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30 Mar

Ways to Lower your Bills with the Help of Cheap Internet

Cheap Internet

Money Saving Tips

It is possible for you to be happy with the current internet service you are using, but even then, it is also true that you may be paying a lot for it. However, there are actually a number of ways, by which you would be able to find a good internet connection at cheaper rates. Using these simple techniques would really be helpful for you in order to cut short your monthly bills.

Buy a Router or Modem Rather than Renting

Most of the internet provides would charge a sum of $10 to $15 every month as the rent of their equipment. Consider that you are keeping on with a single provider for about two years; then you would be paying about $240 to $360 as the total rental cost. By this, you are actually making too many additional expenses because it is indeed possible to buy a good router or modem under $200.

While you buy a modem, you would also have to keep this in mind that some internet providers do not provide troubleshooting services for personal hardware. Another thing you would have to look for is a negotiation, the game would be much better for you if you would jump for a better deal. Always keep researching the internet for promotional prices; it is always possible for another internet provider to offer better deals to new customers.

Decrease the Speed

Internet Provider

High-Speed Internet

Most of the internet providers of the present times offer high-speed internet connection; some may guarantee you download speeds of 100 Mbps or even more. This service would be of real help if you actually need this. For most of the families, this is not the case though. If you would lower this speed, you would be able to save about $35 from your monthly bill or even more. Note that the amount you would be able to save would completely depend on the carrier you are using.

The online activates like web browsing, music, email, and HD video streaming requires only 30 Mbps speed if you are using one to three devices at a time. If you are using about four to seven devices for this, then you may need about 70 Mbps speed connection. Since these are the proposed speeds for more number of devices, you would be able to further adjust the speed if you are using only a single device.


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