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18 May

AT&T And DirecTV Might Have Overcharged Subscribers

Internet Providers

Complaints On Overcharging

It is truly frustrating when you are promised a rate by internet providers and charged another. When this happens to many users of the same service provider, it can be a leading to a systematic problem within the provider. A latest report now claims that many AT&T and DirecTV users have been complaining about this for years.

CBS News found that more than 4,000 complaints have been registered against DirecTV and AT&T in the previous two years regarding promotional pricing, deals, and overcharges. CBS News highlights the experience of two subscribers, where the first one signed up for a $99.99 promotional offer and got a bill for almost twice the amount. The other user, a Florida-based woman, said, “I keep getting bills for $79.49 and my contract says I was only going to pay $24.99 for two years.”

An AT&T customer representative replied, “There’s some specials on discounts that I’m thinking was actually being removed in error. Your bills are no longer combined. It wasn’t done on our end — it was done on your end.” Another representative said, “The pricing you were getting was because you were a new customer with the services, now you are an existing customer.”

The customer pointed out that she had signed up for a two-year agreement and that the rate change came before the expiry of the two-year agreement. It is not clear in both of the cases how much of the increase in the bill amount was due to an increase in the base rate of the package and how much was the change in add-on charges and fees.

Fastest Internet Provider

Add-On Charges

AT&T and DirecTV have agreed that the pricing process might have had an error and they promised to credit the difference to the affected customers. AT&T has made its own place as the fastest internet provider in the country and has gained about 150 million subscribers in the last two years.

“In my experience, when a large company has a lot of consumers coming forward and saying we feel like we were bait and switched. We were promised one thing and then we got something else. The company knows about it,” consumer advocate and attorney Paul Bland explained. “So it turns out to be a license to steal.”

17 May

The Launch Of DirecTV Now On Roku Has Been Postponed

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DirecTV Launch Postponed

The online video streaming service from AT&T, DirecTV Now, was launched in the second half of 2016, and it quickly become a popular streaming service among many customers in the US. As DirecTV Now is a budget-friendly cable TV alternative, it gained a lot of attraction among the cable cutters.

DirecTV Now is currently offering four different subscription packages or plans to their customers. The basic package from DirecTV Now is available to subscribers for just $35 a month and it offers them access to over 60 popular channels. If you are a person who has already subscribed to the best internet service, then choosing DirecTV Now’s basic pack over other streaming services will allow you to save much money.

Many experts in the field of telecommunications firmly believe that the streaming service from AT&T is the best match for Roku Setup. However, many Roku owners are still frustrated with the fact that there is no DirecTV Now channel available to Roku users. A blog post on the official website of Roku earlier confirmed that a new DirecTV Now app is in the works, and even Roku had earlier promised to deliver a channel to their customers by Q1 of the year. However, the company has miserably failed to do so.

The original blog post on the official website of Roku, which stated that “DirecTV Now coming to the Roku platform in Q1 2017” has also been edited by the officials to “DirecTV Now coming to the Roku platform in 2017.” The post also added that the subscription fee for DirecTV packages would be in the range of $35 and $70 a month.

Best Internet Service

DirecTV Now App

Many customers are desperately waiting for the arrival of DirecTV Now support on Roku streaming platform but the officials from the company have not yet given a specific date for the launch. The officials from the company also refused to share any insight on why the release is taking so long than expected. However, several reports claim that the technical glitches in DirecTV Now service during the initial stages of its launch may be the reason for this, even though AT&T has successfully resolved all the issues.

The parent company of DirecTV Now, AT&T, is the fastest internet provider in several regions across the country. The telecom giant has also been offering a wide variety of budget-friendly internet, cable, and home phone packages to their customers for a very long time. Having a channel on Roku for DirecTV Now would surely help them gain a lot of new customers.

16 May

Charter Introduces Its Spectrum Internet Assist Program In Chicopee

Cheap Internet

Spectrum Internet Assist Program

Charter Communications, the fastest internet provider in the US, has entered into a partnership with the Chicopee Council on Aging for introducing its Spectrum Internet Assist program. With this, Charter intends to link the digital divide prevailing in Chicopee by offering cheap internet services for low-income residents living in the region.

The Spectrum Internet Assist initiative is a high-speed internet package from Charter that provides broadband connectivity at an affordable price. The aim of the program is to make accessible faster and reliable internet to the low-income families and seniors across the country. According to Heidi Vandenbrouk, Charter’s Senior Communications Manager, “Charter really believes in bridging the gap for the digital divide; being able to offer opportunities for those families and seniors that may not have the opportunity to have such a program.”

The program was officially launched at the RiverMills Senior Center in the presence of the Mayor Richard Kos and State Sen. Eric Lesser. Extending the Spectrum Internet Assist program will effectively assist in making available internet connectivity to all the sections of the region.

The Spectrum Internet Assist program offers high-speed internet service at speed of about 30 Mbps. It is available for the residents of Chicopee at a monthly subscription rate of $14.99. There are no data caps for the package offered under the program along with the requirement of no contracts. Also included in the package is an internet modem with the ability to opt for an in-home WiFi service at a rate of $5 per month.

Cheap Internet

In-home WiFi Service

Note that only households that are eligible for the program, such as low-income families, would be offered this service. Moreover, this offer is not valid for the existing subscriber of Spectrum Internet. The Internet Assist program is also available to families with students that have participated in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and Community Eligibility Provision of NSLP. It is also accessible for seniors aged above 65 years having Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Existing customers of Charter’s phone and video services that meet the above-mentioned criteria are also eligible to opt for this service. Charter’s broadband internet subscription, however, is not available to the enrollees within 30 days after signing up. The service is only made available to customers who have cleared any remaining debts from the previous twelve months with Charter, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks.

12 May

AT&T Breaks Silence On Project Airgig

Best Internet Provider

High-Speed Internet

The announcement of AT&T about their plans to deliver high-speed internet over the existing power lines last year resulted in much stir. However, since the announcement, there were not many updates on the new technology that is deemed “Project Airgig”.

It is evident that AT&T is trying to be the best internet provider in the nation with the launch of Project Airgig. In the month of January, AT&T said that they have entered into advanced discussion with many power companies to get trial areas for Project Airgig. The chief strategy officer of AT&T, John Donovan said at the time that there would be an announcement about the power companies in just a few days’ time. However, even after three months, AT&T has not yet announced the involvement of any particular power company.

Recently, AT&T President of Technology and Operations, Bill Hogg, offered a short update on the project. He did not speak to the power companies that are involved, but reassured that the trials would happen in 2017. “We’ll have right now probably two trials that we’ll do by the end of the year … and really start to perfect the model and the deployment,” Hogg said.

Fastest Internet Provider

AT&T Fiber Internet

An AT&T spokesperson said that the talks with the various power companies are still going on and that they are planning to announce the trials no later than fall. Officials said that the Project Airgig is an efficient way to deliver multi-gigabit internet speeds making use of cheap plastic antennas that are strapped to existing telephone poles. Experts in the field of telecommunications say that the option presents much value for AT&T when compared to the fiber internet network deployment, which needs much costs to build out.

“We’re really excited about it because it’s a great alternative to stringing up fiber, especially in rural areas where you have long runs,” Hogg said. “These are great opportunities to leverage the physical infrastructure that’s already been deployed.”

AT&T had earlier rebranded their fiber network from GigaPower Internet to AT&T Fiber and the service has been expanding a lot, mainly in the major metro regions of the country. Currently, the service reaches to 4 million consumers and AT&T is planning to increase the reach to 12.5 million users by 2019.

12 May

Comcast Unveils New Home Wi-Fi Management System

Fastest Internet Provider

Home Wi-Fi Management

Comcast Corporation, perhaps the fastest internet provider in the United States, has launched its latest Wi-Fi management system for its nationwide users. This new system allows customers in effortlessly managing the devices and users in their Wi-Fi home network.

An improvement to the Xfinity xFi system was previously launched by the company, which allows a customer in having total control over their Wi-Fi network using a digital device. It offers several new features like setting up passwords, troubleshooting issues, pause Wi-Fi access, monitor the status of the connected devices, and manage parental controls. With this new improvement, Comcast is extending the experience of its best internet service by offering it to the customers at no extra costs.

According to the officials at Comcast, there is a growing demand for creating an efficient home Wi-Fi network management system for dealing with the surge of internet-connected devices like streaming services, smart thermostats, and security systems. The company has also estimated that by the year 2020, most users across the nation would have about 50 Wi-Fi connected devices in their homes.

Eric Schaefer, senior vice president of internet and communications services for Comcast Cable said, “The adoption and use of connected devices have grown dramatically and Comcast has created a solution that makes it easy to control and manage them. It’s a platform that will allow us to bring future innovations to our customers, address common pain points and vastly improve the way millions of people interact with their home Wi-Fi network.”

Best Internet Service

Wi-Fi Home Network

During its xFi launch, the company has also rechristened its wireless gateway device to the xFi Wireless Gateway. In the future, the company is expected to introduce the new xFi Advanced Gateway for the customers in its fastest networks. This will enable gigabit data transfer speeds through Wi-Fi networks, Xfinity Voice, home automation, and security applications. The new and improved xFi App is available to the customers for download in both iOS and Android platforms.

Reports say that Comcast is also planning to unveil its latest adaptable xFi pods that require no configuration and will aid in extending the Wi-Fi coverage across the home. These xFi pods are developed in collaboration with Plume, a leading developer, and distributor of Wi-Fi software and systems in the US. By the end of 2017, Comcast is predicting an increase of about 15 million xFi-ready homes around the country.

10 May

AT&T To Boost Local Networks In Las Cruces

Telecommunication mast with microwave link and TV transmitter antennas in night sky . long exposure about 2-3 minutes
Best Internet

Boosting Local Networks

The officials from the telecom giant, AT&T recently revealed that they have invested over $10 million in their Las Cruces wired and wireless networks during 2014-2016. These investments were made to enhance the coverage, speed, reliability, and overall performance of their wireless service that serves both businesses and residents in the region. In addition to that, the telecom company also made efforts to improve the critical services, which support first responders and public safety.

AT&T had also expanded the LTE coverage in the city last year. The LTE network of AT&T covers approximately 400 million individuals in North America. The director of external affairs, AT&T New Mexico, Terri Nikole Baca said, “We’re investing to provide faster, more reliable, highly secure connectivity. We want customers to have internet access at any moment, from almost any device, anywhere. These continued investments bring Las Cruces residents and businesses a host of new opportunities.”

AT&T was also recently selected by the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) for building a nationwide public safety broadband network. The proposed network will be entirely dedicated to EMS personnel, police, firefighters, and to first responders when they want it.

In addition to that, AT&T is also planning to make a large investment to maintain and upgrade the FirstNet network of New Mexico for the next 25 years. This will help the first responders to get the value, experience, and coverage that they are looking for.

AT&T has also been recognized as the “Most Admired Telecommunications Company” in the world by the Fortune magazine for the third consecutive time. Additionally, the telecom giant also holds the 37th position among the list of “Top 50 World’s Most Admired Companies”. It is significant to note that the only telecommunications company that made the list was AT&T.

Fastest Internet Provider

Extensive Wi-Fi network

The telecom giant also has an extensive Wi-Fi network with over 40,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots at popular hotels, bookstores, restaurants, and retailers. Almost all AT&T home internet and smartphone subscribers will be able to access the entire national AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot network without paying any additional price.

AT&T is the fastest internet provider in several regions across the country and they have been offering some of the best internet deals to their customers. Check out the best AT&T internet plans for you now!

03 May

AT&T Makes $700 Million Investment To Improve Local Networks In San Diego

Fastest Internet Provider

Improving Local Networks

AT&T, the fastest internet provider in the San Diego region, has made a considerable investment of $700 million in the area for a three-year period to improve the reliability, speed, coverage as well as to enhance the best internet performance for residential and business customers alike.

The telecom major has made these investments over both the wireless and wired networks operating in the San Diego area. In addition, the investments also sought to improve the critical services, which actively support public safety and first responders.

Ignacio De La Torre, the Area Vice President of External Affairs at AT&T said, “We’re investing to provide fast, reliable, highly secure connectivity. We want customers to have internet access at any moment, from almost any device—anywhere. These continued investments bring San Diego County residents and businesses a host of new opportunities.”

Last year, AT&T undertook several upgrades in the wireless networks operating in the San Diego region. This includes setting up new cell sites, enhancing the network capacity and providing new high-speed wireless internet connections.

The majority of the expansion works undertaken by AT&T in improving the networks were carried out last year. Some of the remarkable enhancements carried out by AT&T in the San Diego area include extending the capacity for various special events held in the region like the Del Mar Races, annual air show, and international comic book convention. Moreover, the expansions for improving the wireless connectivity and usage experience for attendees and area residents were also carried out in 2016 All-Star baseball game and other pre-events held in downtown San Diego.

Best Internet

$700 Million Investment

Across the entire San Diego County, AT&T undertook numerous upgrades to improve the 4G LTE cell sites for enabling better coverage and speeds to both the residential and business customers in the area. It has also been chosen by the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) to create a national public safety network for assisting the police units, firefighter squads, and EMS personnel of the country.

The telecom company has been actively involved in expanding internet connectivity across the country through its fiber internet service. In fact, the ultra-fast and best internet service provided by the company, AT&T Fiber, is now available to about 50,000 customers in the San Diego region. The company is also planning a further nationwide expansion of both its wireless and wired networks.

29 Apr

AT&T Plans To Push Satellite Internet

DirecTV Packages

Pushing Satellite Internet

Subscribers know that AT&T had acquired DirecTV in July 2015 for a whopping $49 billion. Since the second quarter of 2017, AT&T has been busy trying to be the fastest internet provider in the country. The best internet service provider had revealed strategies after withholding details regarding the DirecTV Now subscription. Analysts said that these are common occurrences in the telecom sector.

The Subscriber’s Luck is the Marketer’s Boon

“AT&T plans to more aggressively market DirecTV Now in Q2 as well as the unlimited wireless-video bundle,” said Michael McCormack an equity analyst of Bloomberg. Compared to equity, an independent analyst has a different take on strategy:

“DirecTV’s subscriber growth is holding up reasonably well, but only when one includes subscribers being added to their streaming service. But the economics of those subscribers are awful.” Craig Moffett an independent analyst working in MoffettNathanson said.

The fastest internet provider knows what it takes to provide the best internet via satellite, even as the telecom sector remains calm.

Analyzing Numbers Are Difficult for Managers

There is a discrepancy in the past figures of best internet and the expert analysis. What the top brass of AT&T had accounted for the last quarter was 348, 000 wireless postpaid subscribers and not 275,000, as found by the calculations done by the analyst. Further, on AT&T earnings summit “management suggested new promotions and bundling efforts should improve trends going forward,” said UBS analyst John Hodulik in a report. Well, that explains the present strategies.

Explaining the Bloomberg Report of Equity Holdings

Fastest Internet Provider

AT&T Latest Offerings

It was only in March that subscribers got the freebies in live HBO, which was a Pay-TV exclusive until July 2015. The fastest internet provider now has increased wireless subscribers who access the internet through satellite. Bloomberg reported a 1.3 percent improvement in the telecom giant’s internet share in April. Since December, an increasing number of DirecTV subscribers have influenced this trend. After all, in telecom industry, the people accessing satellite knows best what it takes to access high speed internet.

The telecom giant had revealed their intentions clear and plans to pay more attention to marketing and service than other things.

18 Apr

Explaining The Two AT&T U-Verse Packages

DirecTV Packages
Fastest Internet Provider

AT&T U-Verse Packages

The increasing demand from factions of video subscribers may have caused a new wave of bundled in subscription packages. Joining the communication gamut is AT&T, whose bid to compile TV services with home phone and best internet service. Here is explaining the mega-communication-transformation in depth.

The AT&T U-Verse Collaboration

It would seem like a welcoming sight for a new subscriber seeing U-Verse among AT&T packages. The communication giant offers the best internet service in America as well as amazing video content through their TV deals. With U-Verse, AT&T offers up to 230 channels, along with Digital Video Recording (DVR) option of up to four shows at once.

U-Verse Internet of Things

Do not bother the jargon, but Internet of Things is nothing but interconnecting the internet with wireless portable computing devices. The AT&T U-Verse promises 99 percent service reliability, in a package that offers 50 Mbps browsing speed. Along with the basic U-Verse package, the subscriber also gets their hands on a Wi-Fi router. In other words, the router streams “Internet of Things” to multiple wireless devices in and around the home network.

Clubbing Home Phone with Basic Package

What is common between both packages is the access to U-family TV that airs up to 200 prime time channels. Think of clubbing the home phone along with the best internet service and your favorite TV programming; you get an advanced package for an extra $10 a month. Better still, AT&T has wide phone coverage around the country, apparently all over the world.

Choosing Between Basic and Advanced U-Verse

DirecTV Packages

AT&T Latest Offering

The thing that may cause subscribers to think is the choice between basic and advanced subscription package. For instance, in both the packages, TV and internet service are provided at $79.99 a month and $89.99 a month, respectively. From where does the digital home phone become useful with all the bugging around?

Of course, when you need to call your loved ones directly and in secrecy, you need a walkie-talkie lookalike digital phone offering unlimited nationwide calling. Sometimes the secret might as well be as simple as, “Game of Thrones is on air mate!” With a show that big, one would be least surprised when that happens.

13 Apr

AT&T Consolidates Their Internet Offerings To Just Three

Cheapest Cable
Best Internet

Internet 1000 Plan

AT&T is planning to offer their fiber broadband and copper VDSL2 customers an easy to understand view of their different plans and offerings. They are planning to do this by trimming down their offerings. AT&T now offer three broadband speed plans under the latest structure. These plans are explained below. Each of the plans will need a contract of at least one year.

Internet 50

Customers who opt for this plan can get up to 50 Mbps of speed for just thirty dollars per month as part of the bundled services. If they need the service as a standalone connection, they will need to pay forty dollars.

Internet 75 And Internet 100

Best internet plans from AT&T that has speeds ranging from 75 Mbps to 100 Mbps are offered at fifty dollars per month when the user buys another qualifying service from AT&T with one year agreement and combined billing. If the user just needs the internet plan, he or she will need to pay a sum of sixty dollars per month for the service, with a 12 months contract.

Internet 1000

This plan is for those eligible customers who live in an AT&T FTTH-enabled market. The plan offers 1 Gbps internet speed for seventy dollars when subscribed as part of a bundle. If the service is needed on a standalone basis, the user will need to pay eighty dollars.

Fastest Internet Provider

AT&T Internet Offerings

One of the best selling points of these latest offerings from AT&T is that they are planning to waive off the cost of the associated Wi-Fi gateways and modem. Cheryl Choy, who is the Vice President of wired voice and broadband products from AT&T, said that the latest plans offer their customers an easy to understand options. “AT&T has been working hard over the years to continue to drive clarity with our customers and deliver more simplified internet plans,” she said.

The new plan offerings from AT&T are also in conjunction with their plans to shut down their U-Verse broadband and voice offerings. AT&T announced in 2016 about their plans to phase out their U-verse services. From now on, customers who have subscribed to a 45 Mbps broadband plan from AT&T will see their service referred to as “AT&T Internet” and the tier will be referred to as “AT&T Internet 45.” AT&T has also renamed their voice service as “AT&T Phone.”

AT&T believes that by consolidating their internet speed tiers to just three, users can easily understand their service options. Reports say that AT&T is targeting the tiers to new customers in order to become the fastest internet providers in the US.


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