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17 Aug

Kansas Opts For AT&T’s FirstNet Broadband Network

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AT&T’s FirstNet Broadband Network

Medical, police, fire, and all other first responders in the state of Kansas will shortly gain access to dedicated wireless services for emergencies under the state’s FirstNet deal with one of the best internet providers in the country, AT&T®. Kansas has just become the thirteenth state in the country that has opted for AT&T’s FirstNet dedicated wireless broadband network.

Gov. Sam Brownback recently confirmed the fact to the public by announcing that the state has accepted the proposal from the telecom giant, AT&T®. As per the plan with Kansas State, the telecom company will build, maintain, and operate an efficient broadband network through a public private partnership with the First Responder Network Authority without any charges.

The officials from the telecom company stated that first responders would be easily able to gain access to the broadband network by simply signing up as paying customers. At the present, most of the first responders usually subscribe to Verizon®, AT&T®, or any other wireless internet providers, and communicate via tablets, phones, and other devices on the exact same network as other subscribers.

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Dedicated Wireless Broadband Network

Traffic from the first responders will continue to travel along with the traffic of other wireless customers in FirstNet network too. However, the good news is that the first responders will be having a preemptive claim on network capacity with FirstNet network, which means that other customers may also be temporarily knocked out from the service if needed. Earlier, the telecom giant called the feature as “ruthless preemption”.

Dick Heitschmidt, chief of police and chairman of the Kansas 9-1-1 Coordinating Council and Hutchinson, recently said, “There’s a whole host of things that are going to happen once this system gets built out.” FirstNet emerged as a reliable and efficient solution to communication issues during major emergencies such as tornadoes, Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and other events. First responders experienced severe communication problems during such horrible events before the service was introduced.

Reports indicate that Virgin Islands has also opted for the proposed broadband network. On the other hand, Missouri has not yet announced their plans for a FirstNet network, although reports say that it may happen very soon. States can either develop their own FirstNet network or team up with the best internet service provider, AT&T®, for the same.

16 Aug

CenturyLink® Enters Into Agreement With King & Union To Resell Its Security Collaboration Platform

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Agreement With King & Union

CenturyLink® has entered into an agreement with King & Union, a security company that will authorize it to become a reseller for its security analysis collaboration platform. This will enable the Telco to sell the numerous security collaboration platform and services offered by the company to its commercial and government customers.

The Avalon platform of King & Union will enable the users to cultivate more awareness and provide general information about the cyber security threats through graphing and visualization. With this platform, the users are allowed collaborate on the threats and intelligence via automated threat improvement services.

Erich Sanchack, CenturyLink’s senior vice president and general manager for federal solutions said, “CenturyLink®  is excited to be King & Union’s first reseller and go-to-market partner for its cyber analysis collaboration platform. We’re committed to the nation’s cybersecurity mission and to providing customers with industry-leading cyber security measures and analysis that improve an organization’s cyber risk posture. Avalon complements CenturyLink’s managed security services offerings, including CenturyLink’s Enhanced Cybersecurity Services offering authorized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.”

The Avalon platform will also act as a collaboration platform by creating an interactive community of analysts specializing in cyber security. This encourages more collaboration among the users and peers for various aspects of cyber investigation and its related findings. Moreover, this platform will also provide an excellent way for users to work together without sharing any of the sensitive and classified information.

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Managed Security Services Offerings

This is an excellent advantage to information sharing and analysis among the members of the community. CenturyLink®, being one of the best in class internet providers, will provide the government and commercial client with the necessary security measures in their operations through this deal. Besides its best internet service, CenturyLink® also offers other services such cloud, managed hosting and IT via its reliable network, which will be immensely useful for King & Union.

The Managed Security Services suite offered by CenturyLink® is available as a standalone service or an add-on service for existing customers. This will be of particular benefit to government agencies and commercial customers in improving their network security and response against any cyber attacks. Joan Cassidy, King & Union President said, “King & Union is thrilled to be working with CenturyLink®, an established leader in public-private cyber information sharing efforts and an innovative provider of security services.”

10 Aug

Comcast® Testing New ‘Manage Channels’ Feature On Its X1 Platform

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New ‘Manage Channels’ Feature

Comcast® is carrying out numerous trials and testing on its Xfinity® X1 platform for enhancing the services. The latest testing carried on the X1 platform includes collecting, surfacing, and presenting every of the premium channels available along with the increasing mix of subscription VOD services to the regular pay TV package of the customer.

Comcast® has named this feature as ‘Manage Channels’ and is currently being tested with a limited set of subscribers of the X1 platform. Through this testing, the Telco, which is also one of the fastest internet providers in the US, intends to create more awareness among the subscribers related to these services.

The currently testing of the Manage Channels feature offers the customers with more control over the content offered to them by letting them access and manage it more effectively. The success of this new feature is imminent as about the X1 subscriber base amounts to about 55 percent of the total residential video customer base of Comcast®.

Comcast® has been making several rounds of upgrades into its X1 platform. These upgrades include several additions of new features into the existing system. The inclusion of that has considerably enhanced the services of the X1 platform and provided the customers with more facilities in the accessing and viewing of broadcasted content. The new Manage Channels option is accessible to the set of subscribers through the X1 Apps section.

This feature offers the subscribers with numerous choices such as Premium Channels, Subscription On Demand Channels, Sports Entertainment Packages and International Packages. The customers are also provided with the ability to include various services through the interface and verify the ones that they have already subscribed. The testing of the new Manage Channels feature by Comcast® is to firmly establish the SVOD services.

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Residential Video Customers

This will enable them to increase their revenues generated from the X1 platform and in setting up themselves as an aggregator for these services. Previously, Comcast® chairman and CEO, Brian Roberts stated that, “X1 has been a game changer for us…We’re an aggregator of aggregators.” The new aggregation also shows that the subscription VOD services are a growing mix and are available to the customers.

The mix of subscriber VOD services is offered along with the premium services offered by Comcast® such as Showtime, HBO, and Starz. Comcast® has also made it clear that OTT video options will also be made available on the X1 platform soon. At present, the provider has included Netflix into its platform and plans to further integrate YouTube and Sling TV to Xfinity® X1.

08 Aug

AT&T® Appoint GroupM CEO Brian Lesser To Lead A New Advertising Unit

DirecTV Packages
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Premium Video And TV Advertising

AT&T® has hired Brian Lesser, former CEO of GroupM North America, to head an advertisement and business analytics unit of the Telco giant. Lesser would leave the leading position of WPP media agencies and will report directly to Randall Stephenson, CEO and Chairman of AT&T®.

“Brian is a terrific executive and one of the best there is in harnessing technology and data to create targeted advertising,” Stephenson said in a recent statement. AT&T® provides the best internet service in the US, but the internet and cable subscribers should note that the appointment would apply to the media assets. However, AT&T’s $85.4 billion bid for Time Warner® is still pending, and is under review by the US Department of Justice and legislators.

It is unclear if the advertisement sales executives at Time Warner® and Turner cable networks would report to Brian Lesser when the AT&T® – Time Warner® merger goes through. However, Stephenson said, “Once we complete our acquisition of Time Warner® Inc., we believe there is an opportunity to build an automated advertising platform that can do for premium video and TV advertising what the search and social media companies have done for digital advertising.”

Both Time Warner’s Turner network, as well as Comcast’s NBCUniversal, has offered various products letting advertisers use the customer data and place TV commercials timely. Further, many of the TV outlets roll out programmatic advertising products, which allow for the buying of advertisement inventory via bids. Programmatic advertising is the algorithmic buying and sales of commercial space in real time and it uses software to automate the buying of commercial space.

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Advertising And Insights Business

“Advertising is evolving from broad messages delivered through traditional media channels, to customized, individual content coordinated across all connected devices,” Lesser said. “AT&T has amazing assets for creating engaging advertising experiences for consumers. I am excited to work with Randall and the entire AT&T team to build a world-class advertising and insights business.”

As per an AT&T® spokesperson, Brian Lesser would lead “an advertising and analytics business using the company’s unique customer data and growing content assets.” On the other hand, GroupM® is in search of a replacement for Brian Lesser, and Kelly Clark, global CEO of GroupM®, would hold the interim position in the absence of Lesser.

07 Aug

Comcast® Launches New Parental Control Features For Xfinity® xFi™ System

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Xfinity® XFi™ System

Comcast® recently announced that it has launched a set of new parental control features for its Xfinity® xFi™ system. The launch of this latest parental control features would allow parents to allocate various restrictions related to internet usage in homes. Moreover, this will enable them to monitor the activities of their children on the internet as well as prevent them from accessing any inappropriate sites.

Parental control is a must needed feature in all residences having access to an internet connection. The newly added parental control features include Timed Pause, Safer Search, and Notification Center.

The Timed Pause feature enables the parents to pause the internet connectivity in their homes for a certain duration such as an hour or more. The temporary halting of the internet and WiFi network in the home can act as a method of persuading the children in limiting the internet usage and spending more time on other activities such as playing, reading, etc.

The Safer Search feature includes several protective settings for use in popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and YouTube. The Safer Search feature offers numerous restrictions to certain content that are deemed inappropriate for users under the age of 18. The inclusion of this new feature by Comcast® into its Xfinity® xFi™ system is a great alternative for the users than relying on third party applications, as such apps are ineffective in properly filtering the content and needs extra subscription fees.

The real time Notifications Center is another major feature in the newly launched parental controls by Comcast®. This feature issues notifications related to all kinds of activity on the WiFi network deployed in homes. Moreover, this is a helpful feature as it can provide alerts related to any breaches in the security of the network such as alternations in the network name or password.

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Safer Search Feature

It is to be noted that the Telco included some basic parental control options during the launch of the Xfinity® xFi™ system. This includes web monitoring and device schedules that can monitor and terminate the internet connection at a certain time. Comcast’s addition of these new features alongside its numerous best internet packages has further advanced the Xfinity® xFi™ system.

Currently, the new updates in parental controls are still in the process of being deployed across the entire network footprint of Comcast®. The system updates to the xFi™ are done via the cloud and are soon expected to be rolled out for the entire customer base.

04 Aug

The Best Satellite Internet Options For Your RV

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Satellite Internet Options

If you have a recreational vehicle, one of the first things you would want to ensure when going on a trip would be the best internet connection and uninterrupted cable service to the RV. Obviously, finding the right bundle plans of both cable as well as best internet would be a child’s play if you can find the best internet providers operating in a region. Below is a guide to help you set up satellite internet in an RV.

Find Accessibility

Carriers such as Dish Network®, DirecTV®, and HughesNet® offer uninterrupted satellite internet service in some regions of America. Dish Network® and DirecTV® do not provide an antenna that can be accessed on-the-go in an RV. However, neither of the carriers restricts subscribers from buying an antenna from Winegard®, KING® or KVH®. Subscribers are also allowed to pair DirecTV® with an RVDataSat® system to get satellite internet in an RV.

Chose The Best Antennas

Subscribers cannot take the dish off their home’s roof and place that atop an RV, but there are simple tripod mounted satellite dishes, which can be setup in an RV. This equipment has antennas pointing upwards to receive signals from the satellite TV provider. What’s more, the best satellite antennas are slim in size, portable, and not only find the signals from DirecTV® or Dish Network® with DVR tunes and HD receivers automatically, but also offer in motion data.

Acquire Service

Internet Providers

Best Satellite Antennas

Existing as well as new wireless subscribers could buy mobile satellite and get pay-as-you-go services of Internet Service Providers to lend purpose to their recreational activities. Dish Network®, T-Mobile®, HughesNet®, etc., provide the best internet service through satellite in America. Further, the Dish® pay-as-you-go system has no contracts hence it can be used frequently or seldom as you wish.

Experts in the telecommunications segment say that the best satellite internet for RV can be gotten through RVDataSat® 840 Antenna with an optional LNB for DirecTV® Choice programming. Ultimately, to use or not use satellite internet in an RV is a veto power left with the subscribers. So, when you chose best internet providers and satellite internet in a given region, you need to chose wisely.

03 Aug

Charter® Suffers Huge Subscriber Loss In Q2

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Huge Subscriber Loss

One of the fastest internet providers in the United States, Charter Communications® recently confirmed that they had lost approximately 90,000 TV customers in the second quarter of 2017. Interestingly, the officials from the telecom company stated that they had lost 152,000 in the same period last year. So, they think that this is actually an improvement.

Despite the loss of TV subscribers, Charter® has still managed to position themselves as the second largest cable providers in the country and they are slightly behind Comcast®, who is currently the leading cable provider in the U.S. at present.

Reports indicate that Charter® was not the only telecom company who suffered customer losses during the second quarter. It seems that the telecom giant, AT&T® lost approximately 351,000 fiber TV and traditional satellite TV customers during the second quarter of the year, whereas Comcast Corporation® lost just 45,000 residential TV customers during the same period. Reports also claim that Verizon® shed only 15,000 Fios Video subscribers, which is actually an improvement on their part, because the telecom company had suffered a loss of 21,000 subscribers during Q1.

Charter® had finished the rollout of their Spectrum® brand and residential pricing and packaging in legacy Bright House Network® and TWC® areas back in June. The telecom company has also completed the switch to Spectrum® packaging and pricing for both small scale and large-scale businesses in Bright House Networks® and Time Warner Cable® markets earlier this m0nth.

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Spectrum® Packaging And Pricing

The chairman and CEO of Charter Communications®, Tom Rutledge said, “We are now offering a simple, high-value product across our 50 million passings, under one brand, Spectrum®. That product is working in the marketplace, and we continue to see higher year-over-year customer connect volumes across our new footprint.”

The second quarter of 2017 is certainly bad to Charter® when it comes to TV front, but on the broadband front, the telecom company has added about 231,000 residential internet subscribers. Reports indicate that the telecom giant ended the second quarter with 22.0 million residential broadband customers.

The officials from the telecom giant also stated that they are currently offering minimum broadband internet speed of 100 megabits per second to more than 50 percent of their customers. However, the minimum internet speed available to the remaining Charter® customers is 60 Mbps. So, despite the figures, your best bet at acquiring the best internet deal is still Charter®.

01 Aug

Charter Communication Not Interested In Sprint Merger

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Charter®-Sprint® Merger

Cable operator Charter Communications® said that they are not interested in acquiring the US wireless provider, Sprint® Corp. Now the majority owner of Sprint® Corp, SoftBank® Group Corp, will have to find other ways to negotiate a merger.

A merger between Sprint® and Charter® would have lead to the formation of the fastest internet provider that will be capable of offering a one-stop solution for all users who are searching for mobile and internet services. In addition, the combined will have a stronger footing to make infrastructure that is necessary for the 5G wireless technology.

Chief Executive Officer of SoftBank®, Masayoshi Son made an acquisition offer for Charter®; however, Charter® declined the offer. “We understand why a deal is attractive for SoftBank®, but Charter® has no interest in acquiring Sprint,” a Charter® representative said.

The potential bid of SoftBank® for Charter® will follow the conclusion of the 2 months negotiations with Comcast® and Charter® over Sprint® serving as their mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which allows them to use its network infrastructure to provide wireless based internet services.

“We have a very good MVNO relationship with Verizon Communications® Inc and intend to launch wireless services to cable customers next year,” the Charter® spokesman added. The interest of SoftBank® in Charter Communications® also shows that they are in the search of alternatives to have a strong hand in the negotiations with T-Mobile®. “This could be a way to gain leverage in a T-Mobile deal,” Amy Yong, a Macquarie analyst said about the pursuit of Charter® by Son.

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Wireless Services For Cable Customers

The bid for Charter® by SoftBank®, with a market capitalization of 90.3 billion dollars (9.9 trillion yen) can be a stretch for their finances, say analysts. The market capitalization of Sprint® is just 32.8 billion dollars and has about same amount in debt.

The bid for Charter® made by SoftBank® Group offering them majority control on the deal will need raising many billions of dollars in new debt and may push them to leverage their assets like 43% stake in the Yahoo® Japan Corp and 29.5% share in the Chinese business Alibaba® Group Holding Ltd. The price expectations of the largest shareholder of Charter®, Liberty Broadband Corp. of Jomnh Malone will also be a big hurdle for SoftBank®. However, these might not be needed now as Charter® has declined the deal from SoftBank®.

28 Jul

CenturyLink® Offers Hybrid SD WAN

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Centurylink® Alliance Advantage Program

CenturyLink® is now releasing managed Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) plans and packages for the hybrid environments. CenturyLink® said that the new services would offer traffic flow over MPLS broadband internet connections and networks.

The “Application-aware routing” technique makes use of information like network latency and application requirements to decide on the path to be taken. Those who have membership with the CenturyLink® Alliance Advantage program could sell the solution.

John DeLozier, who is the vice president of channel alliances of CenturyLink® said that their partners are now better equipped to assist customers who have just one service provider and is looking for a hybrd WAN. “With CenturyLink® Managed Hybrid SD-WAN solutions, our partners can now offer their customers complete, ‘as-a-service’ hybrid SD-WAN offerings with CenturyLink® providing the SD-WAN platform and management, along with transport (MPLS and broadband Internet) and management of the entire WAN for a single bundled price,” DeLozier said.

Troy Trenchard, who is the vice president of product management at CenturyLink® said that the new offering from CenturyLink® will offer high performance and improved business security for all their cloud-hosted applications. “Businesses are looking to evolve their networks to better support their mission-critical business and cloud initiatives,” Trenchard said. “Our Managed Hybrid SD-WAN solutions enable businesses to leverage their existing investments in MPLS while adding next-generation network capabilities.”

Experts from CenturyLink® said that their solutions have built-in encryption, segmentation, and security policy control. They added that it is also possible to integrate their managed security services into the latest offerings. CenturyLink® said in one of their announcements that they are one of the few internet service providers in the country that offer Wide Area Network packages as a monthly service.

Best Internet

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking

“CenturyLink® Managed Hybrid SD-WAN solutions allow businesses to accelerate their transformation to next-generation networks by alleviating the integration, operations and performance management complexities associated with creating hybrid WAN environments,” the company wrote in their announcement. “CenturyLink® provides core infrastructure, design and implementation, security, transport and provider management, along with centralized monitoring and management.”

CenturyLink® made the announcement about the managed SD-WAN service in the previous month, but the hybrid capabilities is what makes the recent announcement important for businesses that are looking to have the best internet service. Stay tuned for more news from CenturyLink®.

27 Jul

High-Speed Internet Packages Offered By CenturyLink®

Best Internet Providers

High-Speed Internet Packages

CenturyLink® Inc. offers an assortment of internet packages especially suited for homes. The High-Speed Internet from CenturyLink® is perfect for residential uses owing to its speed and reliability. The service comes combined with an in-home Wi-Fi that will enhance the connectivity inside homes. This allows in connecting multiple devices to the internet such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Being one of the best internet providers, CenturyLink’s high-speed internet offers a renewed connectivity experience to homes with its reliable features. Besides, the customers can enjoy an uninterrupted connection with added security features.

This assures extra protection to all your internet related activities. Affordability is another key feature of CenturyLink® high-speed internet that makes it perfect for residential uses. The customers can also bundle together other key services such as Home Phone and TV. Bundling them with home services is the perfect way to save more on the connection while enjoying many of its advantages. For select regions, CenturyLink® High-Speed Internet offers speeds of about 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps for power users.


The High-Speed Internet from CenturyLink® comes with numerous features that make it a highly secure and reliable connection. 24 x 7 technical support is available with the internet service that gives an opportunity for the customers in addressing many of their questions regarding the connection. Known as CenturyLink® @Ease®, this service also offers the customers subscribing to the connection with identity theft protection and automatic cloud backup.

Best Internet

Enjoy Uninterrupted Connection

Antivirus services are also provided via collaboration with Norton™ a global leader in cyber security and Identity Guard® for solid identity protection. Besides that, CenturyLink® delivers a pure broadband connection that offers excellent privacy since the files are secured with military grade encryption in Norton’s servers.


High-Speed Internet (1-Year Pricing) – This high-speed internet offering is available for $29.95 per month and is one of the best internet packages from CenturyLink®. With 1-year pricing guarantee, this service provides speeds of about 40 Mbps. It is excellent for streaming HD movies and supports multiple devices.

High-Speed Internet (2-Year Pricing) – Available for $34.95 per month for two years, this package offers speeds of 40 Mbps. It is ideal for streaming HD movies and offers support to multiple devices.

High-Speed Internet and Home Phone Bundle – Bundling the internet with Home Phone offers excellent savings of about $19.95 per month. It comes with a three-year pricing guarantee and offers speeds ideal for downloading HD movies. No contract is needed for this package.


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