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Dish Vs DirecTV | Consumer Triple Play



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29 Apr

AT&T Says The DirecTV Merger Boosted Revenue

DirecTV Packages

DirecTV Services

AT&T just came out with figures on service adoption, and it seems DirecTV has been doing well this year. The first quarter saw a net of 328,000 subscriber to the popular satellite casting service, and compared to the 60,000 net additions seen last year, this is a significant step up. Meanwhile, the UVerse service hasn’t been faring so well, and in fact has lost around 382,000 subscribers in the first quarter, even at a time when the company is trying to get leaving customers to switch to DirecTV instead. This time, executives from AT&T made some announcements regarding developments since the merger with DirecTV.

Their Revenue Has Increased From The Acquisition

Comparable revenue analysis shows that consumer profit came up three percent during the first quarter, with the company saying that this is coming from DirecTV subs as well as increased broadband sales, with the latter having a lot to do with bundled data plans. While three percent probably isn’t the figure they were trying to reach, it’s still a big help in mitigating UVerse sub losses.

Three New DIRECTV Streaming Services Are Set To Launch In Fall

You’ve probably heard about this: DirecTV is set to foray into the streaming arena with three new packages that don’t require an existing subscription. Lineup being the same, you won’t however be needing a Dish to watch one of these, and executives at AT&T say all three will be out by fall. The company is still getting programmers on board with permission to sell their channels online. There has been no statement about any extra charges for the online service version.

Streaming Services Will Be Aimed At For Cord-Nerves

Dish Vs DirecTV

Online Streaming

There’s a portion of the consumer population that’s called cord-nerves, which is mainly those people that haven’t ever tried a pay-TV subscription service. Many company officials say the number of these people out there runs to 20 million. This is a crowd the company hasn’t focused on before, and according to the provider, are “customers who generally want a subscription video product in their home, with three or four televisions connected”.

AT&T will be trying to peddle DirecTV to a whole new crowd this time, and a big part of those will be the millennial generation. It’s not the only company to be trying it with an attractive streaming service though – Dish is already supporting 4k Netflix streaming.

26 Apr

Did You Know You Could View Recent Search Logs With DirecTV?


DirecTV Select Package

DirecTV Search Feature

When comparing Dish vs DirecTV, there are a lot of features to consider before settling for either provider. Both offer top-notch service, making them the leading satellite broadcasters in the nation. Also, both are far ahead of the competition in various aspects. Two things to prove that: leading number of subscriptions, and features offered.

DirecTV has undergone lots of changes over the past year alone, and have some of the most stunning features ever seen in a digital TV service. Problem is, not all users know of them, and the most that people get around to is the lineup. You see plenty of people comparing the DirecTV Select package with DirecTV Choice and DirecTV Ultimate based on the number of channels and HD, but it’s still fairly rare for someone to check out the service features. One of these is the useful ‘Search’ option.

Advanced ‘Search’ Feature

You’re probably aware of the search option that lets you search for movies, actors, sports teams and other stuff. Meanwhile DirecTV also lets you store any search logs and then easily access that listing. It’s a rather simple feature too.

Other Features

Dish Vs DirecTV

DirecTV Channels

Recent search options are available if you’re using a DVR or SD receiver, and you can get it up by pressing the menu button on the remote and hitting the ‘Search for Shows’ button. This brings up a list of entries from which you need to pick ‘Recent Searches’. Move down these entries to search for the names of actors, topics, times, etc. After finding what you’ve been searching for, choose that and let the information be displayed. Then you can decide whether this is what you want to watch after all, and if not, go back and move on to the next entry in the list.

The recent search logs aren’t exactly a unique feature in DirecTV. Other providers such as Dish Network offer the same thing. You can get more details on DirecTV subscription packages online. As for addressing any issues you may have stumbled into, use the customer support service to get more insights which will help you make a choice. Make sure you know what charges are overall, unless you want to be served an additional bill.

11 Mar

Three Changes Expected To Happen In The TV Industry This Year

Dish Network Channel Guide
Dish Network Channel Guide

Pay-TV Services

The TV industry is going through a phase called golden age. Lot of changes has been introduced into the television and entertainment industry in recent times. It seems that the introduction of streaming services are somewhat forcing the pay-TV providers to tweak their offerings in a more customer-friendly manner.

In addition to the competition between streaming services and pay-TV services, there is yet another competition going on between satellite services and cable services. According to some reports, there will be many exciting changes in the TV industry this year. Here is a look at the much-anticipated changes.

  1. More Customer-Friendly Options

Both cable and satellite TV services are introducing more customer-friendly features this year. For instance, if you take a look at some of the recent Dish vs DirecTV comparisons, you can figure out how they have evolved in the past couple of years.

Where Dish Network brought Sling TV along with a complement of multiple Live stream networks, DirecTV also offers Live streaming services and you don’t even have to buy a DirecTV package to avail these streaming services. Small providers like Comcast’s stream, Verizon’s Go90, and Nickelodeon’s Noggin are also introducing timely changes in their services to keep up with the competition.

  1. Netflix’s Investment

Netflix has already managed to get a huge customer base. It seems that the company is still looking to make its presence stronger by making a huge investment of $6 billion on content this year. A major share of this amount would go into original programming.

Dish Vs DirecTV

Satellite Service Providers

As part of its marketing strategy, the company would release 31 brand new seasons of original dramas and comedies this year alone. Since the beginning, Netflix has been focusing more on the creation and airing of original content and it seems that this unique strategy has helped the company gain popularity.

  1. Cheap Bundle Deals

Although pay-TV companies have been around for quite some time, they were monopolistic and were not ready to give out their services below a threshold price. But it seems that the recent developments in the TV industry are forcing them to introduce more affordable bundle deals. Verizon introduced to a custom bundle option last year that no other services ever tried.

Unless all the pay-TV services show readiness to introduce more customer-friendly and cheaper bundle options, it is sure that they will lose their grip in the market.

29 Feb

Dish Network Packages Include America’s Favorite Television Channels

Dish Vs DirecTV
Dish Vs DirecTV

Dish Subscription

If you look at the most popular channels in the world, you would know that many of them are from the US. These channels air internationally celebrated events like Academy Awards, Olympics, and international sports events. Dish Network plays a significant role in making these channels available in America.

Dish Network packages are offered at affordable rate so millions of people prefer it to other satellite and cable TV alternatives. That is why, Dish always tries to include all the most popular channels in America in all its packages. Here is a look at three of the America’s most favorite channels included in Dish Network packages.

Fox News

Fox News has audience all across the world. According to a recent survey, it was the second most-watched channel among prime time audience. It had taken the third position in terms of all-day audience in 2015. On an average day, Fox News pulls about 17 to 18 million viewers during the prime viewing time (between 8 and 11 p.m. EST).

At the moment, Fox News is regarded as the top cable news network provider in America. Though CNN held this place earlier, Fox News Fox News has retained the position since 2002. According to the reports, the extensive coverage of Iraq invasion in 2003 gave Fox News a popularity boost across the country.

Dish Network Packages

Dish Network Subscribers


ESPN is undoubtedly the most watched channel in terms of viewers for sports events, and the channel has been retaining this position for years now. Better coverage, unbeatable picture and voice clarity and quality, etc., make millions of viewers prefer ESPN to others.

ESPN is the top TV brand among adult men in the country and in many other parts of the world. The channel airs a wide range of programs, which includes both internationally acclaimed sports events as well as college and pro football games.


ABC is noted for its coverage of non-sporting events. It is the most watched television channel during the Academy Awards seasons. Besides that, American Broadcasting Company airs numerous entertaining shows that have remarkable prime time values.

Good Morning America, Desperate Housewives, Live! with Kelly and Michael, Nashville, and Grey’s Anatomy are some of the most watched shows on ABC. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter have also joined the family recently.

26 Feb

What Makes Dish Satellite Internet Services Stand Out

Dish Vs DirecTV

Dish Internet Services

Dish Network is an emerging satellite television and internet service provider in the US. Its services are both affordable and reliable. Perhaps this is the reason why it often wins in the Dish Vs DirecTV battle.

According to some recent studies, a lot of people are moving from cable TV and internet packages to satellite based services. Quality and reliability of the services are the main reasons why these services are becoming more popular. Well, if you were thinking about a switchover from your cable television and internet provider to a satellite based service like Dish or DirecTV, it is a good idea to understand how a satellite based television and internet works.

How Does Satellite Internet Work?

Technically speaking, geosynchronous orbiting of satellites is the foundation of satellite internet. The satellite dish at your home receives internet or television signals from a satellite placed in the orbit (approximately about 22,300 miles above the equator). Both the earth and the satellite move through the orbit at the same pace. Consequently, the satellite receiver at your home is able to receive the signals uninterruptedly.

In order to ensure that you receive signals without failure, you need to ensure that the satellite dish is placed in the correct direction. For instance, if you are living in the Northern Hemisphere, your dish should be placed in such a way that it gets southward view of the sky. Also, there should not be any obstruction between the dish and the sky.

About DishNet

Dish Network Channel Guide

Dish Network Subscription

Dish started offering satellite based internet services only recently. Most of its internet packages are offered through bundled deals. It means you can get both television services and internet in a single package and have a single billing cycle. Some of the latest Dish Network packages even help you save up to $10 per month upon bundling TV channels with internet packages.

High Speed

Dish offers high-speed internet services. Experts who have tested Dish internet services feel that they are quite reliable because the connection did not drop or slowed down even during peak hours. Consistency in the service makes it a preferred option over other alternatives.

In the current scenario, bundling Dish internet service with TV is one of the wisest decisions you can make in order to save money on the subscription of both services independently. You can get more details about the bundled packages on your Dish Network channel guide.

17 Feb

3 TV Trends You Can Expect This Year

Dish Network

TV Industry

The TV industry is changing in many ways, in what people are calling its golden age. There hasn’t been this kind of content coming out on the media until recently, especially since streaming services are forcing pay-TV providers to up their game. Meanwhile, cable is steadily being upstages by satellite, but continues to fight for what it can retain of its customer base.

Here are three things to watch for this year.

Netflix Will Step Up The Competition

It already has, which is evident from its original shows and how they are drawing viewers. And the service is moving to spend $6 billion on content this year, a lot of that intended to flow into original programming. According to Content Chief, Ted Sarandos, the company will release 31 new seasons of original comedies and dramas in this year, which is twice the number it let out last year. That includes kids programming, comedy specials, and films.

With the rise in original content spending, Netflix is set to serve serious competition to traditional networks that rely mainly on viewership to the turn a profit. Pricing on top TV shows could go up if new bidders entered the market. And with in-house content production, which they are planning, Netflix could change the game significantly.

Customers Get More Over-The-Top Options

Dish Vs DirecTV

TV Services

There have been many over-the-top streaming options, which came up last year, such as when Dish Network brought out Sling TV, with a complement of two dozen live stream networks. Moreover, HBO and Showtime released their own standalone streaming versions of the premium cable networks. Smaller services also hit the TV sphere; Verizon’s Go90, Comcast’s Stream, and Nickelodeon’s Noggin were part of these.

The point is, it is fairly reasonable to expect OTT options from the major networks. NBC brought out its Seeso-aired comedy library in January. Other networks are probably preparing to release their own niche programming.

Lots Of Minimal Bundles To Pick From

This has only recently picked up, although the provision from pay TV operators has been around for a few years. Customers are drawn to skinny bundles, which save them money but still bring live programming. Verizon’s Custom TV plan which came out in April, for instance, has a few base channels and lets viewers add two more at no extra cost. Even though such a tactic brings down average revenue per subscriber, it boosts the lifetime value of the customer.

These are three of the developments to watch in the TV industry this year. The best thing is that the programming keeps getting better.


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