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13 Feb

Sling TV Offers Free Preview Alongside Extending Its Cloud DVR Trial

Dish Network Channel List

Sling TV Service

Sling TV is providing a free preview of its service as well as expanding the availability of its cloud DVR trial. This announcement came on behalf of the second anniversary of Dish Network’s renowned MPVD platform.

The free preview is available for interested customers wishing to subscribe to the network. The free preview provides Sling Orange, a channel lineup owned by the service. In addition, selected content such as live NCAA College and NBA basketball games are also provided in the preview.

Reports say that a free preview of Sling TV’s premium offering like HBO and Starz programming is available for the existing customers. The free preview offers many advantages to the customers in the form of good content for a specific period. It will aid new subscribers in getting acquainted with the various services and benefits of using Sling TV. The free preview will further enable the viewers to watch the mid season premiere of the popular television series including The Walking Dead.

Sling TV has also made another major offering of extending its cloud DVR trial to the users of Amazon Fire TV and Android devices. The proposed DVR rollout is in beta testing with more additions to follow like Apple TV. In December, Sling TV has launched the beta version of its cloud DVR for Roku devices users. This service allows users to record about 100 hours of programming without obliging them to pay any additional charges.

Dish Network Channels

Cloud DVR Trial

Note that there is no option to select the quality of recording, whether it is in Standard or High Definition, although it provides a range of other playback functions like pausing, fast forwarding, and rewinding of the streamed content. However, Sling has only offered specific content to license in its cloud DVR program.

Dish Network rolled out Sling TV in February 2015 with an intention of providing quality live TV programming and content via the internet. They started out with just one service that included 3 extras and over 25 channels. The service has been an immense success with further expansion into 2 base servers, 7 extras, and 3 premium channels, and over 100 channels along with 30,000 Video on Demand content.

Experts say that this provision made by Sling TV on its second anniversary is an attempt to widen its subscriber base and compete with other leading streaming TV providers.

19 Jan

Dish Network Finalizes New Deal With WHSV

Dish Network Channel List
Dish Network Channel List

Deal With WHSV

In recent reports, Dish Network has negotiated a landmark deal with WHSV’s parent company Gray Television. Insiders said that Robert J. Folliard, the current Vice President of Gray Television, finalized the deal a few minutes before the WHSV contract deadline.

This has been the result of an overwhelming response from viewers nationwide asking Dish not to drop broadcasting their local news and weather channels. Dish’s new agreement with the company is similar to the many long-term deals secured by Gray Television, which includes many of Dish’s competitors like Comcast and DirecTV.

Previously, there existed many uncertainties that worried the viewers and broadcasters alike. It even resulted in some of the favored channels among viewers to be taken off the Dish Network channel list. The many thorough negotiations never proved fruitful, as Dish has refused a fair deal with many broadcasters.

Despite the popularity of Gray Television in the WHSV area, Dish refused to enter negotiating terms that it did previously with other broadcasters and cable channels. Jay Webb, news director at the Harrisonburg based station said that, “DISH subscribers in the WHSV viewing area account for less than 13% of the way our viewers get our signal. In fact, many of our viewers get us free over the air with an antenna.”

It is also noted that Dish failed to reach an agreement with more than 250 local stations in the last two years. The reasons for the failure of such deals are due to many issues pertaining to both the parties.

Dish Network Channel Guide

Dish Network Channels

Webb further expressed his optimism in Dish negotiations by stating that, “It is our hope DISH will not leave their viewers of WHSV ABC, CBS ‘The V’ and The Valley’s Fox in the dark.” The new deal reached between Dish Network and WHSV is surely a relief for all the viewers in the region

The effective feedback provided by WHSV viewers about the consequences of the deal is remarkable. This has prompted a renegotiation effort on part of Dish that resulted in finalizing the deal and benefited all the viewers.

Retaining of the local news and weather channels is the most significant feature of this deal. It will make sure that viewers get access to all the channels and packages of their liking. Above all, the efforts of both the broadcasters are highly laudable in securing this deal without affecting the choices of the viewers.

19 Jan

Dish Elite Hindi Channel Pack – A Delight For South Asian Viewers

Dish Network Channel List

Dish Elite Hindi Pack

Dish provides the widest coverage in the world of entertainment with over 270 international channels in 28 different languages. Under their South Asian Regional packs, a large number of regional entertainment packages and channels are offered in many international languages. This is certainly a boon for the huge customer base of Dish, who appreciates such entertainment packages.

For the Hindi language, a new Elite package has been announced by Dish Network, which has a good collection of popular entertainment channels. Four of the most popular channels in Hindi – Sony Entertainment Television, Zee TV, Aapka Colors, and Star India Plus are included in this package.

A genre wise classification of the channels also exists that will assist the customers in selecting their preferred entertainment options.  Some of the common genre based packages include blockbuster movies, serials, music videos, family-based entertainment, action-packed thrillers, lifestyle programs, etc.

The Elite Hindi package is offered to the customers at a monthly rate of $34.99 for a period of 24 months. What’s more, bundling this with a qualifying American channel packages will give you a much lower subscription rate of $29.99. Some of the prominent channels available in the Dish Elite Hindi package are as follows.

Life OK

One of the popular entertainment channels in Hindi that has earned a good customer following. Its programs present some unique stories about life in general, which is definitely interesting to watch.

Sahara One

Renowned for its high rated shows, this channel makes a great addition to the Elite Hindi package. Owned by two successful business groups, it is a channel worth watching for.


Dish Network Channels

Dish Network Packages

This channel is Sony’s another successful offering in its long line of television entertainment. SAB has become a household name with its immensely popular shows focused on humor.


This is Viacom18’s yet another brilliant entertainment offering in the South Asian region. It includes content from many genres and is known for its multicultural and regional programming. This channel offers some of the best quality programs aimed at the regional audience.

TV Asia

News is the major offering of this channel, but it also airs many other entertaining shows. The contents are specifically tailored for the US South Asian Diaspora. It is also available in High Definition as TV Asia HD.

Willow Cricket

Willow Cricket makes for an incredible sports channel addition in this package. It brings all live cricket as well and many cricket related programs from around the world to the US screens. This channel is also available in High Definition as Willow Cricket HD.

12 Jan

Sling TV Shares Details On Their Broadcast Network Reach

Dish Network Channel List

Sling TV Reach

The program rights access and regional availability of a number of major broadcast networks on online streaming services are still a mystery to many viewers. However, Dish Network’s online streaming platform, Sling TV recently responded to a query that asked where the Big Four networks Sling TV carries could be seen.

In a statement, officials from Sling TV confirmed that NBC and FOX Networks will be available only to the subscribers, who are currently under the newer Sling Blue platform. They also added that the live feeds of almost all local stations are limited to the markets, where the networks have operated and owned stations. This means that Sling TV viewers in other markets would be able to access the contents offered by these networks only as On-Demand.

Sling TV subscribers who wish to access the contents of ABC Network would have to purchase the “Broadcast Extra” package. This package is available at just $5 per month and it includes both UniMas and Univision channels. The live feed of local ABC channels are limited to O&O markets though.

Furthermore, the On-Demand availability of these channels is also not available in all the other markets. Some of the ABC markets include North Carolina, Raleigh-Durham, California, Fresno-Visalia, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.

Dish Network

Online Streaming Service

On the other hand, Sling TV subscribers currently under the Sling Blue package will be able to watch the live local feeds of FOX in Florida, Gainesville, Texas, Austin, North Carolina, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Detroit, Washington D.C, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tampa, and Orlando. However, the live viewing of NBC on Sling Blue will be confined to Hartford/New Haven, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, San Diego, D.C, Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.

Many other streaming service providers, including AT&T, have not yet shared any information about the reach of their broadcast network agreements. However, reports from several sources indicate that AT&T is planning to give some insight into these details in a few weeks. Sling TV has reportedly noted that their service should not be considered as a replacement for traditional pay TV, but their advertisements deliver a different message.

09 Jan

T-Mobile CEO Predicts About Dish Network In CES Media Event


T-Mobile CEO

T-Mobile CEO John Legere predicted at the CES event that Dish Network would not be Dish anymore by the end of 2017. He shared his opinion with the crowd gathered at the press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“Rumors for years that (Dish is) getting into wireless, it’s a declining TV business and it has a big pile of spectrum. This is going to run its course in 2017,” Legere said to the audience. “By the end of 2017, Dish will not be a standalone entity. So dealer, next hand of cards. Charlie, thanks for playing.”

Interestingly, neither Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen nor Dish representatives commented on this opinion. Legere also shared that T-Mobile has added 8.2 million new users in 2016, and said that this is the third time that T-Mobile has hit the 8 million-plus mark.

“You know why we were fourth? Because there’s only four (mobile services),” Legere added. He prefaced his 2017 predictions saying that some of them are serious and some are not so serious. He also predicted that T-Mobile would be the first service provider to offer 1Gbps LTE wireless service. Legere also got cautious laughs from the audience when he made the prediction of a possible union between Verizon and Comcast into “Comizon” or “Vericast.”

Cable Providers

T-Mobile Predictions

The predictions were made after T-Mobile’s latest “Uncarrier” updates. These updates have revolutionized the way people pay for getting mobile services. From Jan 22, T-Mobile will offer only one plan for its subscribers, which is the T-MobileOne. The monthly charges for the plan is 70 dollars for the first line. Users can add a second line for 50 dollars, and the third and fourth lines can be added for 20 dollars each. This means that a family of four can have the plan for 40 dollars a month when using all the four lines.

The 40 dollars price includes fees, taxes, and other charges, as long as the user is on an auto-pay plan. In addition to that, T-Mobile will refund 10 dollars a month for each of the line that has not used at least 2 Gigabytes of internet.

Dish Network has struggled much and has lost many satellite TV customers last year. However, it has to be noted that Sling TV service from Dish has grown to one million plus users. T-Mobile also offers an online video streaming package known as Binge On, which provides unlimited content without eating into the data plans of the user.

06 Jan

CW And CBS Networks Went Dark On Dish Network

Dish Network

CW And CBS Networks

One of the leading satellite/cable providers in the country, Dish Network recently announced that they have dropped MyNetworkTV, CW, and CBS programming from the Dish Network channel list in Oklahoma. In addition to that, reports from several sources indicate that Dish Network subscribers in Tulsa will not be able to access KOTV Channel 6 and Tulsa CW (KQCW). Similarly, Dish subscribers in Oklahoma City will lose access to both KWTV Channel 9 and MyNetworkTV (KSBI).

The blackout of these channels is because Dish Network and Griffin Communications failed to sign a new contract after the recent expiry of their previous contract. Griffin Communications is the parent company of MYNetworkTV, Tulsa CW, News On 6, KSBI, and News 9. However, reports indicate that the negotiations between both the parties are still going on and the dispute might end in a few weeks’ time.

In a recent statement, the president of Griffin Communications, David Griffin said, “As an Oklahoma-based, family-owned company, we simply want to be fairly compensated for the product we provide Dish customers. The amount we are asking is similar to what other cable and satellite systems are currently paying Griffin Communications. We are so sorry that our viewers are caught in the middle and we appreciate their support. We want nothing more than to continue to provide quality, local and CBS programming for viewers.”

Dish Network Channel List

Dish Network Channel Guide

On the other hand, Dish Network said that, “Your channel owner is being greedy and demanding an unreasonable increase that’s much more than what they’ve ever received before and for the exact same channels. Unfortunately, disputes between pay-TV providers and channel owners are not uncommon. All pay-TV providers face disputes with channel owners.”

Commenting on that, Griffin said that the “funds received from cable and satellite systems are kept in Oklahoma to provide local news, weather and sports in our communities.” He added, “We appreciate you watching News 9 and News On 6, and we will update you on our progress as we continue to negotiate in good faith with Dish to avoid further service disruption.”

The blackout of CW Network means that Dish Network subscribers will not be able to access and watch popular TV shows such as The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and many more, which are scheduled to hit the screens this month after the mid-season break. However, reports indicate that the blackout of CW Network might end before these TV shows start airing.

19 Dec

Sling TV Adds Fandor And More Starz Channels

Dish Network Channel List

More Starz Channels

Dish Network’s Sling TV is undoubtedly one of the best streaming services in the country. This online steaming platform has been adding new channels to their offerings at a fairly steady rate since its launch in 2015. Sling TV recently announced that they will be adding the movie channel, Fandor, and a few new Starz channels to their lineup soon.

Apparently, the addition of these channels is to target film lovers. Sling TV had earlier added Starz Encore and Starz to their offerings as premium add-on channels. Now more channels from Starz network will be available to Sling TV customers.

Starz Kids & Family offers family friendly movies such as “Annie” and “The Good Dinosaur”, while Starz Edge offers an incredible collection of adventure, drama, and action films such as “The 5th Wave” and “I am Wrath”. In addition to that, this channel also airs some exciting original series.

Another addition to the Sling TV, Starz Comedy, is an absolute treat for those who love comedy films. This channel also offers some of their own original series and hilarious comedy movies including “Me, Myself and Irene” and “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story”.

The other Starz channel, Starz West, offers the pacific feed of Starz to viewers from all over the world. Although Sling is adding these channels to its lineup, Dish Network has promised that the Starz premium add-on will keep its original price of $9 a month.

Dish Network Channel Guide

Sling TV Channel Lineup

The Starz channels are mainly focused in bringing mainstream movies to their viewers, whereas Fandor concentrates more on documentaries such as “The Decline of the Western Civilization II: The Metal Years” and on independent movies like “The Animal Project”. In addition to that, Fandor also offers a number of favorite films from Sundance, Cannes, and SXSW film festival.

However, Dish Network will not be offering this channel as a standalone add-on. This channel will be a part of the Hollywood Extra add-on pack, which is available to Sling TV customers at just $5 per month. Sling TV customers, who have subscribed to the Hollywood Extra add on pack, will receive five free movies due to the addition of Fandor.

These free movies can be found in Sling TV app’s movies section under the name, “Free Movies from Fandor.” Dish Network hopes that the addition of these new channels will attract more customers to their online streaming platform.

14 Dec

Dish Network Offers Free Access To Benefit Concert

Dish Network Channel List

Smoky Mountains Rise

The devastating wildfires have left the people of Tennessee in a state of terror and the recovery efforts are continuing in this location. Dish Network recently announced that all their customers would be able to access and watch Smoky Mountains Rise: A Benefit for the My People Fund, which will be airing on December 13 at 08:00 pm ET on Great American Country.

This event will be headlined by Sevier County native Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss, Kenny Rogers, and Reba McEntire. These performers will raise money for the affected families, whose homes have become uninhabitable or entirely destroyed due to the wildfire.

Dish Network is also planning to deliver free dishNET satellite broadband in order to help the relief efforts in Gatlinburg and on other affected areas in the Sevier County. The provider is operating with the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDRC) to offer connectivity at the Volunteer Reception Center and Forward Operations Base.

Dish Network Channels

Free DishNET Services

Dish executive vice president and a member of the Dish Cares executive steering committee, Warren Schlichting, said that, “Dolly Parton, Great American Country, and DISH care about Tennesseans whose lives have been impacted by the fires, and we are working to ensure they have the resources they need to rebuild. We are offering all DISH customers free access to the benefit concert with the hope that our subscribers will understand the magnitude of this disaster and contribute to the My People Fund. We are also proud to help power the volunteer relief efforts already underway through dishNET connectivity.”

Joe Hillis, operations director for ITDRC said, “At the Volunteer Reception Center alone, we are seeing anywhere from 700 to 1,100 volunteers per day who are providing crucial relief efforts, and DISH makes it possible for us to register and stay connected with all of these volunteers. We expect to be on the ground for several more weeks and we know DISH will be with us each step of the way as they have been in numerous other disaster relief efforts.”

Great American Country channel is available to the Dish Network subscribers with the America’s Everything Package, America’s Top 250 package, Smart Pack, or Flex Pack. This channel can be accessed on channel number 165 and it will be available to all Dish Network subscribers on December 13 during the airing of Smoky Mountains Rise.

25 Nov

Dish Network And AT&T Offer Deals On Their Streaming Services

Best Cable Deals

Deals On Streaming Services

Dish Network has offered some of the best cable deals to their subscribers over the last few years and they are still one of leading cable providers in the country. However, things have not been that easy for the company, as they had to face a huge loss of subscribers during the third quarter of 2016.

Nevertheless, Dish Network is planning for a strong comeback by offering a bunch of exciting deals on their online streaming platform, Sling TV. Dish recently announced several promotions and deals aimed at attracting more subscribers to Sling TV streaming service.

In their Sling Blog, the company stated that they are providing Sling TV gift cards to their subscribers in denominations of $25 to $100 through GameStop, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart. In addition to that, they also revealed their plans to enter into a partnership with streaming device makers during the upcoming holiday season.

Reports say that any subscriber, who buys a fourth-generation Apple TV, will get the device for just $89 instead of $149, if they commit to Sling TV for 3 months. Furthermore, a 50 percent offer will be available to customers when the buy a Roku Premiere and player, if they sign up to Sling TV for 3 months.

Dish Network Channel List

Online Streaming Platform

However, Dish Network is not the only provider who is trying to draw in more customers to their online streaming service. AT&T has already announced their plans to launch their streaming service, DirecTV Now, and sources say that the service will be available to subscribers by the end of this week.

AT&T recently announced that subscribers, who commit to DirecTV Now for three months or more, would be rewarded with a free Apple TV, whereas those who sign up for the same service for a single month would receive a Fire TV streaming stick for free.

The report from AT&T also indicated that the company will offer a free 7-day trial to customers. However, subscribers who decide to not to pay for the service after the free trial will be automatically downgraded to DirecTV Freeview, a free service with limited content.

In addition to that, DirecTV Now streaming service would be available to subscribers at just $35 per month and it will offer more a hundred popular channels. Analysts say that this is the best deal offered by a streaming service until now.

24 Nov

WPP, AT&T And Dish Network L.L.C Plans To Acquire INVIDI Technologies

Dish Network Channel List

Addressable Advertising Platforms

WPP, AT&T, and Dish Network L.L.C., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dish Network, recently announced their plans to acquire INVIDI Technologies, one of the leaders in offering addressable advertising platforms.

INVIDI has stated that they will continue to operate independently even after the acquisition under the collective ownership of these three major companies. However, each of these companies can name their representatives, who will be selected to the board of directors of INVIDI. AT&T has decided to hold a controlling interest in the latest venture from the companies.

The software from INVIDI will enable the advertisers to deliver addressable video advertising to target audience across multiple distribution platforms and on TV. The ads will be delivered through INVIDI’s technology in order to target the households, which can be matched to thousands of psychographic or demographic attributes or even to a customer list, provided by the advertiser. This will in turn offer an opportunity for media buyers and advertisers to control the frequency, separation and reach across the video platforms.

Rick Welday, President of AT&T AdWorks said, “INVIDI gives us a great opportunity to expand our addressable advertising capabilities. We have significantly increased revenue with targeted advertising across multiple platforms. This deal will help us accelerate growth in our addressable advertising business and explore innovation and expansion into new platforms.”

Best Cable Deals

AT&T AdWorks Plans

Warren Schlichting, Dish Network’s executive vice president of Marketing, Programming and Media Sales said, “This is an opportunity to push innovation through the platform and expand the reach of addressable TV advertising, moving the advertising industry forward for brands and consumers.”

Dave Downey, INVIDI’s CEO said, “This is an exciting day for INVIDI, our customers, industry partners, employees and investors. Maintaining our independence and deepening our existing relationships with AT&T, DISH and WPP is a big move for our company and our people. Our ability to increase the value of ad inventory is transforming the way video advertising is purchased and distributed.”

Irwin Gotlieb, Chairman, GroupM Global, WPP’s wholly owned media investment management company said, “We were the first strategic investor back in 2007 and are retaining our position so that we can influence the addressable ecosystem for the benefit of our clients.”

Neither of the companies has yet disclosed the financial details of this acquisition, but reports indicate that the deal will happen during the first quarter of 2017.


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