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27 Jun

Blue Wahoos Fans Await To Watch All Star Game In Full Motion At Cox® Clubhouse

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All Star Game In Full Motion

Give it up for Cox Communications®; the best internet provider in America has teamed up with baseball team Pensacola Blue Wahoos to give the fans a chance to access wireless internet at the Blue Wahoos Stadium. Cox® has already relayed Wi-Fi access points in the stadium much like they have done in the Las Vegas network.

Reliable sources say that facilities are put in place with a jam-packed stadium in mind; the company perhaps feels that that is the best way forward to measure speed and communicate value. In fact, multiple Wi-Fi antennas and 500 Mbps speed will let fans access the best internet just as they watch their favorite team playing baseball inside the arena.

“The Blue Wahoos are very proud to partner with Cox to enhance Blue Wahoos Stadium and our fan experience,” said current President Jonathan Griffith. “With the addition of the Wi-Fi, our guests will be able to share the Wahoos Life with family and friends during the game.”

The stadium host minor baseball matches and two-time minor league titleholders team Blue Wahoos feature in the Southern League Baseball. It would seem to Wahoo fans that the prospect of watching high-octane sport with a native audience, and accessing Wi-Fi simultaneously is a matter of choice. Maybe that explains as to why Cox® has placed a clubhouse near the stadium’s press box.

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Access Wireless Internet

At the Cox® Clubhouse locker room, team fans could come and take snaps that make outsiders feel a fan is wearing a real jersey of Blue Wahoos not a virtual one. Wi-Fi enabled virtual room also has traditional games such as ‘corn hole’ alongside other fun activities in the clubhouse.

“We are very excited about the Cox® Clubhouse,” Griffith reiterates. “It’s going to be a great addition and we can’t wait to see our fans testing out the new activities we have in store for them.”

“Our expanded relationship with the Blue Wahoos means wonderful new enhancements for the fans,” Cox® gulf coast market VP David Deliman said. It is to be noted that Cox Communications® and Pensacola Blue Wahoos have been striving to make the Cox® Clubhouse and the stadium Wi-Fi ready to entertain fans that turn up in large numbers to watch the minor All-Star game soon.

27 Jun

Senators Claim AT&T-Time Warner Merger Will Result In High Price And Low Selection

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AT&T-Time Warner Merger

Recently, a few Senators sent a letter to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions that highlighted their objection to the proposed acquisition of Time Warner® by AT&T®. The group of Senators urged the Attorney General to reject the merger if it harms the users. In the letter, 10 Democrats and an independent Senator asked the Department of Justice to closely look at the ways by which the $108.7 billion deal would increase charges for the customers and lower their access to entertainment, news content, and best internet services.

“We have strong concerns that the combined company’s unmatched control of popular content and the distribution of that content will lead to higher prices, fewer choices, and poorer quality services for Americans — substantial harms that cannot be remedied with unreliable, unenforceable, and time-limited behavioral conditions,” they wrote.

Senators Al Franken (D-Minn.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Ed Markey (D-Mass.), Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) signed the letter.

AT&T® announced their plans to buy Time Warner® in October last year. If approved, the deal between AT&T® and Time Warner® would connect one of the top entertainment providers with the largest pay TV and fastest internet provider of the country. Time Warner® owns many entertainment brands like Warner Bros®, HBO®, TNT®, TBS® and CNN®.

The merger is pending regulatory approval and the Justice Department has the power to block the deal, approve it, or approve with conditions. AT&T® came forward with the deal so they do not have to get the broadcast licenses and will not be subject to the FCC review. However, it is not clear when the DOJ will provide their review. CEO of AT&T®, Randall Stephenson had said in April that the deal would go through by the end of the year.

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High Price And Low Selection

During the election campaign of President Donald Trump, he assured to block the deal and described it as “an example of the power structure I’m fighting.” However, since he took the Oval Office, the President was able to see only merger-friendly advisers. The President’s nominee for Assistant Attorney General for antitrust in the Justice Department is Makan Delrahim and he seems to favor the hand off regulatory.

The Senators said in the letter that AT&T® has not said how the merger would be beneficial for the subscribers. Instead, they said that their merger would limit competition and offer them reasons to limit content access or offer priority to their content over that of the others.

Stephenson had called the deal “pro-competitive and pro-consumer” at a Senate hearing in December. He added that AT&T® would “not withhold content to disadvantage someone else.”

23 Jun

Comcast® Enhances Speed Of Its “Performance 25” Xfinity® Internet Tier In Washington

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Performance 25” Xfinity® Internet

Comcast Corporation®, which offers the best internet service in the country, has improved speeds of its “Performance 25” Xfinity® Internet tier at no additional cost for its existing customers in Washington. The doubling up of speeds in this major Internet tier will enable improved value and connectivity speeds in multiple devices for browsing the web. For the customers, this new addition to speeds on the “Performance Plus” tier will offer faster download speeds of about 55 Mbps, which will be accessible without any delay.

For accessing this renewed internet speed offering from Comcast®, customers only request to reset their modems. This can be done by unplugging the device from the outlet and switching it on again. Moreover, Comcast® will issue notifications to any of the customers that require upgrading their existing equipment. The company does not charge customers that currently have a modem for upgrading the equipment. Customers that have their own modem must either acquire a new one or rent it from Comcast® for accessing the improved internet speeds.

Amy Lynch, Regional Senior Vice President of Comcast® in Washington said, “We’re always looking for more ways to add value for our customers in Seattle and everyone else we serve in Washington. Today’s news, combined with our recent xFi launch, give our customers more speed, coverage, and control than ever before and really delivers a great overall internet experience in their homes.” Previously, Comcast® has made efforts in increasing the Internet speeds in Washington region.

Comcast® is one of the major internet providers in the Washington region, and they have made numerous efforts in enhancing the network operating in the area. This includes investment billions of dollars of investment in the Washington region for improving and upgrading the network to meet the ever-growing needs of the customers. Up until now, Comcast® has made about $1 billion investment in the Washington state for upgrading its existing networks as well as in installing new gigabit internet services for residential and business customers.

Relaxing After Long Trip.

Improved Internet Speeds

Moreover, the company has also launched its renewed WiFi experience dubbed the Xfinity® xFi in this month. This has been a boon to the customers as it enables them to personalize their home network by customizing its key parameters as well as in troubleshooting any issues in the connection.

The other key feature of Xfinity® Internet is that it provides the customer’s access to its 17 million Wi-Fi hotspots distributed nationwide. Combined with the latest increase in speeds, Comcast® is radically altering the internet connectivity experience for its customers in the Washington region.

23 Jun

City Councilman Is Not Happy With Charter® Practicing The Use Of Out-Of-State Workers

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Out-Of-State Workers

A member of the City Council recently joined the striking works of Spectrum® on the picket line for denouncing the use of out-of-state workers by the telecom company during the labor dispute. Approximately 1,800 cable techs for Spectrum® resigned their job on March 28 over health care and pension issues during the contract negotiations with the telecom giant.

The employees of the telecom company responded to this issue by conducting a strike at Spectrum® centers in New Jersey and other parts of the City. Several individuals, including Mayor De Blasio, tried to negotiate the dispute between the two parties, but all of the attempts failed miserably.

The union that represents employees of the company, IBEW Local 3, recently claimed that Charter Communications® has been seeking the help of out-of-state workers for filling the gaps that were caused by the worker’s strike. Reports indicate that this move from Charter® can be considered as a violation of the franchise agreement that the company had earlier signed with the City Hall.

Councilman Rory Lancman asked Charter Communications® to discontinue the practice of importing employees from other states of the country for doing the work of IBEW Local 3 members. He also mentioned article 14.5 of Charter’s franchise agreement with the City, which indicates that the telecom company must use city workers to the feasible extent.

Lancman added that he has spotted Charter® contractors with license plates from all over the country such as California, Illinois, Texas, and even New England, since the beginning of the labor dispute. He said, “Charter Communications’ decision to use out-of-state contractors not only goes against its franchise agreement with the City but also the values we hold as New Yorkers.”

“We believe that work in New York City should be performed by New York City workers, like Local 3, who have the training and expertise to get the job done right,” he added. Several members from the IBEW Local 3 also spoke about the use of out-of-state contractors by Charter®.

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Leading Internet Providers

On the other hand, a spokesman from Charter Communications ® argued that the telecom company is meeting their franchise obligations with the city. He added, “The contractors serving our customers during the strike are overwhelmingly from New York City,” the representative said. “However, the franchise clearly allows the company to use contractors from elsewhere, which we are doing.”

“While we will not elaborate on our contingency planning, the use of a stringent vetting process and use of quality contractors is paramount so that we may best serve our customers. We are well aware of this franchise term and are complying fully with its mandate,” Charter® officials added.

Reports indicate that the strike has not yet affected the subscriber numbers of Charter®, who is one of the leading internet providers in the country. This means that your best bet at acquiring the best internet and cable deal is still Charter Communications®.

22 Jun

AT&T® And GE Aviation Join Hands To Improve Aircraft Health Monitoring

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Improved Aircraft Health Monitoring

AT&T® Internet of Things (IoT) and GE Aviation recently announced that they have joined hands to together connect the off board and onboard parts of Aircraft Health and Trend Monitoring System (AHTMS) – powered PlaneConnect HTM systems that are used on the Gulfstream G500, G650, G600, and G650 ER jets. The companies made the announcement in the recently conducted Paris Air Show.

Experts say that the AHTMS collects the performance data of the aircraft to help find the issues before they occur. The system also helps in troubleshooting difficult to find issues with the aircraft. When an aircraft connected with the system lands, the AT&T® Global SIM and the AT&T® Control Center connects to AHTMS. If the user is okay, Gulfstream Technical Operations will be able to have access to the data to improve their Product Support. If the users choose to go with the improved support, the system will be able to:

  • Activate fleet wide comparison and issues as they arise;
  • Help and support the specialists by allowing data queries;
  • Send time stamped data to a web portal of MyGulfstream that is dedicated to the particular aircraft;
  • Provide transient issue visibility offering resolutions to the most difficult of the issues to solve; and
  • Offer data to each of the operator in an organized and prioritized way. The data offered include aircraft usage data, pressure readings, fuel consumption, and operations details.
Best Internet

AT&T® Control Center

“Our focus is to help our customers and the overall industry to be more efficient,” said Darin DiTommaso, who is the VP for Digital Services and Solutions at GE Aviation. “This system improves an already great track record at Gulfstream. The beautiful part about the system is that it will continue to grow and respond as the needs of each fleet change throughout their lifecycle.”

GE Aviation makes use of AT&T® Control Center to ensure coverage across the globe of these mobile assets. They make use of secure connection and custom MPLS/VPN of the fastest internet provider to offer a very high degree of control and secure connection to the network. Experts said that the data that is transferred from the aircraft to Gulfstream Operators and Gulfstream Technical Operations would be highly secure and encrypted.

“IoT solutions have the potential to significantly transform the operational efficiency of nearly any industry,” said Chris Penrose, President of IoT Solutions at AT&T®. “It’s exciting to see that our solution with GE Aviation is giving them actionable insights into the performance and health of their planes.”

21 Jun

Comcast® Business Extends Collaboration With Benjamin’s Desk For Providing Networking Services

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Comcast® Business-Benjamin’s Desk Collaboration

Comcast® Business, a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation®, has proclaimed an extended collaboration with Benjamin’s Desk, the key regional co-working, and incubator community in Philadelphia. With this deal, Comcast®, which is one of the best internet providers in the country, will aid in offering its technology and networking services to three extra locations in the city.

Previously, Comcast® Business provided Benjamin’s Desk with its high-speed network that offers a bundle of Ethernet, voice, and TV services. Benjamin’s Desk is one of the major co-working networks in Philadelphia that offers office space to many entrepreneurs, startups, and other business professionals.

Anthony Maher, co-founder and partner at Benjamin’s Desk said, “We are seeing a change in the regional business market and the overall entrepreneurial mindset. It has gone from a fragmented ecosystem to a collaborative experience of connecting corporations and start-ups to drive innovation.

“It is a new way to operate that is focused on the work experience, rather than just a physical location. Benjamin’s Desk enables that collaboration and connectivity. And as we grow, we need to ensure our members have access to the same quality and types of services no matter which location they are working at,” he added.

Comcast® Business with its high-speed Ethernet, best internet packages, voice, TV, and managed enterprise solutions has offered its key resources to the betterment of the networking and communication facility at Benjamin’s Desk.

Recently, Benjamin’s Desk made a full-scale upgrade of its Ethernet Dedicated Internet that offers speeds of about 1 gigabit per second at its key location in Rittenhouse Square. It has also implemented a totally interconnected Ethernet Network Service that enables the sharing of services among all its offices effortlessly.

Best Internet

High-Speed Network

David Dombroski, vice president for Comcast® Business for Freedom Region stated, “Comcast® Business’ services enable co-working spaces to put the right people and right infrastructure together for valuable innovation. Our network-based services help position Benjamin’s Desk for ongoing growth and collaboration with other incubators and co-working communities while ensuring that members have unparalleled access to high-performance internet and phone.”

“Comcast® is committed to growing our relationship with Benjamin’s Desk and providing scalable services that can be quickly implemented at their future locations,” he added.

Comcast® Business TV services and its cloud-based voice Unified Communications (UC) solution, Business Edge, is also widely deployed across Benjamin’s Desk major facilities. It is a given that the businesses that are operating within Benjamin’s Desk will greatly benefit from the internal Wi-Fi network available with the high-speed network offering from Comcast®.

20 Jun

Charter Communications® Rolls Out Spectrum Digital Education Grant Program

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Spectrum® Digital Education Grant Program

Charter Communications®, one of the best internet service providers in the country, has commenced its Spectrum® Digital Education Grant Program, a charity initiative undertaken by the company. It is solely intended to offer support for nonprofit organizations that provides education about the benefits of broadband Internet and its uses in everyday lives.

The key aim of the Spectrum® Digital Education Grant Program is to offer digital education amongst the communities served by the company. This is served to local nonprofit organizations mainly through webinars, workshops, public service advertisements, and financial grants.

Rahman Khan, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility for Charter Communications® said, “In an increasingly technology-driven world, the importance of digital education and access to adequate digital resources cannot be overstated. The Spectrum® Digital Education Grant Program allows Charter® to partner with community organizations across the country to help bridge the divide and provide communities in need with the tools to grow and prosper in the digital age.”

The Spectrum® Digital Education Grant Program will confer the necessary grants to various nonprofit organizations, which operates several programs specifically focused for the families and seniors. Moreover, it is offered for communities that have low accessibility to broadband internet connectivity and digitally illiterate sections of the communities.

One of the major prerequisites for organizations to become eligible for the grant is that they must serve the communities that are situated within a Spectrum® market. In addition, the organization must be a nonprofit one that has the 501(c) (3) tax-exempt status. The number of grants that are awarded by Charter® will not involve any cap and these awards will not exceed beyond $50,000 under any absent special circumstances.

Internet Providers

Broadband Internet Connectivity

Charter Communications®, which is also one of the major internet providers in the US, has initially made a commitment that amounts to about $1 million for supporting the grants. However, these grants are mostly nonrenewable awards with duration of one year. Nonprofit organizations can enroll with this new undertaking offered by Charter® through applications that will open for submission from June 30, and end on August 11, 2017.

The program is not eligible for organizations that have service area outside the Spectrum® market. Moreover, organizations that have any sort of discriminations based on gender, race, color, sexual orientation, etc., as well as those that are privately owned would be exempted from the Spectrum® Digital Education Grant Program. Charter® will announce the recipients of the grants by the month of October.

20 Jun

AT&T® Promotes Their Unlimited Plans With Hilarious Ads

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Hilarious Ads From AT&T

You might have noticed that all the internet providers are now telling the similar stories. Previously, the idea of unlimited internet seemed to have limits, but now, the various service providers have realized that subscribers prefer to work on their smartphones and iPads all the time. This has made different internet providers claim that their unlimited offering is better than the plans of other providers.

We have seen that the latest attempt from AT&T® to make this statement has gone to outlandish levels. In one of their ads named “Unlimited Romance” that promotes unlimited plans of AT&T®, we see a couple enjoying a beach romp. In the ad, children watch the couple and wonder what they are doing. As the couple roll on the sand, sand castles are squashed under them and the romp and roll continues to pedestrian crossing, under a plane, into a thick forest, and to the top of a mountain. The couple then plunge into the blue sea and end up on the sandy beach where encounter other romp and roll couples.

The message that AT&T® conveys with the ad is that with the AT&T® Unlimited plans you can have “unlimited everything”. The company has also come up with other scenarios that are imaginative to let the users understand the worth of their unlimited data offerings. There are also ads on unlimited recipes and unlimited hoops. There is also an ad on unlimited reality TV, where AT&T® shows Real Housewives styled women who argue and throw things at each other. One of them is even impaled on the forehead with a high-heeled shoe.

Best Internet

Unlimited Internet Offering

These ads show that AT&T® is shifting their focus to unlimited plans to attract more and more people to their best internet services. “AT&T is more than a wireless carrier, we are an entertainment company,” an AT&T representative said. “We want to use our digital to reinforce that with our consumers and to present our brand in an entertaining way.”

“With the focus of the campaign being on unlimited entertainment options, like romance and sports, the spots will run on sites whose content matches what we are offering,” the representative said. With the ad, AT&T® plans to say that the users can watch as much as video as they like whether it is about romance, sports, food and recipes, or anything.

19 Jun

Word Network Files Complaint Against Comcast®

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Complaint Against Comcast®

The ongoing spat between Comcast® Corp. and Word Network has gained the attention of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently. In a complaint that was written to FCC by the Word Network, they said that Comcast Corporation® has hurt the African American ministry channel, as they dropped the channel from about seven million households in the United States. In addition, the complaint also says that Comcast® has tried to get the digital rights of Word Network in negotiations that took place in 2016.

The complaint claims that the action of Comcast® against the Word Network has clearly violated the agreement which was signed by Comcast® with FCC in 2011, as per which, they acquired the NBCUniversal entertainment. The complaint’s legal base is that Comcast® has discriminated the Word Network by treating them less favorably than the NBCUniversal channels that are owned by Comcast Corporation®. Word Network is considered as an independent programmer and Comcast® does not own it.

In the month of January, Comcast® had cut the distribution of Word Network channels to just five million US homes from twelve million. One of the cities that lost access to the Word Network was Philadelphia and Comcast® replaced the Word Network with another black ministry channel, the Impact Network.

Best Internet

Digital Rights Of Word Network

Comcast® rejected all the discrimination claims of Word Network and denied that they have sought the digital rights of the network improperly. “The claims by the Word Network are baseless, and we hope the FCC will agree,” Comcast® spokeswoman Sena Fitzmaurice said in a statement. “Comcast is broadly distributing Impact, an independent, African American-owned service, in which Comcast® has no ownership. Comcast still carries the Word Network, which is not African American-owned, to millions of our customers. The distribution decisions for these two networks are based on our reasonable business judgment.”

Many protestors traveled from Michigan by bus over the winter to picket the headquarters of Comcast Corporation® that is located in Philadelphia for their decision on the Word Network that is located in Southfield, Michigan. Some reports say that many of these picketers were paid by churches to take part in the protest.

16 Jun

FTC Under Pressure To Crack Down On The Privacy Practices Of AT&T® And Comcast®

Internet Providers
Best Internet

Privacy And Data Collection Methods

The Federal Trade Commission is the top privacy regulator of the US and they are now under pressure to crack down on the privacy and data collection methods of AT&T®, Comcast®, and many other internet providers in the light of a recent court ruling, which would offer FTC the power to police all the internet providers.

Many consumer advocate groups are forcing the FTC to reopen a complaint that was filed against Comcast®, AT&T®, and Cablevision®. The complaint was filed against the alleged deceptive practices that were related to the privacy policies of these internet service providers.

As per groups like Consumer Federation of America, Public Knowledge, Center for Digital Democracy, and many others, these cable providers are violating the privacy of users, as they do not adequately notify users on the amount of data that the internet providers are collecting, compiling and using for making targeted marketing campaigns.

“Specifically, the complaint provides evidence that these cable operators failed to adequately disclose (1) the extent to which they were collecting consumer information via their non-common carrier subscription television services; (2) how they shared this information; and (3) how this information was combined with personal information collected through other means, such as information collected via the subscription video provider’s Title II internet offering to create comprehensive profiles on consumers, including data about consumers’ families, personal habits, and other characteristics,” the groups said in a letter sent to acting FTC Chairwoman Maureen Ohlhausen.


Targeted Marketing Campaigns

This complaint was filed before a year, a few months before the FTC lost a lawsuit against AT&T® for deceiving the users of their unlimited data plans. It was reported that the best internet provider was throttling the users once they reach a download threshold. This was questioned by FTC and when they tried to fine AT&T®, they claimed in court that the FTC is no longer capable of regulating AT&T® as they are recently classified as “common carrier.” Common carrier is a public utility designation under FCC offered to all the internet providers in 2015 as part of enforcing the net neutrality rules.

A federal court said that the claims of AT&T® are true and barred the top privacy watchdog of the government from controlling and overseeing the practices of all the businesses that are classified as common carriers including Google®, AOL®, and Yahoo®. All of them collect loads of data on their users, make sophisticated profiles, and monetize the data to have targeted advertising.


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