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When it comes to taking a call on which satellite TV to go for, there are a few decisive factors to be considered. Those include Pricing, number of channels, availability of local channels, and flexibility in channels. For a comprehensive feature-wise comparison, check out the “Compare DIRECT vs. DISH” section to your right. If you’ve already reviewed both services, we’ve ranked the latest specials in the table below.



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Compared to cable networks, the cost of satellite TV is nearly 50% less. Further, you get at least 30% more channels. If you’re a movie or sports buff, Satellite TV is the best choice. For most, the decision between DIREC TV and DISH TV boils down to the bottom-line price for your must-have features and programming. That’s where we can help you make the right choice.

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09 Jun

Mad Men Is Coming To AT&T® Audience Network

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Internet Providers

Critically Acclaimed TV Series

In a recent announcement, AT&T® Audience Network confirmed that they will be airing all seven series of the critically acclaimed TV series, Mad Men, from June 12, 2017. Featuring Jon Hamm in the main role, the series was originally aired on the AMC Network and it will be now available to viewers on Monday through Friday on Audience Network at 06:00 p.m.

The officials from the network also added that there would be occasional marathons of the TV show on selected Saturdays. AT&T® Audience Network landed the rights to the popular TV show as a part of their latest carriage deals that Starz and Lionsgate signed with DirecTV® and AT&T® last year. In addition to that, the telecom giant took a minor equity stake in Lionsgate at that time.

The AT&T® Audience Network head Chris Long said, “Part of that deal was to get access to some of their library. The value proposition was, ‘Chris, would you like Mad Men to be put in syndication and stripped, and would you like Weeds?’ ‘We said, absolutely.’” Lionsgate is also the producer of Showtime comedy Weeds that began airing on Audience Network last February.

Long added, “Mad Men falls right into NYPD Blue and Sons of Anarchy as another great premium show that I can strip in the daypart and give people an opportunity to catch up on a show they might not have seen.” Reports from reliable sources also claim that the TV show will be airing without any commercials just like the other prime-time programming of Audience Network. The officials from the channel believe that this will give them a clear advantage over their competitors.

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Best TV Shows

Long said, “People don’t like to watch commercials, and soon as you go to commercial, they inherently will switch. We’ve seen unbelievable ratings spikes in our viewership because we’re commercial free.” Even though Audience Network is the first linear network to secure the off-network rights of Mad Men, the show has been available to viewers on Netflix since 2011.

The parent company of Audience Network, AT&T® is one of the leading internet providers in several parts of the region. They have been also offering numerous exciting internet plans to lure in customers towards their offerings. With their cheap internet deals and such popular shows airing on their network, AT&T® is sure to attract more subscribers in the days to come.

09 Jun

AT&T® Engage In Distracted Driving Awareness Program At Park View

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Virtual Reality Simulation

AT&T®, one of the best internet providers of the country, says that technology could offer a solution for adults and teens that are at risk of distracted driving. US Rep. Barbara Comstock recently visited the Park View High School to deliver a lecture at a distracted driving event that was sponsored by AT&T®. In the event, high school students tested a virtual reality simulation on the dangers of distracted driving.

“We know that the 100 days in the summer that they’re about to enter are the most dangerous time for new drivers and for teen drivers, so this is an education effort to make them aware about the dangers of texting and driving,” said Rep. Comstock. “We’ve done some of these programs before, but this is a real life simulator so that they can see the impact which we know is almost akin to drunk driving, or worse.”

High school students took turn to sit in a demo vehicle wearing a VR headset that allowed students to look in all directions to see the various aspects of it. They will be able to see road signs and landmarks flying near the window of the vehicle while the cell phone rings nonstop near the driver seat. When the virtual driver of the vehicle picks up the phone, a safety hazard appears just inches from the vehicle, including stopped vehicles and children crossing.

“I learned that even though sometimes texting and driving can kind of look harmless, at some points, if you’re just taking a glance, it can actually be super dangerous because of how many things can go on in such a little time,” said Tony Lampe, a Park View sophomore who tested the simulation. “I tried to play along by also looking at the screen if the person grabbed their phone, and then I looked up, and boom, a hazard’s right in front of you. And it was really eye-opening.”

Internet Providers

Distracted Driving Awareness Program

AT&T® has been holding similar events right from 2010. They have visited about three hundred venues across the nation but this is the first Loudoun County event by the Telco giant. The main feature of these events, since 2015, has been virtual reality. AT&T® has also offered cardboard headset to the participants in the program so that they can experience the software even at home and share with friends.

“Some way, I’m going to get these things in our classroom,” said Scott Yurish, the driver education teacher and head of the physical education department at Park View. “I’m seeing such positive results with the faces, and with as soon as the kids sit down and open the boxes and start slapping their cell phones in, and downloading the apps.”

08 Jun

AT&T® Fully Utilizing OpenStack And CORD Platforms For Its Network Virtualization Efforts

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Network Virtualization Efforts

AT&T®, one of the major internet providers in the US, is offering complete support for using the OpenStack platform. The carrier is however presently committed to fully deploying its OpenStack-based AT&T® Integrated Cloud Zones (AIC) that it failed to achieve last year.

The AIC zones are actual physical locations utilized by the carrier for operating its virtual network functions (VNF). Previously, AT&T® has proposed plans for setting up more than hundred AIC zones, which remained incomplete with only 80 of the zones deployed.

Andre Fuetsch, president of AT&T® Labs has described it as “bringing the network to the cloud.” He said, “OpenStack is still a critical component to our architecture. We’ve made a significant investment in development resources contributing to the community, either directly through us or through proxy of developers that we hire.”

Currently, AT&T® has made proposals for deploying more than a hundred AIC zones across the country by the end of the year. Created in 2010, the OpenStack project is an open source group dedicated to compiling software for usage in cloud computing systems. The project has implemented a centralized management of computing, data, storage, and networking through a dashboard.

It was initially formed a joint venture of Rackspace and NASA, and the OpenStack Foundation undertook the entire project in the previous year. Currently, more than 500 companies have collaborated with the project. The OpenStack has played a major role in the migration efforts of telecom markets into virtualized platforms.

Fuetsch said, “Certainly some have been concerned about OpenStack in terms of its scaling and complexity, but we’re far enough down the road with OpenStack that we are fully committed. We absolutely look at a very long horizon in terms of where things are going and are always evaluating alternatives and options, but for now we are all in.”

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AT&T® Integrated Cloud Zones (AIC)

In addition, AT&T® is also involved in numerous efforts behind the Central Office Re-architected as a Data Center (CORD) program. It is intended mainly for the growing data centers and internet providers in establishing software control for supporting services such as 5G networks.

As per Fuetsch, “What we like about this is for mobile operators with large infrastructure in place is that it puts them into a position to — with the move to 5G — support a more cloud-like architecture with the radio and mobile packet infrastructure.”

07 Jun

Comcast® Signs Employer Support Of The Guard And Reserve (ESGR) Statement Of Support

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ESGR Statement Of Support

Reports from several reliable sources claim that the officials of Comcast Corporation® from the Freedom Region that serves northern Delaware, Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey recently signed the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) Statement of Support. The officials from the telecom company also hinted that Comcast® is currently making efforts to support and hire members from the National Guard and Reserve components.

In addition to that, a Military Hiring Fair and networking event was also organized by the telecom company to explore career opportunities at the company for the local Military community members. The NJ facility of the telecom giant, Comcast® Voorhees hosted both the events.

The U.S. Department of Defense program, ESGR promotes and develops supportive work environment for the service members by organizing programs to raise public awareness and to educate employers. The event featured remarks by Brig. Gen. Michael L. Cunniff, New Jersey Adj. Gen. Jim Samaha, Comcast® Freedom Region Senior Vice President, Will Baas, Comcast® Vice President of Talent Acquisition for the Northeast Division, and a few more people.

The Senior Leadership Team members of Comcast Corporation®, New Jersey senior military officers, Comcast® veteran employees, VETNET Employee Resource Group, and Veteran Affairs team were a few among the 100 attendees of the ceremony that featured a presentation of colors by the Sterling High School Color Guard, Jr. ROTC Navy Knights.

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Leading Internet Provider

Comcast’s Vice President for Military and Veterans Affairs, Carol Eggert said, “Comcast NBCUniversal has a long tradition of hiring and supporting veterans, National Guard and Reserve members, and military spouses. Our company founder, Ralph Roberts, was a WWII U.S. Navy veteran, and many of our current executive leaders, including CEO Neil Smit, also served in the military. We are proud to have thousands of members of the Military Community working across the country in all levels of the organization.”

One of the leading internet providers in the country, Comcast Corporation® had earlier announced a commitment for hiring 10,000 reservists, military spouses, and veterans through 2017. Reports indicate that Comcast® might fulfill the commitment very shortly.

Comcast® is the fastest internet provider in several parts of the country. So, if you are planning to get an internet subscription, make sure to compare the internet plans of Comcast® to acquire a better or cheap internet deal.

07 Jun

AT&T® Says That Net Neutrality Does Not Block, Bar, Or Throttle Internet

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Open Internet Regulations

In their attempt to delegitimize the net neutrality rules of the Obama era, AT&T® said that the open internet regulations of the Federal Communications Commission do not block the internet providers from throttling and blocking the web traffic in all situations. AT&T® said that citing a federal court ruling, which upheld these rules.

A three-judge panel on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed the rule in the court, rejecting a lawsuit that was brought by the various internet service providers. The different broadband providers appealed the case to full circuit judges, but they also upheld the rules and explained reasons.

The Vice President of AT&T® Federal Regulatory, Hank Hultquist highlighted an area of the ruling in one of his blog posts, that seems to outline a situation in which the internet service providers could slowdown, block, or speed up the internet traffic. He said that these are activities that are forbidden in the Open Internet Order of FCC released in 2015.

“According to the concurrence, which was written by Judges Sri Srinivasan and David S. Tatel, the net neutrality rule applies only to ‘those broadband providers who hold themselves out as neutral, indiscriminate conduits’ to any content of a subscriber’s own choosing,” Hultquist wrote.

“The concurrence goes on to say, ‘the rule does not apply to an ISP holding itself out as providing something other than a neutral, indiscriminate pathway – i.e., an ISP making sufficiently clear that it provides a filtered service involving the ISP’s exercise of editorial discretion.’”

Hultquist further said that he was surprised by this argument, as it appears to concede that “[i]n the understanding of the D.C. Circuit panel majority, it seems that the Title II order does not touch such practices as long as an ISP clearly discloses its blocking plans to customers.”

Cheap Internet

Title II Of The Communications Act

“[I]n the past, supporters of Title II often alleged that without reclassification, ISPs would be free to block unpopular opinions or viewpoints that they disagreed with,” he added.

AT&T® is one of the cheap internet carriers who support the plan of Trump Administration to reverse the reclassification of the different internet service providers as common carriers, which is a public utility designation that is coded under Title II of the Communications Act. However, Title II does not have to do anything with the throttling or blocking, as the FCC made these rules separately.

06 Jun

Is There A Difference Between AT&T® And Cox® Broadband?

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Fastest Internet Provider

Fiber Cable Networks

AT&T® offers broadband internet to thousands of households and individual consumers in the United States. The telecom conglomerate offers the triple play plans, which bundle home phone with internet and satellite TV. The broadband is transmitted via relayed fiber cable networks. The networks stretch the AT&T® broadband to households via telephone, Ethernet, or coaxial cable.

In fact, AT&T® also gives the Fiber-To-The-Home internet in select American states. It can be said that AT&T® is the fastest internet provider in the US, as they offer the best internet connection to most parts of the country. Come to think of it, Cox Communications® is another which delivers broadband via hybrid fiber coaxial network.

Coaxial Cable Transmits Cox® Broadband

Cox® internet transmits data through gen-next fiber optic cables. The coaxial cable diverts a particular fiber cable network in a neighborhood to the households nearby. In fact, a Cox® network may serve more than 2000 households in a region. The coaxial cable transmits the broadband data too at high speeds.

Choosing Between Household Needs

The broadband subscribers have plenty to consider when choosing between the two fastest internet providers in the US. Both the AT&T® DSL network and Cox® coaxial network offers similar speed and rates. The choice of selecting between the two is left to the broadband needs of a household and their data usage.

Features Of AT&T® Broadband Plans:

  • $40 to $80 a month
  • 18 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps (download)
  • 5 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps (upload)

Features Of Cox® Broadband Internet:

  • Best Internet

    Gen-Next Fiber Optic Cables

    $39.99 to $84.99 a month

  • 10 Mbps to 300 Mbps (download)
  • 0 Mbps to 30 Mbps (upload)

*The data sheet is as on February 2017.

The internet plans by the telecom giants are priced differently, and where the maximum broadband speed by AT&T® is 1000 Mbps, Cox® provides 300 Mbps only. There are separate data caps as well for the both, which can be verified at the time of broadband set up. Further, the subscribers get to choose wireless, satellite TV, and home phone internet as a triple play bundle in AT&T®.

06 Jun

AT&T® To Acquire Vyatta Operating System For Expanding Its Virtual Networks

DirecTV Packages
Fastest Internet Provider

Vyatta Operating System

AT&T®, the fastest internet provider in the country, has declared that it will acquire the Vyatta network operating system and other products from Brocade. This is done on behalf of expanding its virtual networks and operations. Brocade had emerged as a major player in the area of network virtualization before Broadcom announced its plan for acquiring the company as a part of a multi-billion dollar deal.

AT&T® has made plans that it will finalize the deal for acquiring Brocade’s software-defined networking (SDN) products and research plans prior to Broadcom’s closing of the $9.5 billion acquirements of Brocade. Besides Verizon®, AT&T® is the other major carrier that has come up with several long-term projects intended for creating wider virtual network environments. Previously, the carrier has relied on specialized equipment provided by Telco giants.

However, they have abandoned the strategy and are now relying on software-based methods for managing the network. This will aid in increasing the flexibility, cutting down costs, and quicker provision of the best internet services to the customers. For this purpose, AT&T® has made extensive plans that include transforming about 55 percent of the network into software controlled by the end of this year. By 2020, the company expects to increase the software-based networking by about 75 percent.

AT&T® Labs President and CTO, Andre Fuetsch said, “Our network transformation effort lets us add new features quicker than ever before at a much lower cost. Being able to design and build the tools we need to enable that transformation is a win for us and for our customers.”

Network virtualization offers immense possibilities in building and managing networks in a more effective and affordable manner than the conventional methods. It includes SDN and Virtual-Network Functions (VNFs) that shifts the control and management of the various networking processes from the hardware to software.

Cheapest Cable

Multi-Billion Dollar Deal

SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) is quickly growing, which is particularly intended for educational institutions and remote wire-area networks. AT&T’s acquiring of the Vyatta OS from Brocade includes all of its Virtual-Network Functions (VNFs), vRouter products, and a distributed services platform. In addition, the will also purchase developing software, existing software licenses, patents, and applications.

With this acquiring, AT&T® will maintain many of the employees of Brocade in California and the UK. Previously, AT&T® has also entered into collaboration with VeloCloud, a major SD-WAN technology provider for building an SD-WAN center.

05 Jun

DirecTV Now® To Be Included in The AT&T® Unlimited Choice Plan

Cheap Internet

High-Definition Video Streaming

Reports from several reliable sources indicate that the growth of the latest streaming of AT&T®, DirecTV Now® is getting a bit slow. However, we cannot count DirecTV Now® out yet because AT&T® is planning to implement a few steps to attract more customers towards the streaming service.

In a recent announcement, the officials from AT&T® announced that they would be expanding their distribution strategy for DirecTV Now® by bundling it with their Unlimited Choice plan for just $10 a month. Note that AT&T® is one of the best internet providers in the country, and this latest move from the telecom giant would entice subscribers to switch carriers for sure.

AT&T® has also been offering some of the best and cheap internet deals to their customers in order to prevent the loss of subscribers, and experts believe that the move might help the telecom company to boost their DirecTV Now® subscriber base. However, the promotion was originally offered only in the Unlimited Plus plan of AT&T®, which is the $90 each month package that provides unlimited talk and text, data, free HBO, high-def video and 10 GB of Wi-Fi tethering per phone. The downfall of this unlimited offering was that the internet speed was significantly reduced once customers exceed 22 GB of data usage per line.

The unlimited data plan offered by AT&T® is actually a step down from the $60 a month plan when we consider the account discounts for paperless billing and auto-pay. This package offers maximum internet speed of 3 Mbps, unlimited text, data, and talk, and offers standard definition video streaming. However, internet speed will still be reduced once the user consumes more than 22 GB in a month.

Best Internet Providers

Unlimited Choice Plan

The newly proposed $10 deal for AT&T’s streaming service consists of a $25 video credit, which makes the cost of subscribing to the service just $10 a month on top of the wireless bill of users. However, customers could also check out the basic package offered by DirecTV Now®, “Live a Little” under the new deal.

“Live a Little” is actually a pretty much decent bundle offering and it offers customers access to over 60 channels including some broadcast networks like Fox, NBC, and ABC in select markets. In addition to that, there are also a number of popular cable channels such as CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, A&E, AMC, BBC, and many others. This plan is available to customers for just $35 a month.

05 Jun

Comcast® Begins Gigabit Internet Service In Houston

Fastest Internet Provider

Gigabit Internet Service

Comcast Corporation®, the fastest internet provider in the US, has recently started offering ultra high-speed gigabit internet service in Houston area and other cities. The move comes amidst of the increasing competition among other major internet providers in offering high-speed internet connectivity to all the regions of the country.

The company is using its latest residential service that provides lightning fast service up to 1 gigabit per second speeds through the DOCSIS 3.1 technology. Moreover, this high-speed internet connectivity is also owed to the already existing networking infrastructure deployed by Comcast® across the whole of the country.

For accessing this service, the residents in Houston and other major cities require the use of the latest cable modem that comes with DOCSIS 3.1 compatibility. This will be levied a fee of $159.99 exclusive of the contract. In addition, Comcast® has proclaimed that the service is made available in other cities that include Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, Colorado, Portland, and Kansas City.

In the Houston region, the high-speed internet service is initially made available to the business customers. The company declared that is in the last phases of expanding the service to residential customers.

Comcast® is also testing a promotional pricing of $109.99 per month. For the existing Xfinity® customers, an additional $50 or $70 per month must be paid for adding the 1-gigabit service to their current subscription bundle. In a press release, Ralph Martinez, senior vice president of Comcast’s Houston region, said, “We realize technological innovations are occurring rapidly, and our customers need the speed to make the most of them.”

Internet Providers

Existing Networking Infrastructure

The new service utilizes the latest networking technologies unlike the previous internet offering by the company and is transmitted through cables. With this new service, Comcast® has entered into the highly competitive market of internet providers across the country. In 2015, Comcast® launched its fiber connections to residential customers in The Groves, a master-planned community in the area. The company also expects to expand this fiber service into another newly planned community, Balmoral by Land Tejas Cos.

Besides Comcast®, AT&T® is the other major internet provider that is engaged in strict competition for claiming the internet connectivity business in the Houston region. In 2015, AT&T® launched its 1 Gbps internet offering in the area, and gradually expanded the connectivity among major suburbs. With the latest offering by Comcast®, users get to choose who the fastest internet provider in Houston is.

01 Jun

Charter® To Offer High Speed Internet Service To Seniors And Students

Best Internet Provider

Spectrum® Internet Assist

In a recent press conference held at the Birmingham Public Library, the telecom giant, Charter Communications® announced that they would be launching a new high-speed internet broadband service for their customers. The program, which is popular known as Spectrum® Internet Assist will offer high-speed broadband internet service to eligible seniors and families for just $14.99 per month.

The Birmingham City Councilor, Jay Roberson said, “To be at the Birmingham Public Library is truly tremendous to make this special announcement to make sure that we can provide internet broadband services with Charter to our citizens in the community our youth, our young people, and to our seniors.”

The Director for Government and Community Affairs at Charter Communications®, Erin Jones stated that Spectrum® Internet Assist will “set a new standard for the industry.” He also added that the people who are eligible for the program are families with children who take part in the National School Lunch Program.

Besides that, officials from Charter Communications® said that seniors above the age of 65 and those who are currently receiving Supplemental Security Income benefits would also receive the new service offered by Charter Communications®.

An official press release issued by the telecom company said that Spectrum® Internet Assist enrollees “cannot have had a Charter/Time Warner Cable/Bright House Network broadband subscription within 30 days of signing up. Eligible participants will not need to undergo a credit check but they must clear any outstanding debt with Charter®, Time Warner Cable® or Bright House Networks®.”

Cheap Internet

High-Speed Internet Access

However, reports indicate that the current video or phone subscribers of who meet any one of the above-mentioned qualification will also be allowed to enroll for the Spectrum® Internet Assist service. Jones added that Spectrum® Internet Assist will offer broadband internet services of 30 megabytes per second and it will cost an additional $5 for WiFi, but will entail zero additional charges for installation. She also added that Spectrum® Internet Assist subscribers would not have to pay any modem fees.

Jones highlighted that the responsibility of Charter® to the community includes offering high-speed broadband internet service to the elderly and students, so that they can pursue all the opportunities that are available to them. The Spectrum® Internet Assist service from Charter® is affordable, which means that many customers will be able to acquire cheap internet from the best internet provider in one shot.