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27 Jun

AT&T® to Buy Digital Ad Exchange AppNexus for $1.6 Billion

Best Internet Providers

Pay-TV Service Provider

It seems like one of the best internet providers in the US, AT&T® is on a buying spree. Recently, this telecom giant completed their merger with Time Warner® at $85 billion, and following that came the announcement that AT&T® is bidding to buy the digital ad exchange AppNexus for $1.6 billion.

Reports say that AT&Ts aim is to have deeper inroads with digital advertising by making use of the advertising technology of AppNexus. AT&T® has been having interest in digital advertising since this conglomerate became the largest pay-TV service provider in the US, following the acquisition of DirecTV® in 2015. After its merger with Time Warner®, AT&T® is said to be running a dedicated analytics and advertising segment that indicates that the company seems to be having more interest in digital advertising.

AT&T® is counting on digital advertising as a means to reduce the prices for the consumers, transferring a part of the content creation cost from the consumers to the advertisers. The telecom giant has a particular interest in databased advertising like addressable TV ads, mobile ads, and digital ads. AppNexus would possibly give the corporation a stronger position in the field of digital ad marketing.

Unlike some tech companies that work only for app developers and publishers for managing inventory, or for the marketers who purchase ads, the software platform AppNexus is known to carry out both these tasks. The digital ad marketing is a highly competitive zone, with Silicon Valley giants Facebook and Google dominating the space. As per the report by eMarketer in 2018, Facebook and Google are projected for holding 60 percent of the digital advertisement market in the United States of America. The wireless rival Verizon® by AT&T® has a distant third position in the digital ad market with the help of its Oath subsidiary that operates the erstwhile Yahoo! and AOL.

Dish Network Packages

High Speed Internet

Even though AT&T® may play a small role in the digital ad market, it may still have many advantages. Firstly, the conglomerate can make use of its wireless data to much better target ads. In the digital ad market, the mobile data is the most difficult to obtain, as advertisers use traditional browser cookies for targeting consumers on the desktop don’t work universally on mobile devices.

AT&T® could be able to outwit this with wireless data used by 130 million consumers. In addition, the reach of AT&T® across channels including TV and mobile could build up a buying platform, which includes many ad formats including digital video and TV ads.

07 Mar

Sling TV Announces Extra Channel Package For $10

Dish TV

Extra Channel Package

Sling TV has announced a new double channel lineup for the customers at a price of $10. This has been the result of a new pricing plan introduced by TV provider in delivering the favored channels to the customers at an affordable price. Currently, the new pricing option has an addition of over 40 networks at a subscription rate of $10 per month.

Sling has also offered its “Multi Extra Discount” that gives the subscribers an option for many channel packages including the Kids Extra, Lifestyle Plus Extra, Comedy Plus Extra, and News Extra. The package was previously available at $20 and this new proposal effectively doubles the available channel options of Sling.

Sling Orange and Sling Blue customers are eligible for availing the packages included in this new offer. This will be a highly valuable option for both the customers to access some of the best channel packages available in the network. Through this plan, Sling Orange customers can get access to about 80 networks for just $30 a month.

For Sling Blue customers, the same numbers of networks are available for a fee of $35 per month. In addition to that, customers who have subscribed to both the Sling Blue and Sling Orange service will have access to about 90 networks for a monthly fee of $50. For existing customers already utilizing many of Sling’s packages like Sling TV Lifestyle Plus Extra, Kids Extra, Comedy Plus Extra, and News Extra plan, there will be discount of $10 in their next bill.

Dish Network Packages

Multi Extra Discount

The Chief Marketing Officer for Sling TV, Glenn Eisen had stated about this new plan for the customers in a recent blog post. “Most people tell us they don’t want the ‘big, bigger, biggest’ bundles that come with old TV packaging like cable and DirecTV Now,” he said. “But, as more consumers leave traditional pay TV services, we’re seeing a growing consumer segment that is looking for a bigger channel lineup.”

Eisen further added that, “Sling TV’s model is centered around providing consumers with choice and control. This consumer-friendly model is further advantaged by industry-leading pricing. And now, we even beat DirecTV Now at their old TV pricing game.”

With this offer, Sling TV provides a good choice for the customers in adding on any extra networks and packages of their choice. The options for the addition of basic bundles or any extra packages like sports are also available in the service.

13 Feb

Dish Network’s New Ad Campaign May Help Them To Win Back Customers

Dish Network Packages

Dish Network Offers

One of the leading cable service providers, Dish Network suffered a huge subscriber loss over the last few months. Reports indicate that the cable provider is determined to prevent this alarming customer loss and the newly launched ad campaign might actually help them to do so.

The new ad campaign puts stress on the fact that the cable provider is always listening to their customers and their satisfaction is of prime importance to the telecom company. The new campaign, which is titled as “Tuned In To You” relies entirely on a “Spokeslistener.”

The officials from Dish Network noted that Spokelistener poses a serious challenge to the typical traditional spokesman who generally speak to customers rather than listening to them. Moreover, Spokeslistener effectively illustrates the common issues and frustrations experienced by the cable customers through a series of radio, digital, and TV ads. Spokelistener also illustrates the solutions that Dish Network can offer to solve these issues.

Dish Network president and chief operating officer, Erik Carlson recently said, “Customers just want to be heard in an industry that has forsaken its ability to listen. ‘Tuned In To You’ is more than a marketing slogan. It’s a company-wide rallying cry and a long-term business philosophy. DISH has a history of putting our customers first and taking bold steps to make TV better. We are at our best when we listen to and fight for what our customers want.”

However, Dish is not just running ad campaigns to win back their subscribers. The cable provider has also launched a new training program in their October dubbed Base Camp. Some of Dish Network’s frontline employees who work with their customers will be a part of this training program.

Dish Network

Dish Network Customers

Carlson added, “The notion that management should roll back its sleeves and work with its customer base is almost unheard of in corporate America. But we can’t possibly fulfill on our ‘Tuned In To You’ promise without a working knowledge of our customers and the interactions they have with our brand.”

Reports from several reliable sources point out that Dish Network is trying to graduate 700 of their employees through the Base Camp by the end of the year 2017 and some of the trainees are senior leaders of the telecom company. Dish Network is hopeful that these new strategies will help them to win back customers.

10 Feb

Estrella TV Signs Multi Year Carriage Agreement With Dish

Dish Network Packages

Estrella TV On Dish

A recent announcement made by the officials from Estrella TV confirms that the Spanish language broadcaster has signed a multi-year carriage agreement with one of the leading cable service providers in the country, Dish Network. However, both the parties refused to give an insight into the terms of this recent deal.

LBI Media, the parent company of the Spanish language broadcaster Estrella TV, noted that the multi-year agreement with Dish Network was a part of the broadcasters plan to expand their distribution and presence in the United States. LBI Media also noted that Dish subscribers will be able to access an watch the contents of the network on the cable provider’s DishLatino Clasico packages and on America’s Top 200 package.

This recently signed agreement with Dish Network has considerably boosted the national distribution of Estrella TV. The company claimed that more than 40 million homes in the United States would be able to watch the contents offered by the network.

LBI Media stated that the agreement with Dish Network “significantly expands Estrella TV’s distribution influence and bolsters Estrella TV’s growing presence in the Hispanic television market, consolidating Estrella TV as one of the leading Spanish language television networks in the U.S.”

In a recent statement, the Vice President of DishLatino said, “We are proud to be the leader in delivering TV entertainment in Spanish and English, and as a result, we are always looking for new ways to enhance the experience for our customers. Because of this agreement, the majority of DishLatino customers can now enjoy Estrella TV’s line-up, including its popular game shows and comedies.”

Best Cable Deals

Estrella TV Shows

The senior vice president, distribution and affiliate sales, LBI Media, Cathy Lewis Edgerton said, “Hispanic audiences in the US are demanding new entertainment programming. Estrella TV Network has been betting on a counterprogramming strategy since its inception in 2009 before it was a trending topic among Spanish language television networks. This agreement with Dish corroborates the importance of Estrella TV’s programming in the U.S. Hispanic market.”

America’s Top 200 package is one of the most popular Dish Network packages and it offers customers access to more than 24 popular channels for just $69.99 a month. Some of the most popular channels included in this package are Fox News, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, History, ESPN, and CNN, and the addition of Estrella TV will surely attract more customers to the offer.

04 Feb

How To Watch Super Bowl 2017 On Your PC

Dish Network Packages

Super Bowl 2017

The Super Bowl is just a few days away and every one of us will be tuning in to watch this amazing showdown between the two popular teams. The New England Patriots will take on the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, February 5 at 6:30 p.m. ET, 3:30 p.m. PT.

The opening game of the 2017 Super Bowl will held at Houston’s NRG Stadium. Country-music star Luke Bryan will make an appearance to sing the National Anthem and the Super Bowl LI halftime show will be headlined by Lady Gaga. The game will be broadcasted on Fox.

If you have a cable subscription, then you will be able to access and watch the game on Fox. However, if you don’t have a cable subscription, then you will be looking for other methods such as live streaming to watch the opening game of the Super Bowl on your PC or laptop. If so, here is how you can watch the live action of Super Bowl on your PC or laptop.

If you are a customer who doesn’t have a cable subscription, then you will be able to watch the live broadcast of Fox Sports 1, NFL Network, and ESPN2 through Dish Network’s online streaming service, Sling TV. This popular online streaming platform offers you access to a number of select channels at an affordable price. Below is how you can sign up to Sling TV for the free 7 day trial.

  • Go to the official website of Sling TV
  • Click on “Watch Now 7 Days Free” option.
  • Create a personal account

    Dish Network Channel Guide

    Dish Network’s Sling TV

  • Select the packages or channel package you need. Sling Orange package offered by the online streaming service offers ESPN2, while the Sling Blue package offers both Fox Sports 1 and NFL Network.
  • Enter the payment information. The cost to sign up for Sling Orange is just $20 a month, whereas the cost for signing up to Sling Blue is $25 a month. However, if you happen to cancel the subscription after the seven-day trial, then the service provider will not charge you anything.
  • Download the Sling app for your PC or laptop and start watching the game and other contents offered by the channels.

If you are a Sling TV subscriber already, then you will be also able to watch the contents offered by ESPN on your smartphone and other compatible devices.

11 Jan

Dish To Serve Multi-Room Audio Powered By DTS Play-Fi

Cable Providers

Multi-Room Audio

In this technological era, there are many ways by which we can wirelessly stream music from one room to the other. One of the ways is the DTS Play-Fi, which stands out from the other methods, as it allow users to make use of a variety of products from different manufacturers. DTS has now announced a new list of partners who will be joining soon.

The company has now decided to add many products to the DTS Play-Fi family. DTS Play-Fi makes use of the existing Wi-Fi set up of your home to stream music from tablets, smartphones, desktops, and laptops to different devices in the house. The best part is that you can make the whole house system with any device in the DTS Play-Fi ecosystem. This means that you can have the Definitive Technology Wireless Music System in a room and the Integra DLB-5 in some other room in your house, and have both of the devices on the same wireless network for music.

The current DTS Play-Fi lineup include more than thirty speakers that are interoperable, soundbars, as well as receivers from firms like Anthem, Aerix, Autonomic, Arcam, Definitive Technology, Klipsch, Fusion Research, MartinLogan, Integra, McIntosh, Paradigm, Onkyo, Pioneer, Phorus, Polk Audio, Wren Sound Systems, and Sonus faber.

Dish Network Packages

DTS Play-Fi Family

The company is planning to add many more products to the list, including the Dish Hopper 3 and Joey. It is reported that both Hopper 3 and Joey set top boxes will get a new software update soon, which will allow users to stream synchronized music throughout the house to the wireless connected speakers. Onkyo, Pioneer, and Integra will also release similar updates soon.

Multiroom audio is becoming a major feature in many of the audio products now. Dish Network has officially announced that they will add DTS Play-Fi to some of their devices. “The Hopper is capable of serving as a household’s comprehensive entertainment hub,” Niraj Desai, Dish vice president of product management, said in a statement. “Incorporating DTS Play-Fi technology into our offerings provides DISH customers with a premium whole-home music streaming option, in addition to the television experience they already love, at no additional cost.”

At the heart of this functionality from Dish Network is the Dish Music app. The app not only offer control over the Dish hardware, but also add compatible DTS Play-Fi speakers to the audio setup.

29 Nov

Viewers Disappointed After The First Episode Of CW’s Four Night Superhero Crossover Event

Dish Network Packages

Superhero Crossover Event

CW’s four night crossover event, titled as “Heroes v Aliens”, kicked off last night with the latest episode of Supergirl. However, the episode turned out to be great let down, as the crossover lasted for only a couple of minutes. This means that CW is actually planning to go with a three-night crossover event plus a couple of minutes.

The last episode from Supergirl was just a normal episode featuring its general cast members. However, we do have a brief cameo from the scarlet speedster, The Flash/Barry Allen, and Cisco Ramon/Vibe at the end of the episode, where they asked Kara to help them with a problem. The CW decided not to share more details regarding the crossover though, and ended the episode by mentioning that the crossover episodes will continue with “The Flash”.

If you were planning to watch the crossover event, but skipped Supergirl yesterday for some reasons, then you have not missed a thing, as no significant information regarding the “alien invasion” (as shown in the trailers) was imparted in the episode. It just felt like CW planned an unnecessary hype in order to advertise the crossover episodes as a four-night event.

Cheapest Cable

DC Superheroes On CW

We are still not sure why CW decided to spend only a few minutes focusing on the crossover in the latest episode of Supergirl, but we can assume that the show runners of this series might not have wanted to interrupt the storyline of Supergirl. Some fans even say that the CW might not have enough funds to arrange a four-night crossover event featuring all DC superheroes on all the said TV shows. That shows how disappointed fans are.

On the other hand, the ratings of Supergirl have risen significantly after CW aired the last episode. This is because more viewers decided to tune in to CW in order to watch the crossover event, which was supposed to be a lot more exciting than what we got yesterday.

However, we do hope that CW will certainly deliver a memorable crossover event through the next episodes. The heroes from all four DC shows, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, will be in action tonight along with Supergirl, in order to defend the earth from an alien invasion. So, make sure not to miss the upcoming episodes from these superhero shows.

22 Nov

Subscriber Loss Of Dish Network May Continue

Dish Network Packages

Dish Subscriber Loss

Reports say that subscriber losses are piling up at the Dish Network. Last quarter, Dish Network lost about 116,000 subscribers, when at the same time, their prime rival, DirecTV, added 323,000 subscribers. experts say that the subscriber losses of Dish Network are masked by a major factor.

Subscribers of over-the-top service of Dish Network, Sling TV, are also added to the same subscriber category as the satellite TV service. With the launch of many competing over-the top services from YouTube, Hulu, and AT&T, Sling TV won’t be able to support the subscribers number of Dish as much.

Dish Network did not disclose the number of subscribers of Sling TV; however, by the end of last year, Sling TV had about 60,000 subscribers. Analyst Craig Moffett says that Sling has gained another 135,000 subscribers in the first quarter, 49,000 in the second, and 204,000 in the third quarter. These estimates on the subscriber base bring the subscriber count of Sling TV to about a million. However, the total subscriber count of Dish fell to 13.643 million by the end of the third quarter, meaning that Sling TV offers a big portion of the subscriber count of Dish Network.

Dish Network

Lots Of Streaming Options

In addition to that, the lower subscriber prices of Sling TV has also not prevented Dish from raising the price of the their satellite TV packages. The average revenue per subscriber of Dish has climbed 3.6% per year to reach 89.44 dollars a month at present. Moreover, the management of Dish claims that they are able to generate similar type of operating profits from the Sling TV network compared to their satellite business due to the low customer acquisition costs. The operating income has climbed 12% in the last quarter.

It is expected that AT&T will launch their DirecTV Now service later this month. This service will offer more than a hundred channels to the subscribers for just thirty-five dollars a month. Comparatively, the Sling network also offers different tiers that are priced at twenty dollars and twenty-five dollars per month and offer between 20 and 30 channels. Users can also subscribe to both for forty dollars per month. However, DirecTV Now poses a great threat to Sling.

What is more, Hulu and YouTube are also launching similar streaming services. YouTube has hundreds of millions of people visiting their website each day and Hulu has a market of twelve million subscribers. This will mean that increasing or even maintaining the subscribers of Sling TV will be difficult for Dish Network, and with the losses that they take from the satellite business, subscriber losses could continue for Dish Network.

14 Nov

Dish CEO Positive About Impact Of Trump On American Infrastructure And Taxes

Dish Network Packages

President Donald Trump

CEO of Dish Network Corporation, Charlie Ergen, recently said that a Donald Trump administration is capable of bringing “a lot of potential positives for business,” which include reduced tax burdens on corporations and infrastructure spending. He was speaking on Dish Network’s Q3 earnings call after Mr. Trump’s election to Presidency. Ergen said that the ascendance of the businessman could invite a “more rational” tax code that can incentivize businesses to bring back “billions of dollars” that they have housed offshore to avoid the taxes.

“We think there are some positives there,” Dish CEO said, noting that the companies would be able to invest more in the American infrastructure and industry. He also added that lighter regulation and immigration reforms in the new administration are capable of bringing more economic growth to the nation.

Dish Network

Dish Wireless Plans

Ergen also indicated that the President is likely to look kindly on the desire of Dish Network to advance into offering wireless service to their users. He added that there could be bipartisan support to promote investments in infrastructure and noted that the rural America does not have internet connectivity as the cities and expects “real” initiatives there. “This is an election of haves and have-nots, and the have-nots voted for Donald Trump,” Ergen said.

However, there can be issues for Dish Network as Mr. Trump has made some statements against the utility-style “net neutrality” rules that were supported by the Obama government. Under a GOP-controlled Congress and Trump administration, “you may see net neutrality be challenged or weakened going forward,” Ergen noted. Moreover, a rollback of the rule will be appreciated by cable and telecom companies, but could be opposed by streaming services.

In addition to that, Ergen said that one of the main concerns of Dish Network about the AT&T-Time Warner merger is the plan of AT&T to exempt their DirecTV Now service from wireless data caps, while asking the other streaming services to pay for the privilege. This approach is called zero-rating. “We think that’s a violation of where net neutrality is today,” Ergen said.

AT&T executives said that their zero-rating practices treat all the streaming services in the equal manner, as DirecTV Now would pay AT&T to waive data caps for its users. Ergen added, “In general, Republican leadership, whether it’s been in Congress or the executive branch, will have a lighter hand to regulation. I think there is going to be more flexibility in M&A transactions.”

29 Oct

Analyst Say Dish Network Stocks Can Go Up With Sling TV

Dish Network Channels

Sling TV Offerings

Dish Network Corporation offers one of the many satellite television options for the various television users across the US. Dish also owns one of early leaders in over-the-top television services and cord cutting, Sling TV.

Sling TV service was launched in 2015 and has an estimated 760,000 subscribers at the present. The main revenue of Dish Network faces much pressure in the fast changing telecommunication industry, but they are well positioned with the Sling TV service.

Once known as a sports service, Sling TV has done a nice job by diversifying their offerings and contents. The service now offers channels from production companies like Walt Disney Co, Viacom Inc, AMC Networks INC, NBC, and 21st Century. Sling TV offers great cord-cutting options to their customers, as they cater channels that appeal to women, men, and kids alike.

Dish Network Packages

Dish Network

Sling has also added more sports programming to their lineup. It was the first OTT network to add NHL Network recently, and they have also signed deals with Fox and Pac 12 Network to include their regional sports networks in their lineup. Sling also offers two initial packages and many add-on packages.

Sling Orange is available for twenty dollars a month and offers channels like ESPN, AMC, ESPN2, TNT, TBC, and Disney Channel, whereas Sling Blue is available for twenty five dollars a month and includes channels like NBC Sports, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, AMC, NBC Sports, Nick Jr, NFL Network, NBC, and FOX On Demand programming. Sling Blue also features regional sports networks from Fox Sports.

Users can buy both Sling Blue and Sling Orange bundled for forty dollars a month and avail a big library of channels. Add-on offerings from Sling TV include packages like Kids Extra, New Plus, Sports Extra, Lifestyle Plus, Caribe, Spanish, Espana, Sudamerica, World Music, Chinese, and World Cricket. Users also have the option to add premium channels like STARZ, HBO, and Cinemax as extras.

Sling TV has been advertising and hosting special events to get its name and content to the viewers. Ads were also posted in Facebook to let people know that Sling TV carries the AMC channel. This advertisement also reminded the potential buyers about the free seven-day trial offering.


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