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16 Sep

WRAL-TV And WRAZ Go Dark On AT&T U-Verse®

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WRAL-TV And WRAZ Gone Dark

AT&T U-Verse® customers recently loss access to Fox affiliate WRAZ and Local NBC affiliate WRAL-TV. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that the blackout of these two popular channels is due to a dispute between the parent company of the stations, Capitol Broadcasting, and AT&T®. However, it seems that AT&T®, who is one of the best internet providers in the country, is currently trying to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

In their website, WRAL wrote, “Our channels are currently not airing on AT&T U-Verse®. Capitol Broadcasting Company stations WRAL and FOX 50 are affected and we apologize for the inconvenience to you. While we work to get this resolved, it’s always helpful, for you, the customer, to call AT&T U-Verse® and tell them you expect to get the channels you’re paying them for. That number is 1-800-288-2020.”

The website further said that users could watch the channels anytime over-the-air for free. “You can always watch WRAL/NBC and FOX 50/Fox Network for free in crystal clear HD with an over-the-air antenna, available at local big box stores or get one here. Other ways to watch WRAL: All WRAL newscasts are available live right here on or you can download the free WRAL channel app and stream the newscasts live on Roku, AppleTV and Fire TV,” the web page states.

During the outage of these channels, the TV screens of customers who are currently under AT&T U-Verse® carried the following message:

“The owner of this channel has removed it from the U-Verse lineup despite our request to keep it available to you. Visit for more information on this station’s return.”

In addition to that, a spokesman from AT&T U-Verse®, Josh Gelinas, blamed the parent company of WRAL for the outage. He added, “Capitol is deliberately stopping WRAL and WRAZ from reaching their homes until Capitol receives a significant increase in fees.”

In their full statement, AT&T® wrote, “We want to get WRAL and WRAZ back into our Raleigh, Durham and Fayetteville customers’ lineups as soon as possible. Doing so requires permission from their owner, Capitol Broadcasting, since FCC rules grant WRAL and WRAZ exclusive control over whether those stations remain available on U-Verse®.”

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WRAL Channel App

“We share our customers’ frustration because Capitol is deliberately stopping WRAL and WRAZ from reaching their homes until Capitol receives a significant increase in fees even though the same people can still watch its shows for free over the air on channels 50 and 5 and, often, at and or using the NBC and Fox Now apps,” the statement added.

Officials at AT&T® further said, “Capitol has blocked its stations from reaching our own and other providers’ customers before, while also threatening to disconnect others. All Capitol needs to do is grant its permission, and we can have WRAL and WRAZ back into our customers’ homes within moments. Our goal is to resolve this matter quickly and reasonably, and we appreciate our Raleigh, Durham and Fayetteville customers’ patience while we attempt just that.”

Customers who lost access to these couple of channels will miss a few important college football games that will air on Fox and WRAL on the weekend. In addition to that, the NFL football matches on the same channels on Sunday will also be unavailable to customers.

18 Aug

AT&T® Hello Lab’s ‘Guilty Party’ Is Set For Launch

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Interactive High School Mystery TV Series

In a recent announcement, the officials from one of the best internet providers in the country, AT&T® announced that they would be launching a new interactive high school mystery TV series, titled as “Guilty Party.” The show will be available to viewers on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other “Guilty Party” social handles.

However, AT&T® has promised that the TV series will be airing on their latest streaming service, DirecTV Now® by the end of 2017. One of the major highlights of “Guilty Party” is that viewers will be able to play the role of detectives and identify who is exposing the secrets.

“Guilty Party” will tell the story of a group of teens who are forced to face their past as a high school bullying victim begins to take revenge on them for their past actions. The main cast members of the show are Tiffany Alvord, Teala Dunn, Kian Lawley, Miles McKenna, Jessie Paege, Alexis G. Zall, and Manolo Vergara.

Karyn Spencer, vice president of Creator Labs at AT&T® said, “AT&T® is passionate about connecting digital creators with their fans, pushing boundaries and challenging our audience to take positive action and consider different viewpoints. We hope that “Guilty Party” entertains, but also prompts viewers to develop positive solutions when they find themselves in similar situations in their lives.”

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Trending TV Series

The vice president of programming strategy at Fullscreen Media, Maude Standish said, “Guilty Party takes the YA genre one step further by making the narrative interactive. We saw firsthand the power of fandom throughout the first year of AT&T® Hello Lab, and we wanted to LEVERAGE that fan passion to tell a more dynamic story with Guilty Party. We’re excited to see how fans respond to their favorite creators doing something so different from their daily content.”

Viewers will gain clues via “Guilty Party” social channels, which will help them to solve the mystery of who is sharing the secrets of the teens. In addition to that, the cast members of the show will also be interacting with the audience and fans in the comments section of each and every episode of the new TV series. Reports also indicate that some of the cast members of the show will be involved with the Later Haters campaign of AT&T® and Fullscreen, which promotes kindness and positivity online.

04 Aug

The Best Satellite Internet Options For Your RV

Best Internet

Satellite Internet Options

If you have a recreational vehicle, one of the first things you would want to ensure when going on a trip would be the best internet connection and uninterrupted cable service to the RV. Obviously, finding the right bundle plans of both cable as well as best internet would be a child’s play if you can find the best internet providers operating in a region. Below is a guide to help you set up satellite internet in an RV.

Find Accessibility

Carriers such as Dish Network®, DirecTV®, and HughesNet® offer uninterrupted satellite internet service in some regions of America. Dish Network® and DirecTV® do not provide an antenna that can be accessed on-the-go in an RV. However, neither of the carriers restricts subscribers from buying an antenna from Winegard®, KING® or KVH®. Subscribers are also allowed to pair DirecTV® with an RVDataSat® system to get satellite internet in an RV.

Chose The Best Antennas

Subscribers cannot take the dish off their home’s roof and place that atop an RV, but there are simple tripod mounted satellite dishes, which can be setup in an RV. This equipment has antennas pointing upwards to receive signals from the satellite TV provider. What’s more, the best satellite antennas are slim in size, portable, and not only find the signals from DirecTV® or Dish Network® with DVR tunes and HD receivers automatically, but also offer in motion data.

Acquire Service

Internet Providers

Best Satellite Antennas

Existing as well as new wireless subscribers could buy mobile satellite and get pay-as-you-go services of Internet Service Providers to lend purpose to their recreational activities. Dish Network®, T-Mobile®, HughesNet®, etc., provide the best internet service through satellite in America. Further, the Dish® pay-as-you-go system has no contracts hence it can be used frequently or seldom as you wish.

Experts in the telecommunications segment say that the best satellite internet for RV can be gotten through RVDataSat® 840 Antenna with an optional LNB for DirecTV® Choice programming. Ultimately, to use or not use satellite internet in an RV is a veto power left with the subscribers. So, when you chose best internet providers and satellite internet in a given region, you need to chose wisely.

01 Aug

Cox® Steps Up Its DOCSIS 3.1-Based Gigabit Rollout

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DOCSIS 3.1 Broadband Services

Cox Communications® has declared that it has commenced the testing of its DOCSIS 3.1 based broadband services as a part of its next phase of gigabit rollout. The Telco has begun the testing among its employees and will soon make available this gigabit networking technology in some of the markets by the end of the year.

Cox® intends to use its existing HFC networks for introducing the DOCSIS 3.1 based broadband services. With these new developments, the Telco has edged itself as a pioneer in offering advanced connectivity services. Moreover, it has also stepped up the competition of gigabit rollout among the other best internet providers operating in the country.

A newly released statement by Cox® states, “Our current deployment schedule is ahead of many providers: 40% of the households we serve nationwide will have access to Gigabit speeds by the end of 2017, and we will continue to aggressively expand the availability of our customers going forward.”

Previously, Cox® had declared its Gigablast platform that offered targeted speeds of one Gbps. The Telco released this as a fiber to the home platform and made this service available in all of the key markets in the country. With its initial launch in Phoenix, Cox® stated that it will expand this Gigablast platform into 18 states across the country. Gigablast is much faster than an average DSL connection and offers a host of notable features such as fast in-home WiFi, Cox® Security Plus protection, etc.

After the nationwide rollout of this service, the company announced its next phase of making available gigabit services across the country through DOCSIS 3.1 networking technology. According to the company statement, “Bottom-line, we remain fully committed to gigabit internet, and we’re about to step on the gas hard with the next deployment phase.”

Internet Providers

Gigabit Networking Technology

According to their current deployment plans, Cox® intends to make the gigabit speeds to about 40 percent of the homes by the year-end. As a part of its rollout, Cox® has approved a set of DOCSIS 3.1 modems currently sold in the retail market such as Motorola MB8600, Arris Surfboard 8200 and Netgear CM1000. Moreover, the Telco is also phasing out its existing older models of the D1.1-based modems.

Cox® has begun the recall of these modems citing them outdated in the currently developing network infrastructure. Meanwhile, Cox® has also announced that it will provide replacement modems to customers using DOCSIS 1.1 modems at no extra charges.

27 Jul

High-Speed Internet Packages Offered By CenturyLink®

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High-Speed Internet Packages

CenturyLink® Inc. offers an assortment of internet packages especially suited for homes. The High-Speed Internet from CenturyLink® is perfect for residential uses owing to its speed and reliability. The service comes combined with an in-home Wi-Fi that will enhance the connectivity inside homes. This allows in connecting multiple devices to the internet such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Being one of the best internet providers, CenturyLink’s high-speed internet offers a renewed connectivity experience to homes with its reliable features. Besides, the customers can enjoy an uninterrupted connection with added security features.

This assures extra protection to all your internet related activities. Affordability is another key feature of CenturyLink® high-speed internet that makes it perfect for residential uses. The customers can also bundle together other key services such as Home Phone and TV. Bundling them with home services is the perfect way to save more on the connection while enjoying many of its advantages. For select regions, CenturyLink® High-Speed Internet offers speeds of about 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps for power users.


The High-Speed Internet from CenturyLink® comes with numerous features that make it a highly secure and reliable connection. 24 x 7 technical support is available with the internet service that gives an opportunity for the customers in addressing many of their questions regarding the connection. Known as CenturyLink® @Ease®, this service also offers the customers subscribing to the connection with identity theft protection and automatic cloud backup.

Best Internet

Enjoy Uninterrupted Connection

Antivirus services are also provided via collaboration with Norton™ a global leader in cyber security and Identity Guard® for solid identity protection. Besides that, CenturyLink® delivers a pure broadband connection that offers excellent privacy since the files are secured with military grade encryption in Norton’s servers.


High-Speed Internet (1-Year Pricing) – This high-speed internet offering is available for $29.95 per month and is one of the best internet packages from CenturyLink®. With 1-year pricing guarantee, this service provides speeds of about 40 Mbps. It is excellent for streaming HD movies and supports multiple devices.

High-Speed Internet (2-Year Pricing) – Available for $34.95 per month for two years, this package offers speeds of 40 Mbps. It is ideal for streaming HD movies and offers support to multiple devices.

High-Speed Internet and Home Phone Bundle – Bundling the internet with Home Phone offers excellent savings of about $19.95 per month. It comes with a three-year pricing guarantee and offers speeds ideal for downloading HD movies. No contract is needed for this package.

25 Jul

Comcast Communications® Launches New Xfinity® Outlet In Twin Cities Of Eagan

Best Internet Providers

New Xfinity® Outlet Launched

The best internet has arrived in the Twin Cities, as Comcast Communications®, which is one of the best internet providers in America, announces its 8th Xfinity® outlet in the region. The new broadband outlet has been designed as a showroom that provides customers a chance to discover the services of Xfinity® broadband among other services of Comcast Communications®. Xfinity® Internet subscribers can walk into the outlet located near the Central Park Commons area to pay their broadband bills pending.

Reliable sources indicate that the new outlet has brought the total number of Xfinity® outlets in Twin Cities to up to eight. The intention of Comcast® is to give subscribers the easiest access to reach the outlet, as many of the commoners make a buzz in and around the Central Parks Commons area. Subscribers can now go to the recent outlet of Comcast® to pay Xfinity® bills by self, using the Telco giant’s kiosk or directly.

In a statement J. D. Keller, regional VP for Comcast® Twin Cities, quoted – “We’re excited to be opening our newest Xfinity® Store in Eagan. These state-of-the-art stores are all about providing the best possible service to our customers, as well as giving all consumers a chance to explore our Xfinity® products and services firsthand and check out our latest technology in an interactive environment.”

Best Internet

Xfinity® Internet Subscribers

“Comcast is an important part of the Eagan community and we congratulate them on this new store,” said Vicki Stute, President of Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce. “The Central Park Commons area is a great location and we welcome the employees who will be serving Dakota County customers from this new Xfinity® store.”

The Xfinity® outlet stays operative from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 in the morning and until 07:00 pm and on Sundays from 11:00 am to 05:00 pm. The outlet showroom ranges up to 5,000 square feet and has company official service staffs to serve subscribers of Xfinity® broadband, both new and existing. In addition to Comcast Communication’s best internet broadband service and fully interactive touchscreen displays, the Xfinity® outlet in Eagan also has the X1 platform of Xfinity® that anyone in Twin Cities can try out.

20 Jul

AT&T® Decides To Keep Wireless And DirecTV Separate From Time Warner®

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Satellite Streaming Service

As AT&T® gets ready to acquire Time Warner®, reports say that the best internet provider would run wireless and cable service as two separate entities. The Telco giant announced the merger for $85.4 billion in October last year and if the merger sees through its current hurdles, AT&T® wireless and DirecTV® would be separate from the Time Warner’s media assets.

The US Justice Department would hopefully approve the merger soon, and the Telco giant would get a competitive edge in the wireless segment on approval. Reliable sources indicate the proposed merger would bring a flurry of targeted advertisements and new cheap internet plans from AT&T®.

It is reported that John Stankey, the current head of DirecTV® and entertainment divisions of AT&T® would lead the media wing. On the other hand, John Donovan, AT&T’s chief in charge of technology and global operations, would head the Telco giant’s wireless wing. Apart from that, once the merger gets the nod from the Justice department, AT&T® CEO Randall Stephenson would lead the merged company.

The sources reveal Fletcher Cook as the official speaking on behalf of the Telco giant, and that a revamped organization structure of the merged company is yet to be confirmed by the Chief Executive Officers of both AT&T® and Time Warner®.

Bob Quinn, a senior executive at AT&T® told reliable sources that the Telco giant expects the merger to be closed by year-end. “We are just working through the process,” Quinn said, whilst not omitting the fact that the deal requires the approval of United States Justice Department. “All indications are that end of the year is definitely in reach,” reassured the Vice President of External and Legislative Affairs at AT&T®.

Best Internet Providers

AT&T® – Time Warner® Merger

Quinn had not commented on the White House intervention to the merger either, and rightfully so, it would seem to all those who are anonymous subscribers or well-wishers of the proposed merger. One may also remember the fact that the President-elect Donald Trump showed his disapproval towards the merger during campaigning days, but has not said anything about the same after taking charge at the Oval Office.

Yet again, the Senate Democrats Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Al Franken have told the US Justice Department officials to keep a watch on the proposed merger between AT&T® and Time Warner®.

05 Jul

AT&T® Adds Local Stations To DirecTV Now

Best Internet Providers

Local Channels Added

As more and more cable TV providers are now trying to attract cord cutters, AT&T® has also added many local broadcast channels to their DirecTV Now® streaming TV service. This means that some subscribers of the DirecTV Now® service starting at thirty-five dollars a month will be able to watch local broadcast stations in their area to enjoy the local offerings. The DirecTV Now® service will add thirty more ABC local affiliate channels in the cities like Dallas, Atlanta, and Boston. It is reported that four more NBC stations and Fox affiliate in Juneau will also be offered.

After the addition of the local channels, DirecTV® said that their local offerings would now cover about seventy percent of the households. According to Daniel York, who is the chief content office of AT&T®, the local lineup is now double of what was offered when the service was launched back in November and it will be tripled by the end of August. “We are pleased to add additional content to the DirecTV Now® offering by more than doubling our live local channels lineup today. We will keep the momentum going, and have plans to keep the number of local channels growing on DirecTV Now®,” York said.

With the additions of the local channels, DirecTV Now® has more than doubled their local broadcast footprint since the launch of the service. However, CBS is still absent from the channel lineup of DirecTV Now®. CBS offers their own over the top service named, CBS All Access® that is available in almost all the US markets for six dollars per month.

Internet Providers

Top Rated Shows

When asked about the absence of CBS channels, John Stankey, who is the CEO of AT&T® Entertainment group said, “When you look at the demographic we’re going after… there is not going to be one single network that is the reason [consumers] won’t subscribe. Whether they can get CBS primetime shows is not going to be a determining factor.”

DirecTV Now® service from AT&T® and other services like YouTube TV® from Google®, and Sling TV® from Dish Network® have been offering many traditional cable channels to the subscribers who wish to avoid the set top box to enjoy video over the internet. However, adding the local channels has been challenging, as many of these channels are owned by broadcast businesses that see DirecTV Now® as a competitor.

The number of users who drop traditional cable TV to go for streaming offerings of various internet providers has increased much. However, AT&T® will have to find a balance between promoting internet TV and pay TV services, as they are the largest pay TV provider and one of the best internet providers in the country.

28 Jun

AT&T® Expands Fixed Wireless Internet To 8 More States

Best Internet Providers

Fixed Wireless Internet

One of the best internet providers of the country, AT&T® recently announced the expansion of fixed wireless services offered by them to underserved and rural areas in eight new states. Initially, the service was launched by AT&T® in Georgia and the service has now reached 70,000 plus locations mainly in the underserved areas in these 9 states.

The investment of AT&T® to connect rural locations of the country with fixed wireless internet service is made as part of the FCC Connect America Fund. The plan of AT&T® is to serve more than forty thousand locations by the end of 2017 and more than 1.1 million locations by the end of 2020. The new states to which the service has been expanded include Alabama, Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

“We’re committed to connect hard-to reach locations to the internet. This changes lives and creates economic growth for these areas,” said Cheryl Choy, who is the vice president for wired voice and internet products, AT&T®. Reports say that AT&T® is planning to expand their fixed wireless services to eighteen more states this year. Additionally, the service will reach states like California, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Michigan, and Wisconsin in the days to come.

The Fixed Wireless Internet service from AT&T® offers download speeds of minimum 10 Mbps to the subscribers and includes a data bucket of 160 GB per month. For additional, data, the users will need to pay ten dollars per fifty GB of data up to a maximum range of two hundred dollars per month. The fixed wireless connection comes from a tower to fixed antennas at the customer location. The users will need to install outdoor antenna and indoor Residential Gateway provided by AT&T® to get access to the high-speed internet service in rural areas.

Best Internet

Wireless Home Phone

The Fixed Wireless Internet service from AT&T® is available in some of the select regions of the country typically the rural areas, whereas Wireless Home Phone and Internet service is available throughout the wireless footprint of the service provider. The Fixed Wireless Internet service from AT&T® offers download speed of 10 Mbps, whereas the Wireless Home Phone and Internet service offers 5 to 12 Mbps speeds.

AT&T® relies on LTE signal from cell phone towers for the working of the Fixes Wireless Internet service. Executives from AT&T® said that terrain, network capacity, foliage, and weather could affect the quality of service. The Fixed Wireless Internet service from AT&T® is available for installation in just ten business days after the order has been placed.

21 Jun

Comcast® Business Extends Collaboration With Benjamin’s Desk For Providing Networking Services

Best Internet Providers

Comcast® Business-Benjamin’s Desk Collaboration

Comcast® Business, a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation®, has proclaimed an extended collaboration with Benjamin’s Desk, the key regional co-working, and incubator community in Philadelphia. With this deal, Comcast®, which is one of the best internet providers in the country, will aid in offering its technology and networking services to three extra locations in the city.

Previously, Comcast® Business provided Benjamin’s Desk with its high-speed network that offers a bundle of Ethernet, voice, and TV services. Benjamin’s Desk is one of the major co-working networks in Philadelphia that offers office space to many entrepreneurs, startups, and other business professionals.

Anthony Maher, co-founder and partner at Benjamin’s Desk said, “We are seeing a change in the regional business market and the overall entrepreneurial mindset. It has gone from a fragmented ecosystem to a collaborative experience of connecting corporations and start-ups to drive innovation.

“It is a new way to operate that is focused on the work experience, rather than just a physical location. Benjamin’s Desk enables that collaboration and connectivity. And as we grow, we need to ensure our members have access to the same quality and types of services no matter which location they are working at,” he added.

Comcast® Business with its high-speed Ethernet, best internet packages, voice, TV, and managed enterprise solutions has offered its key resources to the betterment of the networking and communication facility at Benjamin’s Desk.

Recently, Benjamin’s Desk made a full-scale upgrade of its Ethernet Dedicated Internet that offers speeds of about 1 gigabit per second at its key location in Rittenhouse Square. It has also implemented a totally interconnected Ethernet Network Service that enables the sharing of services among all its offices effortlessly.

Best Internet

High-Speed Network

David Dombroski, vice president for Comcast® Business for Freedom Region stated, “Comcast® Business’ services enable co-working spaces to put the right people and right infrastructure together for valuable innovation. Our network-based services help position Benjamin’s Desk for ongoing growth and collaboration with other incubators and co-working communities while ensuring that members have unparalleled access to high-performance internet and phone.”

“Comcast® is committed to growing our relationship with Benjamin’s Desk and providing scalable services that can be quickly implemented at their future locations,” he added.

Comcast® Business TV services and its cloud-based voice Unified Communications (UC) solution, Business Edge, is also widely deployed across Benjamin’s Desk major facilities. It is a given that the businesses that are operating within Benjamin’s Desk will greatly benefit from the internal Wi-Fi network available with the high-speed network offering from Comcast®.


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