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23 Dec

DirecTV Expands 4K Offering To More Users


DirecTV Select Package

DirecTV is planning to be a game changer by offering their subscribers access to three 4K resolution channels. Representatives from the company said that users who have the DirecTV Select package would now be able to watch the 4K channels. This would be the channel number 106 that airs selected NBA, Notre Dame, and MLB football games, as well as some of the golf tournaments in 4K resolution, which is considered the next phase of HD.

The other two 4K channels that are included in DirecTV packages are a general entertainment channel and a pay per view channel. The DirecTV Select package offers 145 channels for a price of fifty dollars per month. This package is one of the most affordable packages offered by DirecTV other than the DirecTV Family package. Subscribers of the Ultimate and Premier plans, which are the higher priced packages from DirecTV, already have access to the 4K channels.

If you need to watch 4K programming, you will need an HR54 Genie HD DVR, a television that supports 4K resolution video. You will also have to contact a technician from DirecTV to install the Genie system. This means that more of the DirecTV subscribers will now be able to watch their favorite games and sports in 4K resolution if they have the proper equipment.


HR54 Genie HD DVR

As they have did with High Definition programming in the last decade, DirecTV is now trying to make a push into the latest phase of HD with programming in 4K resolution. It is true that users need to have a television that supports 4K resolution video to watch these channels, but with more and more users buying TVs that support 4K, they will go searching for programming that is available in 4K resolution. AT&T and DirecTV hope that their 4K offering will be enough to make their users upgrade television sets to support 4K programming to watch live sports.

It is all about introducing the latest technology to stand out from the other pay TV providers. AT&T has also introduced the DirecTV Now service recently to attract cord cutters and cord nevers, and by offering programming in 4K resolution to more and more of their users, the Telco giant is hoping to lure even more users to their services.

15 Dec

Fox And DirecTV Owned Company Strikes Deal With DOJ Over FIFA Bribes

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Sports On TV

It seems that the FIFA corruption scandal also involves media companies, not just executives, and some of these media companies have major ties to US broadcasters and companies. One of the important businesses involved is Cayman Islands-registered T&T, partly owned by DirecTV and Fox. T&T is related to Argentinean company Torneos y Competencias SA and the company controls 25 percent of T&T.

DirecTV owns 40 percent of Torneos, which has been charged with one count of wire fraud conspiracy by the U.S. Department of Justice. They agreed DOJ to pay about $112.8 million in exchange for deferred prosecution agreement that will see the charge dropped, if the company followed the terms of the agreement for a period of four years. Mica Rosenberg and Nate Raymond of Reuters wrote that the deal could affect the stake value of DirecTV.

What was Tornoeos doing? It is much more than the future World Cups. Plenty of bribes were paid for TV rights to the various tournaments, including Copa America and Copa Libertadores. The 92-count indictment that was filed last December includes many details. Only two companies have shares in T&T and according to Torneos, a Fox affiliate owns 75 percent of the shares and Torneos owns 25 percent of the shares.

T&T was not a broadcaster, but got broadcast rights and sold them to different broadcasters. In the case of Copa Sudamericana and Copa Libertadores, T&T sold the broadcast rights to Fox, but GolTV was not happy with that. They filed a lawsuit against Fox Sports Latin America, accusing the Fox executives of wire fraud, money laundering, bribery, and many more to get the broadcast rights, despite of bidding less than GolTV.


TV Viewers In US

The lawsuit filed against Fox also included allegations that previous FIFA VP Eugenio Figueredo said: “The company FOX was behind all the illegal negotiations.” He also indicated that a manager, whose last name was Martinez, is the one responsible. Figueredo said this in his plea agreement with Uruguayan prosecutors and alleged that CONMEBOL chose lower bids from T&T repeatedly for the tournaments over higher ones from GolTV. Fox said that the allegations are “entirely meritless” in their statement.

“This is an entirely meritless claim. Fox had no operational control over any of the entities named in the FIFA indictment, and no Fox employees were implicated,” Fox Network Group said in a statement. “As for GolTV, it has been attempting without success to challenge the award of rights to Fox that were negotiated after the FIFA indictment, with full transparency to CONMEBOL. This lawsuit will fail just as GolTV’s previous efforts have failed.”

05 Dec

AT&T Launches DirecTV Now Without Adding Contents From CBS

DirecTV Select Package

DirecTV Now Launch

AT&T, one of the leading telecom industries in the country, recently launched their online streaming service called DirecTV Now. This steaming platform is well equipped with an excellent channel lineup, which includes channels such as Fox, ABC, HBO, Scripps Networks, Discovery, NBCUniversal, and many more.

However, AT&T has failed to add one of the most popular networks, CBS, to their DirecTV Now offerings. The decision to let CBS down from the channel lineup has raised great concern among critics and viewers. This means that DirecTV Now subscribers will not be able to access the CBS Network. Many critics seriously doubt that the absence of this network might affect the success of the streaming service.

Reports from several sources indicate that AT&T is still trying to reach a settlement with CBS. However, CBS CEO Leslie Moonves has decided not to enter into any settlement with AT&T, unless the provider comes up with a much more competitive offer. Neil Macker, an analyst at Morningstar says that, “They (CBS) are flexing their muscles here. They may just be trying to step back and see how the service does before they jump in.”

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No CBS Channel

It is evident that DirecTV Now will have to face serious challenge from other steaming service providers such as Sony’s PlayStation Vue and Dish Network’s Sling TV. In addition to that, many other major companies are also planning to launch their own streaming service by the year 2017, which means that the market would grow even more tensed.

Currently, PlayStation Vue is the only streaming service that offers CBS content to their subscribers, although this service is available only in limited areas. CBS is the nation’s most watched network and it holds an approximate 1.46 million-viewer advantage over the second most watched network. The basic package offered by DirecTV Now includes all other major networks other than CBS, but the absence of this chancel can certainly affect the success of the streaming service.

“We find it slightly ironic that CBS is often touted by many as the must-have network for any successful MVPD but that it has been included in zero of three to date,” analysts from Pacific Crest noted. “Despite this anomaly, we generally agree that CBS is a key network for any service that hopes to achieve meaningful scale, and we expect that it will be added sooner rather than later.”

29 Nov

DirecTV Now Launches Tomorrow With 120 Plus Channels

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DirecTV Now Launch

AT&T purchased DirecTV a year ago, and they are now launching a full-fledged online TV service to take on services like Sling TV from Dish Network. The service is called DirecTV Now, and will be launched on November 30 in the US. The service offers many fancifully named packages that are pulled from the existing content of DirecTV. The packages details are shared below:

Live a Little – This package costs thirty-five dollars a month, and offers 60+ channels.

Just Right – The cost of this package is fifty dollar a month, and it offers 80+ channels.

Go Big – Package costs sixty dollars a month, and offers 100+ channels

Gotta Have It – Cost of the package is seventy dollars a month, and it offers 120+ channels.

HBO and Cinemax – Subscribers need to pay an extra five dollars for each of the channels.

As a part of the launch deal, AT&T is offering their highest channel package for thirty-five dollars a month, and the time is not specified for the expiry of subscription charge. As per the reports of Verge, the price of thirty-five dollars will remain intact until a subscriber cancels the subscription. AT&T is also offering a seven-day free trial and a number of prepaid offers for various devices with their DirecTV Now launch.

DirecTV Packages

Gotta Have It

Nonetheless, the channel lineup of the packages is not yet reveled. The website for DirecTV Now service is not yet live either, and this is also one of the reasons for no details on the channels lineup.

Reports say that some of the major networks like ESPN, Disney, Discovery, AMC, Univision, and many more are included in the DirecTV Now service, though AT&T is still negotiating with Showtime and CBS. DVR functionality is also not offered yet, but it is rumored that DVR functionality will be introduced some time.

DirecTV Now service will be available on Apple TV, iOS devices, Amazon Fire TV, Android devices, PC, Chromecast, and Mac devices to start. It seems that the service is not available on Android TV even though Google Cast enabled Vizio and LeEco TV will apparently have access to the DirecTV Now services. It is also reported that Amazon Fire tablets, Samsung Smart televisions, and more will follow in the coming year.

“We’re extending our entertainment portfolio for those who value premium content but also want more TV freedom suited for their lifestyle, whether watching at home or on their mobile devices,” said John Stankey, CEO for AT&T Entertainment Group. “This is TV your way.”

29 Nov

Viewers Disappointed After The First Episode Of CW’s Four Night Superhero Crossover Event

Dish Network Packages

Superhero Crossover Event

CW’s four night crossover event, titled as “Heroes v Aliens”, kicked off last night with the latest episode of Supergirl. However, the episode turned out to be great let down, as the crossover lasted for only a couple of minutes. This means that CW is actually planning to go with a three-night crossover event plus a couple of minutes.

The last episode from Supergirl was just a normal episode featuring its general cast members. However, we do have a brief cameo from the scarlet speedster, The Flash/Barry Allen, and Cisco Ramon/Vibe at the end of the episode, where they asked Kara to help them with a problem. The CW decided not to share more details regarding the crossover though, and ended the episode by mentioning that the crossover episodes will continue with “The Flash”.

If you were planning to watch the crossover event, but skipped Supergirl yesterday for some reasons, then you have not missed a thing, as no significant information regarding the “alien invasion” (as shown in the trailers) was imparted in the episode. It just felt like CW planned an unnecessary hype in order to advertise the crossover episodes as a four-night event.

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DC Superheroes On CW

We are still not sure why CW decided to spend only a few minutes focusing on the crossover in the latest episode of Supergirl, but we can assume that the show runners of this series might not have wanted to interrupt the storyline of Supergirl. Some fans even say that the CW might not have enough funds to arrange a four-night crossover event featuring all DC superheroes on all the said TV shows. That shows how disappointed fans are.

On the other hand, the ratings of Supergirl have risen significantly after CW aired the last episode. This is because more viewers decided to tune in to CW in order to watch the crossover event, which was supposed to be a lot more exciting than what we got yesterday.

However, we do hope that CW will certainly deliver a memorable crossover event through the next episodes. The heroes from all four DC shows, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, will be in action tonight along with Supergirl, in order to defend the earth from an alien invasion. So, make sure not to miss the upcoming episodes from these superhero shows.


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