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06 Mar

AT&T And Chevrolet Offer Unlimited In-Car Wi-Fi Data

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Unlimited Wi-Fi Data

In a recent statement, General Motors Co. stated that they would provide a $20 a month unlimited prepaid data plan for 4.1 million Chevrolet and to other GM vehicle users in the United States through the fastest internet provider, AT&T. The officials from General Motors Co. added that this service would only be available to vehicles, which are equipped with the OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot.

This new offering will be available to customers by the first week of this month. Reports indicate that General Motors Co. is offering the new plan to Cadillac, GMC, and Buick vehicles that are equipped with the hotspot. This new initiative between AT&T and General Motors Co. came when both the parties discovered that Chevy owners in the country used over 4 million gigabytes of data in the year 2016.

More than 3.1 vehicles equipped with OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots were sold by Chevrolet in the last 3 years. The officials from the company also claimed that they have more vehicles that are equipped with a 4G LTE connection than any other carmaker.

The director of global communications for GM, Global Connected Customer Experience, and Urban Mobility, Vijay Iyer stated that the company hopes that this new offering will increase the subscriptions for data use. However, they refused to share any details on how many data customers it currently has.

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AT&T And Chevrolet

The basic data pass offered by OnStar is available to its customers for $5 per month and it gives them access to 250 megabytes of data per day. OnStar also offers a few more packages. For instance, customers who pay $20 a month will get access to 4 gigabytes of data, whereas those who pay $150 will get access to 20 gigabytes of data. The data plans are available through OnStar or through AT&T’s best internet service.

In a statement, the president of GM North America and global head of Chevrolet, Alan Batey said, “We have contractors bidding jobs in their Silverados, families streaming movies in their Suburbans and Malibus, and everyone tapping into the cloud for music. With the most affordable unlimited 4G LTE data plan in the auto industry, the widest availability of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and new connected services like OnStar AtYourService, our momentum can only grow.”

06 Mar

Comcast Increase Internet Speeds For Users In Houston

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One-Gigabyte Internet Speeds

Comcast Corporation has recently announced that they are increasing speeds of their best internet service, Performance Internet, for the current subscribers in the city of Houston free of charge. They said that the users of Performance Internet would see an increase in their download speeds from 50 Mbps to 70 Mbps and that users can experiences the increase in speed from March 1.

“We realize technological innovations are occurring rapidly, and our customers need the speed to make the most of them,” said Ralph Martinez, who is the Regional Senior Vice President of Comcast’s Houston region. “These increases reflect our commitment to delivering the fastest speeds to our customers, just like we’ve done almost every year for more than a decade.”

To access the speeds, most of the users just need to restart their modems when Comcast notifies them. Comcast will also notify those users who need to upgrade their current modems to access the increased speeds.

In addition to that, those users who lease modems from Comcast will also be able to get upgraded modems from Comcast free of charge. Those users who have their own modems and need to upgrade modems to have access to the increased internet speeds will have to buy a new one for them or may lease a new one from Comcast Corporation.

Xfinity from Comcast continues to offer the best in-home Wi-Fi and most of the customers of Xfinity internet will be able to enjoy complimentary access to the fifteen million plus Wi-Fi hotspots that are spread across the nation. This can be done just by selecting “xfinitywifi” from the list of available Wi-Fi networks on their smartphones or laptops and typing in their email ID, Xfinity ID, and password.

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Performance Internet

Customers can find hotspots using the Xfinity Wi-Fi app that can be downloaded free for Android and iOS devices or by using the hotspot finder map that is provided on the Xfinity website.

Comcast is striving to be the best internet service in the US, as they offer variety of speeds to meet requirements of every household. Comcast had announced in 2016 that they will start to offer a residential gigabit internet service to the customers in Houston and they are now delivering super fast internet with DOCSIS 3.1 technology.

The DOCSIS 3.1 technology uses the existing wiring to deliver high-speed internet. What’s more, it is reported that Comcast will be the first internet provider in Houston to offer one-gigabyte internet speeds.

01 Mar

AT&T, Ericsson, And Qualcomm Successfully Demonstrate Volte For IoT

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Volte For IoT

AT&T, Ericsson, and Qualcomm Technologies Inc. have successfully concluded the demonstration of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) call for Internet of Things on existing mobile network infrastructure. This is the first successful trial of the technology, and will open up a new vista of possibilities in the connectivity domain.

The demonstration utilized one of Qualcomm Technologies MDM9206 LTE modem and Ericsson’s LTE Radio Access Network along with its other core networking infrastructure and new software. The successful conclusion of this new communication technology shows its readiness to be deployed in commercial operator networks and in many fastest internet provider services.

Chris Penrose, President of IoT solution at AT&T said, “AT&T is proud to participate alongside Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies to advance VoLTE support over Cat-M1/LTE-M. The ability to support voice services is an important feature to many verticals within our IoT portfolio, including our customers in the alarm and security industry, automotive, wearable’s and connected health markets.”

The new technology will be instrumental in extending mobile voice service capabilities to IoT devices. This opens up new opportunities in expanding to many areas and serve potential applications like wearable’s, security alarm panels, remote first aid kits, digital locks, disposable security garments, and other IoT applications and services. This can have numerous advantages for enterprises by allowing them to make voice calls while also extending the operator’s mobile network capabilities through the IoT system.

There are many other advantages of these CAT-M1/LTE-M enabled IoT devices as well, lower power consumption and costs, excellent coverage, and good connection dependability being some of them. Due to the existing leading LTE coverage and voice communication capabilities by internet providers, operators can deploy it in a range of applications in smart cities, logistics, medicine, transport, etc.

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AT&T Internet Plans

Anders Olin, Head of Network Applications, Business Unit IT and Cloud Products at Ericsson said, “With this successful demonstration of Cat-M1/LTE-M also supporting VoLTE voice calls in IoT devices, we are providing more value to operators and users. The benefit of basic human communication blends perfectly into the IoT environment. Supported by our radio and core portfolios, it will now be feasible to globally deploy voice services for IoT cost-effectively for all kinds of industries and different use cases.”

In addition, the uptake of VoLTE is predicted to accelerate to 3.3 billion by the year 2022 and accounts to more than 60 percent of the total LTE subscriptions. It is estimated that there will be around 18 billion IoT devices connected worldwide by 2022.

28 Feb

AT&T Signs An Agreement With Current Powered By GE

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AT&T Partnership

In a recent announcement, AT&T and Current (powered by GE) stated that they are entering into a partnership to speed up the digital era of urban development. Both these companies have an extensive history in communications technology and infrastructure.

The officials from both the companies added that the exclusive agreement between them would connect cities across Mexico and the United States to the IoT (Internet of Things). Reports indicate that the partnership between the two companies will bring a number of possibilities, which will considerably improve the way cities communicate, operate, and meet the requirements of its citizens.

The telecom giant, AT&T has been using their IoT expertise and resource since the launch of their Smart Cities program to create impactful solution for the cities. The fastest internet provider has also helped several cities to implement and develop a holistic Smart Cities strategy in order to address their present and future needs.

AT&T’s recently signed deal with Current considerably expands the Smart Cities services of the telecom company. The introduction of GE’s Predix-powered IoT platform will allow AT&T to use LED lighting in any city for creating a digital infrastructure. This will in turn address issues such as parking optimization, traffic flow, air quality monitoring, weather emergency alerts, and gunshot detection on the streets.

The president of IoT Solutions at AT&T, Chris Penrose said that, “Intelligent lighting plays a huge role in a smart city. Our collaboration with Current will enable us to use a city’s existing lighting infrastructure to more securely connect sensor-enabled networks. This will put them on the path to becoming a smarter, more sustainable city.”

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IoT Platform

The Chief Digital Officer of Current, John Gordon said, “We are thrilled to expand Current’s relationship with AT&T to help cities redefine the civic engagement model—our digital network is based on an open platform, which allows entrepreneurs, incubators and students to get involved in the future development smart city applications. AT&T has a long history of working commercially with municipalities, and our technology will be a perfect fit toward helping more cities unleash the limitless potential of the Industrial Internet.”

Reports indicate that the Smart Cities initiative of the best internet provider will bring connectivity to spotlight cities across the United States and it will help these cities to become safer, cleaner, and a lot more efficient.

25 Feb

AT&T Updates Senators That Their Merger With Time Warner Will Benefit Customers

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AT&T Time Warner Merger

It is known that AT&T had announced their plans to acquire Time Warner Inc. a few months ago. Time Warner is actually the parent company of a number of popular cable networks in the country, and this is why, many telecom companies and experts greeted AT&T’s merger plans with great skepticism right from the start. However, reports indicate that AT&T is continuing with their efforts to buy Time Warner, even though the telecom company has sidestepped several regulatory scrutinies by not seeking the approval of FCC for the proposed merger.

Lawmakers have been continually asking the fastest internet provider on how this merger will benefit anyone other than the shareholders of both the parties. AT&T responded to this query by stating that this potential merger will affect neither the prices nor the competition, because they are a small-time player in pay-TV business. In addition to that, the officials at AT&T also pointed out that the viewership number of Time Warner has significantly decreased over the last few years.

The CEO of AT&T, Randall Stephenson claimed that AT&T’s merger with Time Warner will “disrupt the entrenched pay-TV models,” and it will give more option to customers. In addition to that, he also added that the merger with speed up the development of AT&T’s 5G wireless networks.

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AT&T Customers

A group of senators wrote a letter to AT&T a few weeks ago, asking AT&T to explain how their merger with Time Warner will be in the public interest. “We remain concerned about how a deal of this size could affect consumers and competition,” the letter stated. Furthermore, the senators also said that, “AT&T is already the world’s largest pay TV provider and the largest telecommunications company. Combining it with one of the world’s largest producers of content gives AT&T-Time Warner both the incentive and ability to use its platform to harm competitors, and as a result, consumers.”

“The combined company could promote its own programming above that of other content companies’ or restrict other distributors’ ability to offer its highly-desired content. As a result, the merger could raise prices on consumers, reduce access to independent programming; and harm small businesses, content distributors, and innovative business models,” they added.

AT&T responded to this merger recently and they added that their merger with Time Warner would give customers what they want. AT&T has been offering the best internet, phone, and TV services to their customers for a long time, and if this merger with Time Warner comes into fruition, then AT&T might be able to dominate the market with much more offers and deals.

20 Feb

CenturyLink Expects To Virtualize All Their POPs By 2019

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Best Internet

CenturyLink Internet

It seems that CenturyLink is striving hard to become the fastest internet provider in the United States. According to recent reports, CenturyLink is making progress with the virtualization of their network and they have incorporated SDN and NFV technologies to sixty percent of their important Points of Presence (POPs) by the end of the year 2016. Besides that, they also recently set a high bar for the virtualization of all their points of presence.

Chairman and CEO of CenturyLink, Glen Post said to investors in the fourth quarter earnings call that they are planning to double the amounts of POPs they have virtualized in the coming two years. “We plan to have 100% of those [POPs] virtualized by the end of 2019,” Post said. “We also have almost 50% of our network capabilities currently controlled through our SDN network.” He also said that CenturyLink has “virtualized WAN service availability, virtualized interconnect between VPN customers, just a number of virtualization steps we’ve taken.”

By virtualizing more of their POPs, CenturyLink said that they would be able to get capex savings while improving and enhancing the experience of the customers. “Once we complete those, we expect to save over $200 million a year in capex,” Post said. “By about 2019, we expect those to complete, and we expect significant savings there. We expect major opex cost savings as a result of this virtualization of the SDN, NFV network builds.”

Fastest Internet Provider

Virtualize POPs

However, reducing the capex and opex are just two benefits that CenturyLink will get from the virtualization of their networks. Implementation of NFV and SDN will help them to have new revenue opportunities, as with the implementation, they will be able to offer new capabilities like the ability to reach broad array business users and network on demand services. The array of business customers also include those customers that are not in the serving area of CenturyLink.

“The customers can control their own destiny to a certain degree in how they distribute their bandwidth, for instance,” Post added. “It enables us to cover a lot more businesses. When you virtualize, you can go outside your current territories to many more businesses than you otherwise could reach.”

Post further stated that “a large amount of those were business we could not previously sell to.” It is reported that by having virtualization across sixty percent of their POPs, CenturyLink will be able to reach 4.8 million businesses and will become one of the best internet providers in the US.


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