity Gigabit In Indiana

Best Internet Providers

Comcast Xfinity Gigabit

Comcast Corporation has extended the trial of Xfinity Gigabit, its one-gigabit residential broadband internet service, to the Indiana region. Through this, Indiana has become the fifth state to undergo Comcast’s advanced gigabit trials.

Comcast is one of the best internet providers in the country at present, and they have already commenced the trials for their new super-fast internet connection across many of their coverage areas. The recent addition to the list includes prominent regions such as New Haven, Fort Wayne, Huntertown, Ossian, and Berne.

This latest trials and testing of Comcast gigabit internet service will enable the company to expand its service footprints across a wider area throughout the nation. By utilizing the technology of Xfinity Gigabit, the company can provide the best internet services through its existing wiring. This will result in the service to extend towards a much larger population than was possible with its earlier Gigabit Pro service, which was a 2 GB broadband service started by the company in 2015.

Throughout the years, there have been significant investments in the Indiana region. Comcast invested about $1.35 billion for improving its network in Indiana back in 1996. This periodic investment over the years has led to rapid developments in the telecommunications sector in the region. These upgrades have enabled the company to greatly enhance the speed of their broadband internet service over the past decade.

Gigabit Pro comes with packages of $299 per month and offers fiber internet to residential customers. According to Mike Wilson, public relations director for Comcast in Indiana, the Gigabit Pro came with a pretty narrow market segment. He said, “It still has subscribers, and we don’t expect that market to change much.”

Best Internet

Gigabit Pro Service

Moreover, Comcast is rolling out Xfinity Gigabit with an expected price of $139.95 per month. This is significantly much lower than the previous service of Gigabit Pro and yet offers enhanced speeds and other improvements. Wilson stated that Comcast’s intention of offering Xfinity Gigabit at this promotional pricing reflects on the future of internet service in the US.

Wilson said, “We expect this product to be in much broader use, given the footprint and given the appetite for it.” This is based on the huge interest among users in Xfinity Gigabit seen in other states. The enhanced internet speeds offered by the internet service will allow subscribers to browse and download much faster than was previously possible.

04 Apr

AT&T Partners With Firstnet For Building Nationwide Public Safety Network

Cheap Internet
Cheap Internet

Nationwide Public Safety Network

AT&T, one of the leaders in telecommunications in the US has secured a contract for creating and managing the nation’s public safety network. This will provide huge assistance to the majority of the police force, firefighters, and emergency medical services across the country. FirstNet has selected AT&T, one of the best internet providers in the nation for building and improving the wireless network, which will commence by the end of the year.

The Federal government authorized FirstNet or the First Responder Network Authority in 2012. It began functioning within the US Department of Commerce as an independent authority. AT&T stated in its announcement, “FirstNet will provide 20MHz of high-value, telecommunications spectrum and success-based payments of $6.5 billion over the next five years to support the network build out.” The spectrum used by FirstNet is positioned in the 700MHz band used by consumer LTE networks.

Back in 2015, a spectrum auction has enabled the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to raise approximately $7 billion to fund the network. AT&T was one of the major sources of funding and was way ahead of many bidders as they secured about $18.2 billion of winning bids. The duration of this new contract with FirstNet extends to a period of 25 years.

The company stated, “AT&T will spend about $40 billion over the life of the contract to build, deploy, operate and maintain the network, with a focus on ensuring robust coverage for public safety users.” AT&T has also enabled the connection of FirstNet users to their existing network.

Best Internet Providers

Largest LTE networks

The introduction of FirstNet will modernize the communication of the first responders and will offer many specialized features that are not currently available to them. The availability of the exact commercial network that is designated for mobile internet use by consumers and businesses, for the different responders can be an issue at times. AT&T said, “That can be an issue when a significant public safety crisis happens and commercial networks quickly become congested. It makes it difficult for first responders to communicate, coordinate and do their jobs.”

The FirstNet program has extended coverage to about fifty states and five US territories. The coverage also extends to many tribal and rural lands. According to AT&T, the FirstNet is ideal for usage in applications like emergency services by providing near real-time information on traffic conditions to determine the fastest route to an emergency.

Furthermore, this network will assist in extending the latest technologies like wearable cameras and sensors to police forces and firefighter units. This will definitely aid public services as drones and robots equipped with cameras and sensors will deliver near real-time images and data related to any issues like disasters or crimes, using the cheap internet service of AT&T.

04 Apr

Comparing The Three Charter Spectrum Subscriptions

Best Internet
Best Internet

Enhanced 3D experience

We all know that when you sign up for the Spectrum plan of Charter Communications, you get a free modem. The initiation is part of a deal which mixes up the internet service with cable and enhanced telephony. Being a new subscriber, it is easy to get confused regarding which plan to choose from within three given choices. So let us compare each plan named progressively as Standalone, Double Play, and Triple Play from a complete neutral’s perspective.

Spectrum Standalone Pack

The standalone plan refers to the year-on-year cable TV services of Charter, available on a monthly-based subscription. You get to pay $60 a month that is at least $30 less than the other two packages, and still bring home 125 plus TV channels. To enhance your 3D experience, a Digital Video Recorder with 32-days playback is also bundled along with the Standalone pack.

Spectrum Double Play

The Double Play package mixes up 69 Mbps internet speed and a free modem alongside the former pack, which gives you access to about ten thousand television shows. Can you recall the last time you saw “Game of Thrones” and endless On-Demand movies simply being on a couch?

Jokes apart, the best internet service provider lets you access the EPIX online digital content in blazing speeds in the Double Play package. When you get tired of watching cable TV movies, you can explore further to the digital world.

Spectrum Triple Play

Internet Providers

On-Demand Movies

Think of the full standalone pack and the key benefits of Double Play for the same subscription fee. For just $90, you can opt for the 9 Mbps higher internet speed in the Triple Play package and call your beloved ones settled in faraway places. The free modem is still there, and so is the 10,000 plus On-Demand choices available in both Standalone and Double Play subscription packs.

Charter Communications calls their best internet packages to be “endlessly entertaining”. One would beg to disagree with them, for the unique characteristics of the best internet providers are their willingness to adapt to the changes. The only thing that is common between all the Spectrum packages as of now is the persistence with “Spectrum App” which is available in the Google Store.

03 Apr

Comcast NBCUniversal Donates $21,000 To High School Students

Best Internet Service
Best Internet Service

Comcast NBCUniversal

The officials from Comcast NBCUniversal recently announced that they donated $21,000 in scholarships to 12 Vermont students for the 2017-18 school years. This donation is actually a part of the company’s annual Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program.

Comcast Foundation funds this innovative scholarship program. The program was launched with the objective of recognizing the brightest and best high school seniors by evaluating their leadership skills, academic performance and community service.

The Vice President of Government Affairs and Community Investment for Comcast’s Western New England Region that includes Vermont and Dan Glanville stated, “Our Leaders and Achievers Scholarship winners exemplify leadership and are committed to academic excellence and community service. We are honored to recognize their achievements, and excited to support them as they continue their educational journeys.”

Comcast held a special event to recognize the bright young talents. The event was held at the Vermont State House a few days ago. House Speaker Mitzi Johnson, Governor Phil Scott, and several local officials took part in the event. Each of the twelve elected students was gifted with a scholarship of $1,000.

In addition, one of the students, Jason Drebber who is a student at Woodstock Senior High School and a Woodstock resident received an additional $9,000 Comcast Founders Scholarship. This scholarship is instituted in the honor of the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Comcast Corporation, Ralph J. Roberts.

Governor Phil Scott said, “It’s so important to support and encourage Vermont students and provide them with the tools and experiences needed so they can go on to secure good jobs. I’m committed to prioritizing investments in areas that will grow our economy and give Vermonters greater opportunity, including a Cradle-to-Career education system, and appreciate that Comcast shares a commitment to developing our future leaders and helping them achieve their dreams of higher education.”

Best Internet Providers

$21,000 Worth Scholarship

The Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students who are struggling to reach their full potential, who serves as model to other fellow students, who are in their schools and who are catalysts of an optimistic change to their communities.

Comcast has once again proved that they are not just interested in offering telecom services, but also interested in making the world a better place to live. If you are looking to subscribe to one of the best internet providers or the best internet service in the country, you will need to evaluate the plans offered by various telecom companies. This will help you to catch a better internet deal.

01 Apr

AT&T Offers High Speed Fiber Internet Service To Five New Towns

Best Internet Service
Best Internet

AT&T Internet Plans

AT&T, one of the fastest internet service providers in the United States, has added five suburbs to their high-speed fiber internet service, which they claim is their best internet service. AT&T representatives said that their customers in Libertyville, Arlington Heights, Wilmette, North Aurora, and Westchester would now have access to their high-speed internet and Wi-Fi services. This is made possible after the recent network upgrade conducted by AT&T.

As per AT&T, the new one-gigabyte internet speed offered by their fiber internet is twenty times faster, which allows download of a ninety-minute High Definition video in just thirty-four seconds or twenty-five songs in a second. With the addition of five new towns, the total number of towns under their fiber internet service, together with some parts of Chicago, has reached to thirty.

AT&T spokesman Phil Hayes said that more towns are will be added to the list soon. It is to be noted that the Telco is also offering an internet-only package called AT&T internet 1000 to its customers. Users will be able to buy this package from AT&T for about eighty dollars a month with a commitment of twelve months subscription.

Another internet-only package from AT&T costs forty dollars per month and offers 45 Mbps speed. This is twenty times slower than the speed of their new fiber internet service. It is expected that the price of the slower package will change soon, but Hayes declined to reveal any details regarding that.

Best Internet Provider

High-Speed Fiber Internet

The local market is one among the fifty-one markets across the nation where the ultra-fast internet service from AT&T is available. It is estimated that AT&T offers their internet service to almost four million locations across the country. The company said that they are planning to take this number to 12.5 million by the middle of 2019.

In the Chicago area, AT&T is currently serving users in around 175,000 locations. Reports say that apart from small business and homes, AT&T has connected almost 5,700 condominium buildings and apartments in the area. The upgraded fiber network offering from AT&T is available in Des Plaines, Chicago, Aurora, Elgin, Pingree Grove, Hampshire, South Elgin, Plano, Oswego, Mundelein, Crystal Lake, Yorkville, Volo, McHenry, Channahon, Bolingbrook, Huntley, and Manhattan, and they are planning to expand the reach of their best internet service to Oak Lawn and Berwyn very soon.

01 Apr

Comcast And AT&T Support Repeal Of FCC Privacy Rules

Internet Providers
Internet Providers

FCC Privacy Rules

Comcast and AT&T are among those internet providers who are defending the Republican move to remove internet privacy rules from Obama-era. They accused that the critics of the move are misinformed. Bob Quinn, AT&T’s top lobbyist, said in a blog post, “it is not surprising that some folks are ignoring the facts.”

In another post, chief privacy officer and deputy general counsel of Comcast, Gerard Lewis said that the privacy policy of the company is still stronger than what the rule calls for. Chief privacy officer of Verizon Karen Zacharia also wrote in a blog post that the company “does not sell the personal web browsing history of our customers.”

“Consumers benefit and innovations flourish when there is one consistent consumer privacy framework that applies to all internet companies and users in the internet ecosystem,” Zacharia added. “That is what Congress voted for this week.”

The rule of the Federal Communication Commission would have required the ISPs to treat the data of their consumers like browsing history, medical, and financial information as sensitive data. It is mandatory that the internet service providers get permission from the customers before sharing or using the data to make targeted ads.

Republicans voted against the rules to eliminate them under a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution before the rules become effective and it is expected that President Trump would sign the bill. However, the move has led an outrage among Democrats as well as the consumer groups.

Quinn noted that the outcry is overblown. “First and foremost, all of the rhetoric that asserts — without any factual support — that the CRA vote suddenly eliminated consumer privacy protections is just plain wrong,” he said. “The reality is that the FCC’s new broadband privacy rules had not yet even taken effect.”

“There has been a lot of misleading talk about how the congressional action this week to overturn the regulatory overreach of the prior FCC will now permit us to sell sensitive customer data without customers’ knowledge or consent,” added Lewis. “This is just not true.”

Best Internet Service

FCC Rules Repeal

Lewis also said that Comcast is planning to revise their privacy policy to “make more clear and prominent that, contrary to the many inaccurate statements and reports, we do not sell our customers’ individual web browsing information to third parties.”

AT&T and other internet providers had grouped against the rule much before the FCC voted them on. They argued that the rules apply privacy standards unfairly to ISPs and it does not cover websites like Google and Facebook that also collect consumer data for targeted advertisements.

“If the government believes that location data is sensitive and requires more explicit consumer disclosures and permissions, then those protections should apply to all players that have access to location data, whether an ISP or edge player or search engine,” Quinn commented.