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05 Apr

Comcast Begins Trials Of Xfinity Gigabit In Indiana

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Comcast Xfinity Gigabit

Comcast Corporation has extended the trial of Xfinity Gigabit, its one-gigabit residential broadband internet service, to the Indiana region. Through this, Indiana has become the fifth state to undergo Comcast’s advanced gigabit trials.

Comcast is one of the best internet providers in the country at present, and they have already commenced the trials for their new super-fast internet connection across many of their coverage areas. The recent addition to the list includes prominent regions such as New Haven, Fort Wayne, Huntertown, Ossian, and Berne.

This latest trials and testing of Comcast gigabit internet service will enable the company to expand its service footprints across a wider area throughout the nation. By utilizing the technology of Xfinity Gigabit, the company can provide the best internet services through its existing wiring. This will result in the service to extend towards a much larger population than was possible with its earlier Gigabit Pro service, which was a 2 GB broadband service started by the company in 2015.

Throughout the years, there have been significant investments in the Indiana region. Comcast invested about $1.35 billion for improving its network in Indiana back in 1996. This periodic investment over the years has led to rapid developments in the telecommunications sector in the region. These upgrades have enabled the company to greatly enhance the speed of their broadband internet service over the past decade.

Gigabit Pro comes with packages of $299 per month and offers fiber internet to residential customers. According to Mike Wilson, public relations director for Comcast in Indiana, the Gigabit Pro came with a pretty narrow market segment. He said, “It still has subscribers, and we don’t expect that market to change much.”

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Gigabit Pro Service

Moreover, Comcast is rolling out Xfinity Gigabit with an expected price of $139.95 per month. This is significantly much lower than the previous service of Gigabit Pro and yet offers enhanced speeds and other improvements. Wilson stated that Comcast’s intention of offering Xfinity Gigabit at this promotional pricing reflects on the future of internet service in the US.

Wilson said, “We expect this product to be in much broader use, given the footprint and given the appetite for it.” This is based on the huge interest among users in Xfinity Gigabit seen in other states. The enhanced internet speeds offered by the internet service will allow subscribers to browse and download much faster than was previously possible.

04 Apr

Comparing The Three Charter Spectrum Subscriptions

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Enhanced 3D experience

We all know that when you sign up for the Spectrum plan of Charter Communications, you get a free modem. The initiation is part of a deal which mixes up the internet service with cable and enhanced telephony. Being a new subscriber, it is easy to get confused regarding which plan to choose from within three given choices. So let us compare each plan named progressively as Standalone, Double Play, and Triple Play from a complete neutral’s perspective.

Spectrum Standalone Pack

The standalone plan refers to the year-on-year cable TV services of Charter, available on a monthly-based subscription. You get to pay $60 a month that is at least $30 less than the other two packages, and still bring home 125 plus TV channels. To enhance your 3D experience, a Digital Video Recorder with 32-days playback is also bundled along with the Standalone pack.

Spectrum Double Play

The Double Play package mixes up 69 Mbps internet speed and a free modem alongside the former pack, which gives you access to about ten thousand television shows. Can you recall the last time you saw “Game of Thrones” and endless On-Demand movies simply being on a couch?

Jokes apart, the best internet service provider lets you access the EPIX online digital content in blazing speeds in the Double Play package. When you get tired of watching cable TV movies, you can explore further to the digital world.

Spectrum Triple Play

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On-Demand Movies

Think of the full standalone pack and the key benefits of Double Play for the same subscription fee. For just $90, you can opt for the 9 Mbps higher internet speed in the Triple Play package and call your beloved ones settled in faraway places. The free modem is still there, and so is the 10,000 plus On-Demand choices available in both Standalone and Double Play subscription packs.

Charter Communications calls their best internet packages to be “endlessly entertaining”. One would beg to disagree with them, for the unique characteristics of the best internet providers are their willingness to adapt to the changes. The only thing that is common between all the Spectrum packages as of now is the persistence with “Spectrum App” which is available in the Google Store.

01 Apr

AT&T Offers High Speed Fiber Internet Service To Five New Towns

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Best Internet

AT&T Internet Plans

AT&T, one of the fastest internet service providers in the United States, has added five suburbs to their high-speed fiber internet service, which they claim is their best internet service. AT&T representatives said that their customers in Libertyville, Arlington Heights, Wilmette, North Aurora, and Westchester would now have access to their high-speed internet and Wi-Fi services. This is made possible after the recent network upgrade conducted by AT&T.

As per AT&T, the new one-gigabyte internet speed offered by their fiber internet is twenty times faster, which allows download of a ninety-minute High Definition video in just thirty-four seconds or twenty-five songs in a second. With the addition of five new towns, the total number of towns under their fiber internet service, together with some parts of Chicago, has reached to thirty.

AT&T spokesman Phil Hayes said that more towns are will be added to the list soon. It is to be noted that the Telco is also offering an internet-only package called AT&T internet 1000 to its customers. Users will be able to buy this package from AT&T for about eighty dollars a month with a commitment of twelve months subscription.

Another internet-only package from AT&T costs forty dollars per month and offers 45 Mbps speed. This is twenty times slower than the speed of their new fiber internet service. It is expected that the price of the slower package will change soon, but Hayes declined to reveal any details regarding that.

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High-Speed Fiber Internet

The local market is one among the fifty-one markets across the nation where the ultra-fast internet service from AT&T is available. It is estimated that AT&T offers their internet service to almost four million locations across the country. The company said that they are planning to take this number to 12.5 million by the middle of 2019.

In the Chicago area, AT&T is currently serving users in around 175,000 locations. Reports say that apart from small business and homes, AT&T has connected almost 5,700 condominium buildings and apartments in the area. The upgraded fiber network offering from AT&T is available in Des Plaines, Chicago, Aurora, Elgin, Pingree Grove, Hampshire, South Elgin, Plano, Oswego, Mundelein, Crystal Lake, Yorkville, Volo, McHenry, Channahon, Bolingbrook, Huntley, and Manhattan, and they are planning to expand the reach of their best internet service to Oak Lawn and Berwyn very soon.

29 Mar

AT&T To Build A Public Safety Broadband Wireless Network

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Broadband Wireless Network

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross made a recent announcement in which he confirmed that the telecom giant, AT&T has just won a $6.5 billion contract for establishing the best internet service in the country. The FirstNet contract is actually a 25-year accord for building a new nationwide public safety broadband wireless network.

The government had earlier agreed to offer $6.5 billion to cover the construction cost of the project over a period of 5 years. Yet as per the recent contract, FirstNet will also be paying an amount of $6.5 billion to the telecom company for building the wireless network.

However, reports from several reliable sources claim that the cost of building the proposed network will be a lot more than $6.5 billion. The officials from AT&T recently stated that the telecom company would be investing approximately $40 billion into the wireless network over twenty-five years.

Ross said, “FirstNet is a critical infrastructure project that will give our first responders the communications tools they need to keep America safe and secure. This public-private partnership will also spur innovation and create over 10,000 new jobs in this cutting-edge sector.”

AT&T will be building the wireless network with the primary purpose of offering safety to the public. However, reports indicate that the unused capacity on this specific wireless network will be shared with AT&T customers. AT&T Chairman and CEO, Randall Stephenson said, “This is an unprecedented public-private investment in infrastructure that makes America a leader and public safety a national priority.”

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AT&T Wireless Network

The teams from AT&T, who will be working on the new wireless network project, include Inmarsat Government, Sapient Consulting, General Dynamics, and Motorola Solutions. The award to AT&T did not come as a surprise, because they were the last company standing when the authorities from FirstNet informed the other two remaining bidders that they were not being considered any longer.

The first envision for the proposed wireless network happened right after the 9/11 attacks. Many first responders from several jurisdictions and departments were unable to communication through radio during this time. The telecom giant also stated that about 10,000 networks are used for voice communications. AT&T is also tasked with the duty of bringing individual states to the wireless network.

If you are looking to subscribe to the fastest internet provider, then compare the plans offered by different internet providers in the country. This will help you to acquire a better internet deal.

25 Mar

Charter To Open Spectrum Learning Lab

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Best Internet Service

Spectrum Learning Lab

Charter Communications has joined hands with Harlem Educational Activities Fund (HAEF) to open a Spectrum learning lab. The lab will be set up at the main program site of HAEF that is located at 2090 Seventh Ave. in Manhattan.

It is reported that the new Spectrum learning lab will focus on youth engagement and workforce development. Importance will be given to e-learning and digital literacy programs. Charter will be offering the best internet and television services to the lab together with flat screen HDTVs, computers, and software with the other furnishings.

“Charter Communication is proud to partner with HEAF, an organization that has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of underserved youth in New York City,” said Camille Joseph, who is the vice president of state government affairs at Charter Northeast.

Charter Communications has always been helping students of the underserved communities by conducting many events and undertakings. Representatives of HEAF and Charter Communications met with the teachers, students, community members and the local elected officials to celebrate the opening, which was done with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Ruth Rathblott, HEAF president and CEO, said in a statement that, “In order to be at the forefront of innovation for our students, we need the most cutting-edge technology available in the classroom and built into students’ curriculum. The digital technology of today is the pen and paper of our time, making internet access critically important to the future success of our students.”

Best Internet

Digital Literacy Program

It is reported that the Spectrum learning lab will help the students and participants build computers, use internet, and improve their learning and communication skills. Students from various communities across the New York City can get the services of the Spectrum learning lab. Charter representatives said that they are planning to open 40 such labs across the New York City by the end of 2020.

Charter had opened another Spectrum lab on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at the National Action Network’s House of Justice in New York City. With these labs, Charter plans to offer access to better Wi-Fi and other best internet services to the underserved residents of the New York City, by partnering with local non-profit organizations in the area.

23 Mar

Is AT&T Blocking Quality Internet Access In Poor Neighborhoods

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Quality Internet Access

Telecom companies are much notorious and many consumers often complain about the slow services, issues in coverage, and high prices. However, what if you cannot stream your favorite show or research your term paper as the internet service in your area is very slow? What if the slow speed is based on your neighborhood and not because you have used up the data allowance?

Experts say that this might be happening in the poorest neighborhoods of Cleveland and AT&T internet might be the culprit. As per the report from internet consumer advocacy groups like Connect Your Community and National Digital Inclusion Alliance, the lack of investment and refusal to extend the available discounts services to poor neighborhoods is equivalent to income discrimination that was used by banks, called redlining.

The internet consumer advocacy groups analyzed the broadband availability data of FCC and they found that the Cleveland neighborhoods with highest poverty rates have the slowest internet connections. They also added that the old infrastructure in use by AT&T is the cause of the slow internet speeds. As per the report released by the groups, AT&T is not investing in fiber based broadband internet infrastructure and are excluding some of the neighborhoods from their discounted internet services for the low income users.

Gizmodo also reported that AT&T was blocking high-speed best internet access to those neighborhoods where at least thirty-five percent of the total population lived below the poverty line. This means that the more money a household makes, the more likely they are to have good internet access.

“Recognizing a publicly traded company’s first priority is to profit means we, as a country, must take the necessary steps to ensure broadband infrastructure is upgraded equally regardless of income, not just for today but for the future,” NDIA director Angela Siefer said. “Since the free market is clearly not solving this issue, we need local, state and federal policies that encourage build out in all neighborhoods, subsidizing when necessary.”

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Connect Your Community

Access to internet services from the various internet providers is an economic issue. It is estimated that thirteen percent of the adults in USA, who do not use the internet, make less than fifty thousand dollars per year. As per the report from the Center for Public Integrity, twenty percent of Americans in low-income families do not have access to the internet and among those, who make between 35,000 and 47,000 dollars, fifteen percent are not connected to the internet.

Many regulatory efforts are in place to mitigate these issues. One such regulation is the net neutrality that prohibits the broadband internet providers from blocking, throttling, and other techniques to control internet speeds. Nevertheless, experts believe that these regulations are at risk under the Trump Administration.

15 Mar

AW North Carolina Seeks Help From AT&T To Secure Business Operations

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Mobility Business Services

One of the best internet providers in the United States, AT&T offers mobility business services and security to AW North Carolina, who is a leading automatic transmissions manufacturer. The services offered by AT&T allow the company to protect their data and to connect their employees to the manufacturer’s network.

It is a fact that many major business corporations in the country face serious and growing cyber security threats. A research published by the telecom giant, AT&T pointed out that about 90% of companies encountered a preventable cyber attack in the year 2016.

This means that if you want to protect and secure the sensitive files and other data of your business, then you should certainly adopt a multilayered approach. However, many small-scale businesses do not have the necessary resources for developing and managing a multi-layered security approach on their own.

AW North Carolina went to seek the aid of AT&T after they experienced a number of service disruptions from viruses and ransomware. These service disruptions affected the day-to-day business operations of the company and it even went on to halt their production at times, which in turn resulted in a potential loss of revenue.

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AW North Carolina

The Cybersecurity Consulting Division of AT&T positioned an Incident Response and Forensics team who successfully identified and eliminated the ransomware, which in turn brought W North Carolina back online. The General Manager of Information Technology, AW North Carolina, John Peterson, said, “It was essential to find a solution to these attacks as quickly as possible. A highly secure network is key to our success. Now, it’s no longer a matter of chasing a virus from one network connection to the next to identify compromised computers. Throughout the process, AT&T was a trusted advisor.”

Vice President of AT&T Security Consulting, Todd Waskelis said, “Today, an attack could mean a loss of reputation, revenue, and resources. Reacting quickly and with the right tools is of the utmost importance. We worked with AW North Carolina to understand the root cause of this attack and how it happened using Incident Response and Forensics capabilities to not only protect their business but to also improve their security protections to help prevent further security issues.”

Reports indicate that the best internet service and highly efficient security solutions offered by AT&T will enable them to attract more customers towards their services.

14 Mar

AT&T Launches Cheap Internet Plan For GoPhone Customers

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AT&T Internet Plan

The telecom giant, AT&T recently introduced a cheap internet plan for their AT&T GoPhone customers. The officials from AT&T confirmed that the customers who are currently under their GoPhone plan would be able to enjoy unlimited data for just $60 per month. However, AT&T GoPhone customers will have to sign up for AutoPay in order to enjoy this latest offering.

The subscribers who sign up for AutoPay will receive unlimited text, talktime, and data with a maximum internet speed of 3 Mbps. This plan is ideal for web browsing, accessing social media platforms, and for streaming standard definition video content at a maximum speed of 1.5 Mbps.

This is one of best internet deals available to AT&T customers now, because they will not have to pay any extra charges for their basic internet needs with this plan. However, the officials from AT&T stated that they would temporarily slow the internet data once the consumer exceeds the usage of 22 GB during periods of network congestion.

If you are traveling to Canada or Mexico on your vacation, then you might have earlier spent hundreds of your dollar to make calls to your friends and relatives and for using the internet. However, the latest AT&T GoPhone Unlimited plan allows you to make texts and calls to and from Canada, Mexico, and the US, which means that you will no longer have to worry about additional charges.

Best Internet

AT&T GoPhone

AT&T vice president of wireless voice and prepaid products, Bob Bickerstaff said, “We’re excited to offer a truly unlimited plan for our AT&T GoPhone customers. AT&T GoPhone customers now have even more flexibility to pick the plan that fits their needs as well as the perfect device from a selection of premium smartphones they really want.”

If you are an AT&T customer who is planning to subscribe to a plan without a credit check or an annual contract and if you don’t unlimited internet data, then AT&T GoPhone plan of 6GB for just $40 a month after AutoPay is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

You will be able to access 6 GB of your internet data at a high speed, but the internet speed will be eventually reduced to 128 Kbps once you exceed the 6 GB limit during your plan cycle. You will be also able to make texts and calls to and from Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.

10 Mar

Satellite Internet Will Offer True Broadband

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HughesNet Gen5 Service

In the United States, satellite internet providers that cater to remote and rural users, have been improving steadily over the last few years. Hughes Network Systems, which is a subsidiary of EchoStar, has now announced that their latest HughesNet Gen5 service, which is planned to go live on March 16, has cleared a big hurdle to become the first internet service to achieve the Federal Communications Commission’s defined broadband speeds across important areas in Alaska and the continental US. The broadband speeds for internet service set by FCC are 3 Mbps for uploads and 25 Mbps for downloads.

The Gen5 service from HughesNet will tap into the newly launched EchoStar XIX satellite and EchoStar XVII satellite. HughesNet describes the EchoStar XIX satellite as the “world’s highest capacity broadband satellite.” Gen5 service is powered by Hughes’ Jupiter System, which is the “world’s most widely deployed satellite networking platform,” the company said.

The new Gen5 service will not only deliver more data and faster speeds, but will also offer built-in Wi-Fi. “HughesNet Gen5 will bring a new level of Internet services to the approximately 18 million households across the United States that are either unserved or suffering from slow wireline Internet services,” said Pradman Kaul, who is the president of Hughes Network Systems.

Best Internet

Broadband Speeds

For the residential users, the HughesNet Gen5 service will offer plans with up to 50 GB of monthly data and prices starting from 49.99 dollars per month. Business plan offerings will range up to 250 GB of data per month and prices starting from 69.99 dollars. All these plans are offered with 25 Mbps download speed and 3 Mbps upload speed. HughesNet said that they would share more details of the Gen5 plans and prices on the launch day.

Other new features of the Gen5 service are:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi service;
  • No hard data limits, meaning that if the monthly data plan is exceeded, the service will continue with decreased speeds until next billing cycle;
  • Video Data Saver feature to watch videos without using much data; and
  • 50 GB of free data per month that can be used in off-peak hours (i.e. 02:00 am to 08:00 am local time).

In addition to that, the new Jupiter Aero System will tap into the EchoStar XIX satellite to offer 400 Mbps of best internet service in aircrafts. Reports say that some of the airlines like Southwest will be offering boosted wireless internet service by the second half of 2017.

10 Mar

AT&T Offers LTE-M Technology To Capstone Metering For Water Conservation

Best Internet Service
Best Internet

LTE-M Technology

AT&T has successfully implemented its LTE-M technology for conserving water by offering its network to Capstone Metering, a water management solutions company. The carrier has also planned to introduce LTE-M technology all across the country this year.

Capstone has become one of the first customers using AT&T’s LTE-M technology in water management. For this, the LTE Category M1 is utilized that differs from the conventional categories of LTE networks focused on smartphone usage. Reports say that it uses very low amounts of bandwidth for sending smaller amounts of data at intervals, which is ideal for low power modems that connect meters and other sensors to the network.

Capstone Metering LLC was founded in 2007 and it offers innovative water management solutions to ensure effective conservation and usage. Their efforts focus on metering and monitoring water usage for the thousands of water authorities spread across the nation. For achieving this, the company connects their meters and sensors to the AT&T internet network. Apart from that, Capstone Metering also offers numerous other additions including the meter, installation, platform, training, analytics, maintenance, connectivity, and cloud database.

AT&T adviser James Brehm explains that, “Water as service moves the small and medium water districts from a [capital expense] to an [operating expense] model. There are 148,000 water authorities across the United States. They serve 98 million service connections, and about a third of those are in the top 20 to 30 cities, the next third are in medium-size cities and then the rest are split across small cities.”

Cheap Internet

AT&T Offers

He also suggested a new method of requiring the water authorities to pay the meter fee each month. This will aid in removing all the costs involved in each of the technicians visit a water meter. Brehm anticipates that the new solution by the carrier will be highly beneficial, mainly for smaller districts. This is evident in Capstone’s claims of success and usefulness of the best internet technology by AT&T for managing water resources in larger cities as well.

Capstone has stated that such real-time data from the water meters will effectively aid in conservation efforts. The company is currently in the process of developing algorithms for detecting any leaks in the water supply systems to alert the water authorities quickly. The company has also stated that the LTE-M network is the most suitable for this use case.


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